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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother and daughter

Ask your mother what she wants for Mother’s Day this year, and she’ll most likely try and talk you out of getting her anything. You’re bound to hear, “Oh, you know I don’t like you spending all your money on me,” or, “You’re the best gift anyone could ever give me.” Anyone with a mother knows better than to take either of these responses seriously. Of course you have to get your mother something on Mother’s Day. That’s what the day is all about! So, since your Mom’s not likely to come clean about what she really wants, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

Mini Library Shelf
If Mom’s a reader, get her a little library shelf to make her reading nook a little cozier. Think along the lines of something with a cedar wood shelving system to keep her favorite goods in arm’s reach with titles on display.

happiness planner

Happiness Planner
Here’s a gift with a bit of sentiment. Since Mom spends so much of her time making sure everyone else is happy, why not give her something to let her know she’s appreciated? Give her a notebook with some daily and weekly goal setting exercises, and little bits of advice to help her focus on the positive while planning her weekly activities. Rose gold pen included.

Wine Bottle Chiller / Ice Mold
Here’s a fun idea for the Mom who likes to party. You can fill the milk with citrus slices, water and flowers or herbs to create a personalized beautiful chiller for frozen beverages. House guests will make a fuss.

Faux Leather Tote
You know Mom always needs an extra bag to bring over all the tchotchkes she picks up for you. Give her something ultra feminine in a neutral color as an alternative to her black standby.

Mother and daughter eating ice cream

Sundae Best Taster
Did you grow up eating a lot of Mom’s ice cream creations? If so, this may be right up her alley. She’ll get hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, peanut butter squares, drunken monkey banana rum jam, espresso cookies and cocktail cherries. Just make sure you don’t eat it before you can get it to her.

Hamilton: The Revolution, by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy Carter
Your Mom always talks about how good looking that Lin-Manuel Miranda is; why not give her his book? She’ll pore over every one of the 300 pages, complete with photos from the production, footnotes by Miranda himself, and exclusive email and notes from the cast.

Personal Embosser
Your Mom will find endless uses for this tool. A great addition to a classy workplace, a customizable embosser will allow mom to put her seal of approval on recipe cards, gift tags, stationary, and more.

breakfast tray

Breakfast Tray
What better than a new tray to serve that Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? Think about an artful yellow acrylic piece with a built-in flower vase, so you can add a little bloom to the setting!

Let us know what you’re getting your Mom this Mother’s Day! And, if you’re a Mom, give us a hint!

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Choosing Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

Let’s hear it for the bridesmaids. They’re your besties. They’ve been with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen your bad hair days and your bad hair years. They know how your first boyfriend looked and they knew you before the nose job. That’s why you need to treat them well. Make sure they have sexy dresses, throw the bouquet in their general direction, and get them some really nice gifts to show how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

Bridesmaid kissing bride

Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect gifts for bridesmaids.

Play on Their Tastes
Are your girls total fitness buffs? How about some workout gear or a session with a personal trainer (make sure he’s cute)? Send them to an introductory ballroom or hip-hop dance class to show off their strong calf muscles. If they cook, get them the latest cookbook or a first edition classic by Julia Child. Include a subscription to a cooking magazine, or, if  they’re into horticulture, offer them a blossoming flower plant or a couple of useful gardening tools.

Entertain Them
Show them a good time! You can buy them tickets to a musical, film, dinner theater, or movie venue for a little night on the town.

Girls' night out

If they’re more the stay-at-home type, give them a movie-themed gift basket or a set of movies themed around their favorite actors. If reading is their thing, consider a magazine subscription or an e-reader. Include a bottle of bubbly and they’ll be set for the evening.

Make Them Something
If you’re the artsy-craftsy type and have the time to invest, a homemade gift can be more precious than anything you can buy at a store. Make a necklace with their favorite gems, or knit a scarf in their favorite colors. Brighten their homes with a platter or vase, and accompany that with a scented candle. Let them explore their earthy side with all natural soaps or holistic beauty treatments or brighten their kitchen with some homemade jams and scones.

Pamper Them
Give your bridesmaids a taste of the good life. Dress them in silk pajamas or a Morrocan-inspired robe.

Spa friends

Give them the monogrammed set of bath towels they’ve always wanted for some upscale lavatory luxury. Treat them to designer wallets so they have somewhere to put their gift certificates for hair and makeover sessions at a salon. Offer them a luxury boudoir photo session.

Food and Drink
You can’t go wrong by giving your bridesmaids chocolate! Give them a decadent assortment or gift basket. Of course, they will need to complement that with some good wine or gourmet coffee. You can also leave the choosing to them by giving them gift certificates to a gourmet grocer. Help them set the table with some luxe table linens, napkin rings, and card holders and buy them some caviar to help break them in.

If you’re getting married, congratulations! Don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing to celebrate your bridesmaids!

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The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Guy

Woman giving a gift
Its your first Christmas with your new guy and you’re stressing over what to give him. You’re Venus, he’s Mars, how are you going to know what he’ll like? You think about what your mom used to get your dad and all you come up with is an image of a multi-purpose tool kit and a power drill with changeable attachments. What does that say? I love you, go fix the garage the door? How about a sweater? No, there has to be something better. But what?

Video Drone
You probably can’t go wrong getting your tech savvy guy one of these neat toys. They’ll let him shoot some great footage and even come with remote control. You can even get fancy models that let him choose from autopilot modes, from pre -mapped to lock on and follow. Starting at under $100 for more basic drones, he’s bound to love it!

Portable Draft Beer System
If your guy enjoys the occasional brew ski, this is a great gift for him. Its engineered with fluid and gas technology to enhance the taste of all beers including brown ales, porters, stouts, pilsners, and lagers so he can enjoy fresh from the tap taste from any can or bottle and it guarantees a perfect pour with a bar-like head,

Man with smart watch
Fitness Watch
Fun, fashionable, and says you care, a fitness watch is bound to be a real pleaser for a groovy guy. This gadget will monitor his workout, measure his heart rate, calories burned, speed, and steps taken and many feature a Bluetooth interface that will let him sync his results with a phone or tablet.

Game of Thrones The Complete Fifth Season
If you don’t mind spending the twelve days of Christmas curled up on the couch watching “Game of Thrones” with your guy, this could be the ways to go! Also includes background information about locations, characters, and relevant history and features, plus a surprise narration by cast members from past seasons.

Blue Ray Disc Player
Your man can enjoy high def media streaming with a blue-ray disk player. Many allow you to use a mobile device for remote control and come with a side bar app for program info. Just connect to your internet to listen to music or stream movies. Many brands are available from $50-$100.

Beats By Dr. Dre
You can help him take his workout to the next level with these wireless earphones with secure fitting ear hooks for maximum stability and comfort. They ‘re sweat resistant for the tough training and they allow him to take calls, control his music, and activate Siri.

So what do you think? Will you be buying your guy something from this list? Let us know if he liked it. Or let us know what you got your favorite guy this year! We want to hear it all!!

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