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Building Your Revenge Body

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Have you ever seen, “The Girl Most Likely To….”  This 1973 movie tells the story of the unattractive, often bullied Miriam Knight.  After having failed at almost every endeavor she attempts to achieve popularity in college, she finally lands a lead in a school play, only to be humiliated at the curtain call when her jealous roommate places roses at her feet, knowing Miriam is allergic.  The result is an embarrassing sneezing fit.

Upset, Miriam speeds away, only to become involved in a terrible automobile accident leaving her with the need for reconstructive surgery on her face.  Long story short, she comes out gorgeous and spends the rest of the movie killing everyone who was ever nasty to her.  Sounds pretty good,no?  Everyone loves a good revenge story; we love to believe that the underdog will somehow come out on top and make everyone around him/her green with envy.  The most recent real life example that comes to mind is that of Khloe Kardashian, ruthlessly teased by every late night host and comedian until, after a startling body transformation, emerged, disputably, more beautiful than any of her sisters.  So how did she do it?  What does it take to build the revenge body?

Before we get into out workout, let’s get one thing straight.  The concept of getting in shape as an act of revenge is a bit shallow.  While it is everyone’s dream to run into an ex and being able to say, “You should have put a ring on it,”  may seem like a pleasing fantasy, working out is a commitment and you have to be prepared to take a little physical pain.  In addition, making other people jealous does not always have the best consequences.  You may find your best friend suddenly less friendly.  Now, having got that out of the way, how can do it?

Start Strong
According to a study from the College of New Jersey, people who push themselves in the first half of a workout and slowed down in the second half burned 23 % more fat than those who did the opposite.Rather than starting with a slow jog, consider doing 20 jumping jacks.  This charges up your upper and lower body muscles and get your heart rate up in less than a minute.

Concentrate on Cardio
When it comes to exercise routines, think fast!  Women who do 20-minute sprints of cycling lost 3 times as much fat in 15 weeks as those who cycled for twice as long at an even pace, according to research.  Consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternating between intense exercise and recovery breaks.  Get in, get out!  And you’ll have loads more time on your hands.

Alternate Your Workouts
Don’t tack minutes on your routine if you stop seeing results, switch your routine!  Trainer  and WH fitness contributor, Rachel Cosgrove says, “It takes four to six weeks for your body to adapt to a workout.  Once you become efficient at it, you lose less energy and burn fewer fat calories. You don’t need to alter your whole routine, adding a few new moves should do the trick.

Work on an Unstable Surface
When doing upper body strength training, such as bicep curls and overhead presses, you might try using an unstable surface.  it will force you to use your core to stabilize  yourself and maintain balance which will tone your midsection.  Working on a balance board, or even a couch cushion will work.

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