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Frills and Flash For Denim

woman in denim skirt

Ah, the 1980’s. Trashy was the look. Over the top lace and crinolines, ladylike beads, slinky jewelry; big hair and bigger hair bows paired with motorcycle belts, dangerous boots, and the proper amount of exposed flesh, and over it all, a denim jacket. Denim; the material of the worker, the perfect foil for the extremely feminine. It has been bedazzled, acid washed, ripped, and patched, beaded, and trimmed in lace, but it always carries that boyish message that contrasts with the super girly, and we never seem to run out of ways to wear it. If you’re looking for some new ways to be creative with denim, here are some ways of bringing your jeans into the millennium.

Reinvent Old Jeans As A Miniskirt

  1. Mark the length you want your skirt to be and cut off the excess.
  2. Cut the inseam along the legs and crotch so that the legs are open.
  3. Cut a patch out of the excess fabric.
  4. Sew the patch to the skirt to cover the gap left by the inseam.

woman sewing denim

Alternative Method

  1. Mark the length you want your length to be on the inseam. Using a ruler and chalk, create a line you’ll cut across.
  2. Cut the excess length off the pants and cut along inseam to open each leg.
  3. Cut two squares of fabric from excess leg pieces. These will serve to fill in the triangular gaps between the legs.
  4. Sew or glue squares onto the underside go the skirt, to fill the gaps.

Uneven Hem (Tiered Hem)
This is that really cool look in which the hem on the front panel of your jeans is slightly higher than the back. Great for showing off a really cool pair of sandals.

  1. Cut off original hem of pants.
  2. Mark off two inches.
  3. Cut across the front panel of jeans, leaving back panel 2 inches longer.
  4. Fray newly cut hems, pulling strings out for style.

Fringed hem

Fringed Hem
For that hippy beachy look. Think Tom Hanks in “Castaway.”

  1. Cut off original hem of pants.
  2. Make a straight line 3 inches from the bottom.
  3. Marked finger width spaces, as if you were in elementary school, trying to space your letters, using vertical lines.
  4. Cut along vertical lines and shake to a make fringe.

Racer Stripes
This will give you a sporty racing stripe down each leg

  1. Mark one inch to the left to the outer seam and one inch to the right.
  2. Apply painters tape from the top to the bottom of the pants along the marks you have just made, leaving the seam exposed.
  3. Pour bleach into a bowl.
  4. Apply bleach between pieces of tape, wait for color to remove.

denim skirt and yellow purse

Let us know how your dressing up your denim this year and let us know if you tried any of our suggestions!

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Denim Does Business Casual

Woman at business

In 1969, a writer for American Fabrics wrote, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” In the 1950’s, denim it became the outfit of the “juvenile delinquent” or “motorcycle boy” in films and television, banned by school administrators who feared its very presence on the teenage body would lead to rebellion against authority. So, how is it, you may ask, that this Satanic fabric ever became anywhere near what might be considered respectable wear? Well, according to another writer for American Fabrics, “What has happened to denim is really a capsule of what happened to America, it has climbed the ladder of taste.” Has it also climbed the ladder of success?

Tips On Denim In Business Casual

  • Balance
    It’s important that you keep a line between what constitutes business casual and normal casual. Keep your denim classy by pairing it with pieces that are a little more corporate. Instead of a sweater with jeans, try a classy blazer and dress shoes. This will tell your fellow employees that you know where to draw the line.
  • Silhouettes
    Since denim tends to be a more relaxed fabric, the cut is very important. A little styling can go a long way. Look for denim pieces that make a professional looking silhouette, like skirts, blazers, and trouser jeans. This will give a more pulled together appearance than baggy, shapeless comfort pieces.
  • Accessorize
    Accessories always class up an outfit. If you want to polish up your weekend look, try adding a belt, designer clutch, or some dressy shoes. This way you can add a weekday flair to your Saturday pieces.
  • Dark Wash Denim
    Darker denim is a much better workplace wash than faded and distressed. Dark wash denim can be a great comfortable substitute for trousers, provided they don’t feature a lot of contrast stitching to make them look more casual. If your denim must be of a lighter wash, try to balance by dressing up the other elements of your wardrobe.


Business Casual Outfits

  • Dark Wash Denim Blazer
    Blazers have a way of always looking professional, even in denim. You’ll create a professional silhouette, and the dark wash is perfect for the business setting. Pair it with a white knit top and some skinny pants in a contrasting color. Throw on a statement necklace and some brightly colored flats and you’re set.
  • Dark Wash Pencil Skirt
    If you’re lucky enough to find a dark wash pencil skirt that hugs your figure, grab it. Dark wash pencil skirts are ideal for work or play. For work, try combining a quality sweater or top and add a scarf and necklace with some out of the box flats.
  • Dark Wash Jeans
    You can never go wrong with a good pair of dark wash jeans. Keep the stitching low key for the office. Top with a blazer layered over a scoop neck top. Accessorize with a belt and necklace. You’re good to go!

How are you classing up the world’s oldest fabric? Let us know how you’re denim does business casual. We love to hear from you!

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Stylish at 60

If you think that once you start getting up there in years, you’re no longer able or allowed to be fashionable, you’re severely misinformed. If you or someone you love is 60 or older and needs some encouragement and fashion advice, read on. We’re about to detail a few golden rules for fashion after 60, and how to best implement them.

Stylish mature woman

Wear What You Like
Before we go any further, though, we need to hammer down one very, very important caveat here: anyone, of any age, can and should wear whatever they want—feeling good about yourself and what you wear is the most important edict here above all else. Forget any lists that tell you not to wear certain items after a certain age; if you want to wear it, go for it.

That said, it can be quite useful to learn a few tips and tricks that tend to be especially flattering on older women. Today’s youth-oriented culture would have you believe that you’re doomed to be ugly after a certain age, because age itself is seen as ugly, societally speaking, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re about to give you some killer tips on how to rock your style with confidence in spite of it all.

Consider Some Monochromatic Outfits
The term “monochromatic” tends to conjure up images of boring black, white, gray, and nothing else. Now, to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with black, white, or gray, and they don’t have to be boring, but that’s not what we mean by “monochromatic” here. A monochromatic outfit is one that sticks to a single color, possibly with lighter or darker shades of that color as accents. A forest green dress with a pale green handbag and pendant necklace, for instance, is a monochromatic outfit. Sticking to one simple color tends to feel classic and elegantly simple.

Embrace Color
There is absolutely no reason to stop being colorful just because you’re a bit more “seasoned” now. Try starting by getting something in the color of your eyes, and then experiment from there.

Woman  wearing jeans in a park

Denim is Just Fine
But you may want to reconsider what type of jeans you buy, simply because your changing body shape means the most flattering jean cuts may not be what you were used to growing up. Trouser cut, straight leg, and wide leg jeans all tend to look great on most older women. Further, note that if you have gray hair and you don’t dye it, dark navy jeans with a brightly colored tee or fitted sweater look amazing with gray hair, so if you’re self-conscious about gray hair, remember that gray is beautiful too, and can give you advantages with color coordination in many cases.

A Few Good, Versatile Wardrobe Items to Consider
Leather skirts are always a classic. And regarding skirts, straight or A-line cuts are especially flattering. Remember that shoes with a slight heel can be both comfortable and stylish, and so can flats! A good pair of tailored black pants in a light fabric are a great wardrobe workhorse. Fitted t-shirts and tanks worn under blazers are also great.

Now Get Out There and Be Amazing!

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Not Your Mom’s Jeans

Woman wearing jeans

Denim has been and remains a mainstay fashion, and has seen countless trends come and go while always remaining a solid choice. That said, just having any old jeans won’t instantly make you stylish. Quite the opposite, in fact; if your jeans are ill-fitting, worn out, or just don’t look that great, they’re at risk of being called “mom jeans.” Now, to be clear, the fact that that phrase exists, and is considered a bad thing, is kind of insulting to mothers and perpetuates some harmful stereotypes in that regard. Nonetheless, we use the terms we have, and “mom jeans,” though a bit offensive to moms, tends to have a readily understood meaning. In any case, how do you avoid denim faux pas and look amazing in jeans? Let’s discuss.

Get Your Proportions Right
Jeans are one of those things that really has to match up well with your body shape to fit properly. You can’t just buy any old jeans, or borrow a pair from your friend or sister who’s not shaped quite the same as you are; it simply won’t work. And we’re not just talking about size, either, but shape. You need to know how long your legs are, whether you’re long or short-waisted, etc, etc. A good starting place is to measure the length of your legs from heel to upper thigh, them measure the length of your torso from hip to shoulder. If your torso is longer than your legs, try hight-waisted jeans. If your legs are longer than your torso, go with mid-rise or low-rise jeans, depending on taste.

Finally, really the best tip we can possibly give is to try on everything, and bring a friend who you trust to give an objective assessment. You don’t have to be an expert on proportions to find a good pair through trial and error. Just keep trying jeans on until you find ones that look and feel right!

Forget About Finding the Perfect Pair
It’s just not realistic. If you find one “perfect” pair of jeans, do you even do laundry often enough to be able to wear them more than once or twice a week? Aren’t they going to wear out really fast if they’re the only jeans you ever wear? Won’t you get tired of them? Variety is good. Don’t stop at just one pair unless you’re not the biggest fan of denim and only want to wear it occasionally.

You Do You
There are a lot of different styles of jeans, from boot-cut to flared to skinny and beyond. Half the battle may be finding ones that fit your body, but you also have to make sure you get ones that fit you. In other words, don’t force yourself into any one style because it’s popular or trendy at the moment. Instead, get the ones that most closely match your personal sense of style and make you happy. After all, in all realms of fashion, expressing yourself and being uniquely you is far, far more important than any trend or “rule.” Think of all the “rules” in this article as loose guidelines that you can fudge if you want to. Now get out there and find some denim you love!

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