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Lifestyle May Be Your Skin Care Savior

Your skin will not lie. You can say you never ate that sugary food, didn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, didn’t skimp on sleep; the list goes on, but your skin will give you away every time. You can lie all you want, but that blemish, sunburn, or wrinkle will be there to testify against you.

Face it, there’s only one way to prevent your skin from revealing your sins, and that is to stop sinning. It’s time to accept the fact that the only way to keep your skin quiet is by keeping it healthy. Here are some lifestyle changes to help you choose the right path to healthy skin.

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Protect Your Skin From the Sun
One sure way to prevent skin from premature aging is to protect it from the sun. There is no surer way to prevent age spots and wrinkles or to lower the risk of skin cancer. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 and apply generously, repeating every two hours, or more, if you’ve been swimming or perspiring.

Try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when its rays are strongest and do your best to stay in the shade.

Wear protective clothing. Tightly woven long-sleeved shirts and pants, and wide-brimmed hats provide the best protection from the sun. There are also laundry additives on the market which give clothes an extra layer of UV protection for a number of washings, as well as sun protective clothing with built-in protection from ultraviolet rays.

Stop Smoking
Smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin, decreasing blood flow and depleting skin of nutrients and oxygen. The result is older looking skin and wrinkles.

Additionally, smoking is a danger to collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are the fibers that maintain skin’s strength and elasticity.

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Also, the faces that you make from smoking? The pursing of the lips? The squinting? Also likely to cause wrinkles. How can you prevent this? Quit smoking. Ask your doctor for tips and treatment advice.

Be Gentle
Even simply daily cleansing can tax your skin. You can keep the toll to a minimum by limiting bath time. Hot water can remove oil from your skin, and the longer you spend bathing, the greater the loss of moisture. Keep bath time down and try to use warm water, rather than hot.

Swap strong soaps and detergents for mild cleansers to keep skin better hydrated.
Shave carefully, using shaving cream, gel, or lotion prior to shaving. Use a clean sharp razor and shave in the direction in which the hair grows to ensure the smoothest shave with the least skin nicks and cuts.

Pat skin dry after washing to make sure some moisture is left on the skin and follow up with an SPF containing moisturizer that is suited to your skin type.

Eat well
Never underestimate the importance of a good diet for skin health. Eat your veggies, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. Research suggests that diets high in unhealthy fats and processed carbohydrates may age skin prematurely, while vitamin C-rich foods may promote younger-looking skin.

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Control Stress
Stress can increase skin sensitivity and lead to breakouts and other problems. You can manage stress by setting limits and decreasing overwhelming activity in exchange for things you enjoy, or doing low-intensity exercises like yoga and pilates.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone
According to Dr. Francesca J. Fusco, if you keep your head down often while scrolling or texting, you may begin to notice lines in your neck. She suggests hanging photos at eye level in rooms in which you text the most as an enticement to keep your head up during phone use.

Let us know how you have changed your lifestyle to improve your skin health. We want to know!

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Apps that Help You Relax – Vine Vera Reviews

Smartphone with cloud based apps

Smartphones are our constant companions. They’re always with us and always manage to keep us entertained. They let us share our thoughts and emotions and keep us updated with happenings from all over the world. However, many people have come to the realization that Smartphones often end up adding to the stress they face in their everyday lifestyle. There are always mails to respond to, blogs to read and social media updates to check out. This article from VineVera helps you understand how to transform your Smartphone into a de-stressing device so that you can actually use your Smartphone to reduce the stress. One of the best ways of reducing stress using your Smartphone is by choosing any one of the following apps.

iZen Garden
iZen Garden comes across as an extremely lame app, but it really manages to surprise its users. You might believe that it is impossible to transport the serene elements of a Zen garden into your Smartphone, but it’s quite easy to do so. The iZen Garden app is also known to be highly customizable, which means that you can change the rake depth and width, rock size and rock shape according to your preference. The lite version comes for free, but if you’re looking for a holistic experience, $2.99 is all you need for the full version.

Squeeze and Shake Stress Relief
This iPhone app is a virtual stress ball that squeaks like one of those rubber ducks when you squeeze the screen. It also gives you a relaxing hand massage through its vibrations when you shake the phone while pressing the sides. What makes it so exciting is that the faster you shake, the better and more vigorous the massage. At a cost of just $0.99, the app also seems to be a complete steal.

We spend so much time in creating the perfect workout playlist only to realize that many of the songs on the playlist are simply too slow while the rest are way too fast. Soon we spend more time skipping through songs and less energy concentrating on our workouts. An ideal way to get rid of this day-to-day problem is to download the TempoRun app. This app examines your music library and categorizes all songs into 10 different levels – Level 1 for walking and Level 10 for a full-out sprint. The interface is also known to be simple and easy-to-use, which means that you can choose the perfect level without having to break your workout routine.

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle is another iPhone app that boasts of a huge fan following. Keep the phone beside you on the bed before sleeping. The inbuilt sensor shall combine with your iPhone’s accelerometer to determine your sleep phase, monitor the movement and record various levels of your sleep cycles. The app then creates a graph which lets you understand the quality of your sleep. You can use this information to determine exactly what actions disrupt your sleep. Better yet, the app also acts as the perfect alarm by waking you when you are in your lightest sleep phase during a pre-set 30 minute window.

White Noise
Dr. Oz is known to be a huge fan of the White Noise app and it’s very easy to understand why. The app offers 40 different relaxing sounds which help in letting you enjoy a more peaceful and comforting sleep. Better yet, you can sync the app to your morning alarm, so that it turns off by itself.

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