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Fun Looks To Try This Weekend

vine vera banner presents Fun Looks To Try This WeekendIt’s the weekend. You know the street is the real runway. Its time to bring it. You’ve got to live these next two days like a shoot from Vogue Magazine. Rock that poppy colored lipstick, use that dayglo shadow, pump up the volume on your hair and get funky with your nails. If you’re looking for some ideas to get your fashion freak on this weekend, look no further. Here are some fun weekend fashion ideas for ending the week in the right way.

Western Wear
Howdy, partner. If you’ve been doing your fashion homework, you may have noticed a little western style revival going on. The Fall and 2017 and 2018 fashion houses have been incorporating a little of the wild west into their fashion lines, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t too. But don’t pick up the lasso just yet. Remember, you don’t want to go full on cowgirl here. A plaid shirt here, a bolo tie there, some cowboy boots, or embroidered jeans should be enough to send the message.

Bell Bottoms
We know you’re reluctant to part with your skinny jeans, but if you saw Gigi Hadid getting out of her limo in her two piece hot pink skintight leather moto jacket and bellbottom ensemble, you may want to start rethinking your game. So what are the rules for rocking these high fashion flares? Keep shirts to crop length or cinched waist, and get the most from the leg lengthening potential with some block heels or mules, although Converse will also do the trick for a more carefree vibe. Just make sure to keep the toe of the shoe interesting.

Statement Socks
Socks are one of the less expensive ways of making a fashion statement. You may have seen the ultra feminine Prada feather hemmed skirt, paired with knee high soccer socks, or the Gucci’s cruise outing featuring the controversial glittery socks printed with the GG logo. Just pull em high, wear them over tights with metallic pumps or even loafers. Valentino even had his models sliding their striped socks under their T-strap sandals.

vine vera banner presents Fun Looks To Try This Weekend

The Going Out Top
Otherwise known as the “Carrie Bradshaw,” the going out top refers to the tube tops, lingerie inspired camisoles, and embellished halter tops of the 2000’s which now seem to be enjoying a resurgence. However, resist the creative urge to reinvent; according to Vogue Market Editor Chelsea Zalopany, it is still a piece best paired with jeans. Although it has undergone controversy for its underwear as outerwear reputation, Zalopany says, “I think just accept and own that the noughties did it right. There’s no shame in an oldie but goodie.”

The Vintage T
The vintage T may just be “the” urban wardrobe statement, which is why it can create such a great foil to the ultra classy, ultra feminine clothing pieces. While you can’t go wrong with a vintage T and denim, with the right touches, the T can be transformed to meet almost any fashion situation. They can be dressed up with a sheer skirt and jacket, placed under a blazer for a power brunch, or paired with a pencil skirt for an out of the box take on an old classic.

Let us know what you’re wearing this weekend! We love to hear it!

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Creating A Timeless Summer Wardrobe

Sometimes it seems as if the phrase “summer fashion” is a contradiction in terms. After all, it seems that to most of us, summer is more about what you’re not wearing than what you are wearing or paying the largest amount of money for the smallest amount of material. However, a good fashionista knows that style knows no seasons and no amount of heat is a good excuse for looking shabby. So, with that in mind, here is a look at making the most out of the least.

Woman in yellow dress

The Canary Yellow Dress
Sure, we’ve all heard of the LBD, but what about the LYD. Sundresses are an absolute summer staple, and yellow is bound to look fabulous in any cut. So inch up those hems and buckle up those sandals and go yellow!

The Shorts Suit
The shorts suit is a summer favorite. The sleek coordination says “fashion” while the shorts say summer “fun.” Try it on for a study in contrasts and a break from the traditional evening or sundress.

Woman in crop top

Crop Tops
Firm abs are all the rage these days, and if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Remember, though, balance is the key here. Keep it classy by saving the bareness for above the belly button and go for a little more material below the waistline.

The Head Scarf
Go for some instant boho with the head scarf. You can wear this in a multitude of ways: leave hair down and wrap all the way around, rock star style, or use it to hold back hair for a more classic look. It will jazz up any outfit, no matter how small.

Woman with shades and red lips

Bright Shades, Bright Lips
We all know the importance of UV protection on sunny days, we can’t help it if looking great comes with the territory! Spice up your shady lady look with some bright lips for a little summer fun.

Embroidery and appliqué have made their mark on winter fashion, and it looks like their going to be just as popular this summer. Try some floral patches on your denim cutoffs for some casual rock fest hippie style.

Woman in lace top

Lace is a great way for making a fashion statement while wearing the least amount of clothing. Layer it over a slip or under a button-down shirt, or pair a lace skirt with a graphic tee for an out of the box look.

Mixed Prints
Have some fun experimenting with light checks and pastels, or stripes with florals. Think of one print as a solid, and take it from there. The possibilities are endless,

How are you dressing (or undressing) this summer? Let us know how you’re looking hot and keeping cool!

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Showing Off Your Curves

Sometimes you want to be ultra-feminine and really flaunt the curves you’ve got. Whether you’re full of natural curves or you want to create the illusion, there are fashionable spring items that you can wear to achieve this. It doesn’t matter what your size or body shape is, there are ways that you can show off your curves. Fashion is all about personal expression and when you want to be alluring and girly, try playing with the following pieces of clothing.

Woman wearing a crop top

Crop Tops
Crop tops have made a major return in the fashion world and these tops are a perfect choice for when you want to accentuate your curves. Crop tops are perhaps most flattering to those who have an hourglass figure, but anybody can rock a crop top with some confidence. Don’t assume that crop tops are only for 20-year-old supermodels, body types of all sizes can make the crop top work for them. Pair a crop top with a flowing maxi skirt for a flirty, feminine look or grab your skinnies and a lightweight cardigan for a more conservative outfit.

Ruffles dress

Tops, dresses or skirts – anything with ruffles is your friend when you are looking to accentuate your curves. In addition to being great at helping you show off curves, ruffles create interest by enhancing what you’ve already got. If you have more of a rectangle shaped body, then wearing ruffles can create the illusion of curves.

Jessica Biel

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Wide-Legged Trousers
Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts and closets, but wide-legged trousers are a major trend for spring. These pants are super versatile; they can be dressed up or dressed down and they come in so many styles. These pants add volume to the bottom half of your body, which highlights your waist and balances you if you have broad shoulders. To really enhance your curves, pair wide-legged trousers with a tucked in cami and add a statement belt to your waist.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal Stripes
Vertical stripes naturally make the eyes focus up and down, and horizontal stripes do the exact opposite. Horizontal stripes draw the eyes to the sides of your body, and they can help to enhance your natural curves, or to create curves if you have a more athletic body type. Spring 2016 runways were full of stripes in a wide variety of clothing items. A striped top is one of the easiest ways to incorporate some stripes into your spring wardrobe, but designers featured elegant gowns, casual dresses and flowing maxi skirts for spring 2016.

Maximizing your curves is all about feeling confident and beautiful no matter what shape or size your body is. Spring 2016 featured so many styles that are perfect for showing off and creating curves. Play with different colors, textures and outfit combinations to find the pieces that make you feel and look amazing.

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90s Trends That are Back – Vine Vera Reviews

The 90s was an interesting and somewhat eclectic time for fashion trends, and some of it is perhaps best left forgotten, but there’s a surprising amount that can still be relevant in your modern-day wardrobe, and a lot of 90s fashions are beginning to make a strong comeback, so next time you need inspiration for a new look, consider pulling out those old photo albums you haven’t looked at in ages for some inspiration.

Since it can be confusing to decipher which particular 90s trends are making a comeback or are worth trying to bring back, and which ones are just better left in the history books, Vine Vera thought it would be best to go over some of the resurfacing trends from that near-past era, and explain how each one can work for your style.

Woman wearing a choker on her neck.

Chokers were a staple fashion accessory in the 90s, and they’ve enjoyed some small popularity ever since, but they may just be making a significant resurgence now. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your fashion needs, from fairly simple, elegant cloth or lace chokers (some with beads or other embellishments) to dark and edgy spiked leather chokers to fun, elastic tattoo chokers. The neat things about this particular accessory are the sheer variety of types available, and the particular placement on the neck, and how it accentuates your other features.

Chokers are perfect if you want to draw attention to an attractive chin and jawline, and can add emphasis to a long and/or slender neck (although a long, slender neck is not required to wear a choker, so don’t despair if you don’t have one!). You should avoid chokers if you’re trying to downplay a double chin, but still keep them in mind for later, once you’ve worked on firming up that chin with exercises or learned how to hide it with makeup.

Fashionable woman with a leather backpack.

While backpacks are certainly alive and well today for schoolchildren and college students, because—if nothing else—they certainly do the job when you need to store piles of books, binders, and other essential school supplies, you might not be used to thinking of them as a fashion accessory; a nice alternative to a purse. But in the 90s, they certainly did serve that purpose for many, and it’s entirely possible for you to bring them into your own wardrobe today.

Like chokers, backpacks come in a huge array of colors and styles, from utilitarian to chic. If you really want to look classy, you can spring for a leather backpack, but more sporty ones can also look great if color-coordinated with your outfit.

Woman wearing a crop top holding a shopping. bag.

Crop Tops
Truly a clothing item that exemplified the era’s style in the 90’s, the crop top is surprisingly useful in modern fashions, and a lot can be done with it.

It may be intimidating to bare so much belly (although if you’re comfortable doing so, go ahead and rock it!), but the trick of the crop top’s versatility is that you don’t have to. Pairing crop tops with high waisted pants or skirts can create an attractive high waistline while still covering your belly, and a long-sleeved crop top paired with a high waisted bottom can even work in the winter! Pairing a brightly-colored midi skirt with a crop top can also be a fun idea to try, because even if you do show a bit of skin, it seems less brazen with a bright, voluminous skirt to draw the eyes.

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