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Choosing The Power Outfit

Ah, the power outfit. Did it begin with the suit of armor that Joan of Arc so bravely, and rather unflatteringly, wore to do battle in the 1400’s, or was it the traditional business suit, immortalized by Coco Chanel and the suffragettes of the 1920’s? Or perhaps it was the famous red bathing suit worn by Farrah Fawcett on her 1976 pinup poster, or the shoulder pads and white sneakers worn by Melanie Griffith in her 1990’s portrayal of business woman Tess McGill.

Whatever the interpretation, it is undeniable that behind every good woman there must be a good power outfit. Let’s look at what you should be considering when you choose yours.

Woman working at desk

International Standard Business Attire
Sometimes, the professional world calls for a strictly professional look. Standard business attire generally refers to tailored dresses and skirts paired with blouses and jackets. When in doubt, this dress code is always safest.

Business Casual
Business casual is a little more open to interpretation. For some companies, Capri pants may be fine in the office, but they may not send the right message for certain business meetings. Here are some tips for sending the right messages.

Tailored clothing
Clothing always looks more polished when its been properly tailored. That means investing in a few interchangeable high quality pieces, as opposed to a lot of poor quality outfits.

Patterns and Colors
Conservative colors are standard business attire for man and women alike. Dark grey and navy are powerful neutrals, and women can also wear black, provided the clothing is professional. (No LBDs, ladies).

Woman in purple outfit

Avoid Extreme Colors and Patterns
Although your polka dot dress may be the height of fashion, it may not impress business executives. You need to appear solid and so does your clothing. If patterns are your thing, choose plaids that appear solid from a distance and avoid wide stripes that make a bold statement.

Pants and Suits
When it comes to pants, think Marlene Deitrich in the tailored pantsuit of the 1930’s, with a crease. Twill, khaki and corduroy will make a good impression, as will suits made from wool and wool blends, but try to avoid denim and heavy cotton, which tend to give a less professional appearance. Also, avoid synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester that tend to wrinkle. Pants should be pressed and hems should cover the ankle, but not drape to the floor. Tight pants are also a business no no.

Skirts and Dresses
When it comes to dresses, the most important criteria is length. If you see too much thigh when you sit in a chair, the skirt is too short. If the skirt features a slit, it should be centered and in the back and should not rise above the back of the knee. Skirts should not impede mobility and, if you cannot walk comfortably in it, you probably don’t want to wear it to a business meeting.

Woman in black power outfit

Sweater and Shirts
Cleavage is a big no no for business. Go for a tailored blouse which coordinates with your outfit and avoid see- through materials.

Bras and panties should not show through clothing. if your panty line shows, consider wearing something looser, or adding a slip.

The classic woman’s business shoe has been, and still is, a closed toe pump. Avoid stilettos. clunky heels, and flats. Do not sacrifice comfort, as it is important to walk confidently. Shoe color should match your purse.

How do you dress for power? Let us know what you wore to your most successful meetings! We want to know!

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Unusual Color Pairings that Are Gorgeous

Playing around with interesting colors when it comes to fashion is always fun and exciting, but its all to easy to fall into habits and to get stuck in a rut of “playing it safe,” either because you think there are only so many color combinations that will actually work and look good, and you already know the ones that do, or simply because—while you know experimenting can yield gorgeous results when you least expect it— you’re afraid you won’t find them, and would rather stick to what you know than risk messing up.

Lucky for you, Vine Vera decided it would be a fun and interesting idea to show you a few of our favorite unusual, underused color combos that turn out to be lovely, and how you can pull them off and make them work for you.


Blue and Black
We’ll start off with a relatively tame combo that is probably a bit more well-known and used than the others on this list, yet still a bit unusual and hard to find in the average person’s wardrobe.

Blue and black combinations are moody and intense. Simultaneously dark and vibrant, this bold combination works best with bright, vivid royal or neon blues. Black leather works especially well with blue and black outfits, so try black leather belts, fitted black leather jackets, black leather handbags, or even black leather heels with your blue and black ensemble. Throwing a vivid blue scarf with a black wool coat, slipping into a striped black-and-blue dress, or wearing a black jacket over a solid blue button-up are just a few ways to play with this combo.


Pink and Maroon
Simultaneously sophisticated and romantic, pink and maroon pairings are soft yet bold, flirty yet chic, dainty yet edgy. This color combo looks great when you layer a bold maroon piece over an otherwise pink outfit. A maroon overcoat over a pink dress is a prime example of this idea, but you can mess around and try different styles.



Yellow and Gray
Modern, fun, and unexpected all at the same time, yellow and gray combinations are prettier than you might think. This combo looks best when you select the brightest, boldest yellows (think banana yellow, neon yellow, and lemon shades) and pair them with exciting, silvery grays. You can mix a little bit of neutral brown into yellow and gray outfits, but keep it minimal so it’s clear which colors are the focus. This combination can with with something as simple as gray jeans and a solid-color yellow tee, all the way up to incredibly modern looks like a yellow pleated skirt with a silvery-gray rain jacket.



Orange and Green or Green and Purple
We’re lumping these two different combinations together because, while different, they follow similar principles in terms of how they work and the feel they create. Both orange and purple, when paired with green, create a stark contrast of down-to-earth yet simultaneously colorful and exciting. Either of these combos look great on a wide variety of outfits. If you want to invoke the feel of the seasons with these combos, green and purple is great for spring, reminiscent of the flowers and lush greenery common for the season, and green and orange is great for fall, particularly the onset of it, as deciduous trees’ green boughs become dappled with oranges, reds, and yellows.

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Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

The citrus family of fruits is diverse and remarkable in a number of ways. There are a wide variety of citrus fruits, with unique tastes, textures, and refreshing, tangy, invigorating smells that are perfect for aromatherapy. To sweeten the deal, they’re chock-full of the essential nutrient vitamin C, which carries a host of benefits for your skin, your whole body, and general health; everything from giving you softer skin to protecting your skin and hair from damage, and from decreasing your chances of contracting diseases like cancer and heart disease to boosting your immune system.

But we’ll bet there’s one fantastic thing about citrus fruit you may not have thought of before, and that is finding inspiration in the bold, vibrant palette of colors that citrus fruits come in, and using them to brighten up your wardrobe. From bright, fun lime green to classy grapefruit red, there’s more than a few ideas you can glean from observing citrus fruits when it comes to fashion.

Citrus to Spice up Your Wardrobe

Spice Up a Bland Outfit with a Lime Green Accent Purse
To create a stark contrast and add interest to your overall look, try dressing in all neutrals (white and gray work especially well for this look) and carry a large, lime green purse. To keep the contrast grounded and prevent the starkness from being so pronounced that things clash with each other, keep both the outfit and the purse pretty simple. This one works great with summer outfits, as you can try simple but fun ideas like a white tee or blouse and gray shorts, with a green tote. Variation possibilities on this idea include going for another eye-popping citrus color like orange or red for the tote, or instead making the purse neutral too, and adding that color accent in a different way, perhaps with a hair accessory or statement necklace.

Pair A Patterned Ruby Sweater with Matching Bag
For a fun way to tie a theme together in your outfit, get a sweater with an eye-catching pattern like horizontal stripes, argyle, or even polka-dot, with a mix of neutral colors and a ruby-red grapefruit element, and then grab a tote bag in the same ruby-red color as the sweater. Depending on your skin tone, this idea could also look pretty good in lemony yellow and neutrals, for a possible variation.

Pair a Citrus Necklace with Matching Heels
For a fun idea that can work with a lot of outfits, pick your favorite citrus color (there are so many to chose from, lime green, blood orange, regular orange, lemony yellow, cumquat, hell, a yellowish off-white is technically a citrus color, considering white grapefruits exist) and grab a chunky necklace and matching heels or pumps in the same color. You can take this one step further by adding a matching belt, bracelet, and/or earrings. The possibilities are as fun as they are endless!

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Men’s Guide to Summer Style – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is a great time for every guy to flaunt his favorite styles in the freedom that comes with warmer weather. Summer is a great time for all kinds of social outings from the pool to the beach to an afternoon barbecue in the backyard. Plus, summer nights are fantastic for romantic dates, whether you’re single and looking, or want to keep the romance alive with your special someone.

So men, if you’re at all interested in dressing well and showing the world how sharp, classy and dependable you are,listen up, because Vine Vera is about to give you some killer fashion tips to stay in style and turn some heads this summer season.

Guy wearing a polo shirt and jeans.

Get it Fitted
Baggy and loose can work with some style directions, but if you’ve taken an interest in dressing well and want to flaunt a sharper style, ill-fitting clothes just won’t do. You’ll want some versatile items, like a polo shirt and flat-front shorts, that actually fit your frame. Whether you get them altered at a tailor or are just really good or really lucky (or, if we’re being honest, probably a little of both) at finding the perfect fit for you at the store, make sure it hangs just right on your frame before you wear it out for all to see.

For polos, you want the seam of the sleeve to fall right at the outer edge of your shoulder. The body of the shirt should be just tight enough to give a hint at a trim silhouette, but not tight enough to hug your body overmuch. The tail should fall just about halfway down the crotch of your pants; if it covers the crotch seam completely, it will look over-sized and baggy, and if it’s at the top of the crotch, it will look way too small, even if it doesn’t show any midriff.

For shorts, get a pair that fits your waistline just right, and with legs that stop anywhere from right at the knees to a couple inches above them. The overall fit should be snug, but not form-fitting.

Man deciding on what to wear

Get it in Multiple Colors
Let’s face it: for men’s casual wear, there’s not a huge selection of options in terms of styles and types of garments available. Instead, today’s well-dressed man will have multiple sets of a handful of staples, in ever so slightly different styles and colors. You’d be amazed at the difference and impact that a dark green pair of shorts can have vs. a somewhat lighter verdant green. Even if everything else in the outfit is kept identical, changing up a single item for something with a different color, pattern, or design can make a huge difference as to the overall impression the outfit carries. As such, whenever you find an article of clothing you like and that fits you well, it’s a good idea to get a couple of them in different colors or patterns.

Man wearing a stylish linen shirt in his backyard.

Snag a Well-Fitting Linen Shirt
Casual summer style tends to err on the casual side of comfort vs. visual appeal, but if you want to look good without overdressing, there’s nothing like a quality linen shirt that lets you be classy even when you’re dressed casually. Like everything else, get a few in different colors to add even more versatility to your wardrobe. Also, just keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily, but that’s kind of part of the style; you only need to bother with ironing if you’ve got stiffly-creased wrinkles that won’t come out otherwise.

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How to Design Your Home Around Your Favorite Color – Vine Vera Reviews

Decorating and designing your home and incorporating your favorite colors into the mix is something many women take great pleasure in. Not only does it put a piece of you into the home, but it also allows you to be surrounded by colors that make you feel something. Happy, calm, peaceful, or otherwise, colors have a way of influencing our feelings and thought processes throughout the day. Vine Vera would like to give you some tips on designing your home around your favorite colors, and how you can go about doing it.

Image of a yellow colored living room with the main entrance in the background.

Go With Your Favorite Colors
Opting for your favorite colors is the number one thing you need to do to make sure you love the end result. Be sure you choose carefully when it comes to wall colors, because it can be quite difficult to cover up certain colors of paint – such as red, dark blue, and black, among others.

A beautiful bedroom inspired by the red color.

Choose Colors that Make You Feel
Choosing colors that you not only love, but ones that make you happy, feel at peace, or calmed, is also equally as important. There are certain colors that can persuade your mind into feeling a certain way, for instance:

  • Blue hues – These types of colors promote tranquility, peace, and calm
  • Reddish hues – These types of colors promote health, love, intensity – which may not be a good option for those who are easily angered or fierce in nature
  • Greens – Promotes possibility, prosperity, and a renewed outlook
  • Yellows –promotes happiness and peaceful feelings
  • Orange tones – promotes happiness and an optimistic outlook
  • Purple hues – This color has the ability to promote prosperity, luxury, and prestige

Orange and gold colored kitchen

Pair Contrasting Colors To Achieve Your Desired Look
When choosing furniture pieces, it’s best to choose neutral wood, earthy tones, and those which you can pair with colorful accents to achieve your desired color splashes. The reason being is, if you decide you would like to change the color scheme of the room, you don’t necessarily need to run out and buy new furniture – unless, of course, you want to. When you choose colors, opt for ones you love – and contrast or complement them with colors that they go well with, such as:

  • Gray and White – these are both neutral colors that go with anything, so these are great as staple piece colors that you can build the rest of your room around. Example: white couch with red accessories
  • Red and blue colors contrast well and work together very well
  • Green and orange contrast but work well in addition to one another
  • Purple and green are contrasted colors, but look spectacular together – vary the degree of depth
  • Blue and yellow complement one another well
  • Pink and green complement one another
  • Orange and gold complement one another

And so on and so forth. You can choose warm colors with other warm colors, or cools with cools. In rare instances, you can match a cool and warm together and make it work, but sometimes the colors will clash. It’s all about finding the balance between the two colors and what looks good to you.

Beautiful use of color to add some character to the bedroom.

Choose Items You Can Add Color Around
Rather than opting for bright colored furniture pieces, add the colored items as accents in the form of throw pillows, art, blankets, rugs, flowers, or shelving. You will be happier in the end if you don’t need to buy new furniture when you get the desire to change the color scheme depending on the season or even just on a whim.

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Runway Trend in Real Life: Lace Up Flats – Vine Vera Reviews

Lace Up Flats

Fashion designers and consumers alike anxiously await fashion shows with each coming season’s approach, just begging for the next look at the next big thing in clothing. Style has inspired many real life trends in which people have taken and made their own, adding their own ideas and flair. Vine Vera Skincare brings you one of the real life trends found on runways this season – lace up flats. With the many different styles and colors abounding, and with spring finally here, now is the time to update your closet with some of the newest must have shoes for spring.

Ballerina Lace Up Flats
Ballerina lace up flats have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and seem to be here to stay – at least for a while. They look feminine, elegant, and dramatic paired with a frilly skirt, dress, or even a pair of sailor shorts. The gorgeous chiffon-like ribbons used to lace the shoes up the leg look absolutely fantastic and classy. Whatever you choose to pair them with, it’s best to stick with basic colors in ballet flats, such as light pink, tan, or black, which not only looks the most natural – but you can wear them with more outfits and get more use out of them as well. 

Sandal Lace Up Flats
Sandal lace up flats are all the rage right now. Sandals have always been a popular spring and summer staple, but these take the typical pretty sandals of the warmer months, and turn them into something sexy and spectacular. Generally, there is a shoelace like material in which to tie sandal lace up flats with – but you may find a ribbon of some sort with this style. With so many colors and styles to choose from, these sandals can tie an outfit together (literally) even without accessories. They look great with anything, from shorts, dresses, capris, rompers, or skirts.

Ankle Tie Flats
This style can be quite similar to the sandal lace up flat look – but the ankle tie flats are different in that they are usually based off of other styles such as oxfords, and sometimes sandals, but don’t tie up past the ankle. The ankle tie flats seem to pair very well with pants of any style due to the low tying look, and there are ample styles to choose from. VineVera loves the look of ankle tie flats in stiletto form, and we think these types of flats are one of our favorites for their versatility.

Moccasin Lace Up Flats
Moccasin lace up flats take these traditional Native American styled shoes to a whole new level. You can find them in traditional tan and brown colors with suede or leather ties, or even in more fashionable color schemes with varying lace up materials. This is one of the trendiest looks for the spring and summer 2015 season. Find them with or without tassles, and with or without beads. This style is truly based on personal preference.

These are just a few of the lace up flat styles we at Vine Vera are in love with, and we hope to have shed some light on this hot off the runway trend so that you can implement the style into your wardrobe update for spring.

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