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Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Vine vera banner presents Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

What? Could it be? It felt like you were taking your last sip of pumpkin latte just yesterday! Is autumn really upon us again? While there is a bit of summer left, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the last few vacation days planning your new fall look. After all, you’ve got to start early to stock up on the latest trends before any of your friends pick up on them. Here is a quick look at what you can anticipate this autumn in terms of hair, nails, and makeup from the 2017 runway.

After Kendall Jenner debuted her blunt lob, at the Perla, crops have been all the rage. You may have seen models Irina Kravchenko and Cat McNeil sporting their new cuts at Alexander Wang in New York. With a lot more cool short hairstyles hitting runway after runway, you may want to think of going in this direction this season.

Color Blocked Eye Lids
If you’ve got some bright primary or pastel eye shades lurking in your makeup case, this is the time to use them. Makeup artists were striping and blocking lids with bold colors with wild abandon this year. According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, “Now, more than ever, makeup is about enjoying color and making statements.” Although some of the looks were a little offbeat for the office, there were some options that could be used in the every day, such as the two toned liners at Marco di Vincenzo, or the unpredictable shadow pairing at Oscar de la Renta.

Clean Hair
You could say that shampoo was a big commodity on this year’s fall runways. Says hairstylist Guido, “Designers want that model’s hair to look clean. It’s become a recognizable texture, just like beachy waves or a bouncy blowout.” Stock up the next time you’re at Target!

Vine vera Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Smeared Lipstick
While showing up for a date in this look may not be the best idea, snogged lips have been showing up on the runway. That means, forget the lip liner and long-lasting wear mattes. Makeup artists are smearing the lipstick all around models mouths this year. According to makeup artist Val Garland, “There’s a sexiness to it because it looks like you’ ve been kissing someone. You may have seen Garland’s work on display at Giambattista Valli, where she took three separated brushes to create a cherry red diffused runway look.

Extreme Manis
Looks like you’re all in this year if you like to go all out with your nails. This year showed Swarovski crystals at Philip Plein, oil slicks at Manish Arora, and a very sadistic pierced nail with threaded chain look at Emilio Pucci.

Extreme Dyes
While your getting your extreme mani done, you may be inspired to dye your hair to match. This year’s runways were a veritable display of color, with everything from streaks of red across the part at Jour Ne to neon blue streaks at Versace.

Braids and Dark Lips
Designers are doing a little bit of school girl gone naughty this year. Guido says, “Braids never go away as a trend.” This season, you’ll want to go for skinny plaits with lips in plums and dark berries, like seen at Valentino.

How are you stocking up for the coming season? Let us know what we can expect to see you model this fall. We love to know!


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Beauty Prep For Valentine’s Day

You actually talked your boyfriend into getting tickets to “Fifty Shades Darker” on Valentine’s Day. You are so excited. That Christian Gray is so bad! No wonder Anastasia Steele can’t help herself! Ok, so maybe you had to do a little arm-bending to get your guy to go with, but you think that once he sees the movie, he’ll change his tune. One thing is for sure, though. You’re going to have to look your best. You’ve got Rita Ora and Dakota Johnson to compete with. Spoken for or looking for, you’ve got to look great on Valentine’s Day. If you’re searching for ways to make sure you’re red hot on the big day, here are some tips on beauty prep.

Woman taking bath
Shower or Bath
Let your pre V-Day pampering start with a shower of bath. Kill two birds with one stone by applying vitamin E oil or a moisture mask before you step in. The steam will help the moisture penetrate your skin, and while you’re at it, you may want to put some whitening strips on those teeth. If you feel bloated, try adding some Epsom salt to your bath. The magnesium in the salt will help to draw excess fluids and toxins from your body. Add two cups to the bath water and sit for ten minutes.

Treat your skin to exfoliating gloves and a gentle scrub to rev up circulation. Don’t forget your hands and feet, you may be doing some touching later on.

Ok, so maybe this is a less glamorous part of the process, but a necessary one. Post exfoliation is the best time for de-fuzzing because you’ve just removed dead skin cells for a closer shave. Use a moisturizing shave cream for extra softness.

Ah! The scent of a woman. The next step is to start layering on the fragrance. Start with a moisturizing body wash followed by a body creme and perfume with the same scent to get the full effect.

Mani/ Pedi
A crucial part of beauty prep, the mani /pedi should begin with some good cuticle oil applied to your finger and toenails. After pushing back your cuticles, apply your favorite therapeutic moisturizer to your feet and hands and then pick your shade. Rita Ora Red of Dakota Johnson pink? It’s up to you!

Woman with curled hair
Now for your crowning glory. Try long loose curls for long hair. or a deep side part with bangs swept to the side for shorter hair or a bob. Remember, the focus is easy touchable hair, so try and stick with a soft look.

Prime your skin with an illuminating primer followed by foundation for a glowing, dewy base. Follow up with a pink- toned blush. A gray- toned palette is best for smoky eyes. Apply the darkest color near your lash line, lightening gradually as your move up. (Fifty shades, anyone?) Rim your top and bottom lashes with a black liner and two coats of black mascara. For a softer look, sweep a pale color across the lids and a soft brown liner under and over your eyes. Finish with two coats of brown mascara.

Make sure your lips are kissable by exfoliating with a cotton swab and baking soda. Next apply a red, pink, or nude gloss. This will soften the look of the lips once the color is applied. Spray perfume in all the right spots, and you’re set to go!

Did it work? We want the full report! Let us know about your Valentines Day success.

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Be Vibrant, Be Vivacious

And so here we are in 2017. The glitter fades, the dust settles and the Christmas trees come down as the sound of the last noisemaker echoes softly in the distance. The holidays may be over, but don’t despair! There is plenty to look forward to in 2017. Bette Midler is set to star opposite David Hyde Pierce in a revival of “Hello, Dolly,” Tina Fey and her husband plan to release a “Mean Girls” musical, Larry Davis promises Season 9 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and you’re going to need some great new clothes to do justice to each occasion. When it comes to 2017 fashion, the emphasis is on being uniquely you. This year is all about “out with the old, in with the new,” even if it does mean reinventing some of the old. If you’re looking for some runway inspiration for your winter wardrobe, here are just a few items that you might want to check out.

Woman wearing fake fur stole
Fake Fur Stoles
The next in line in the re-emergence of the faux fur, the fake fur stole is a nod to the elegance of the yesteryear. Designers like Monse are bringing these fashionable pieces back, draping them diagonally across the upper body in improbable fashion combinations with tanks and culottes or fastening them to lapels for a cozy collar.

Platform Boots
Platform boots have been adding a little funk to the traditional high heels ever since the 1960’s. You can’t fail with patent leather platforms in vibrant colors or pastels, or a furry cheetah print from Maison Margiela.

Woman wearing leggings
As long as there is a desire to combine comfort with fashion, there will always be some version of the legging. Just as we thought we’d seen the last of these comfy, stretchy pants, designers like Celine and Phoebe Philo gave them new life, dressing them up with everything from slouchy shirts to sandals.

Navy Overcoats
Designers have been looking toward the military for inspiration since time immemorial, and 2017 is no exception. The Navy overcoat is this year’s answer to easy- to – wear, versatile outerwear, with designers such as Coach leading the pack, with a gold-buttoned appliqué number.

Woman wearing trench coat

The Patent Trench
If you are looking for something to don on those humid winter days, the patent trench will give you that sleek high fashion look with just a touch of whips and chains. Check out the red- caped version from Isabel Marant with red studded belt and deep pockets.

Turtlenecks under dresses
The concept of pairing summer and winter pieces is one that we will continue to see in 2017. Designers like Tory Burch are among those looking to make your wardrobe last twice as long, complementing a sporty summer jumper with an ultra high collared turtleneck, strappy sandals and a cross-body bag.

Let us know what your plans are for the New Year, and, more importantly, what you plan to wear to them. We’d love to hear it!

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Why We Love Nude Lips

Woman with nude lipstick
If you go back, way back, before the days of Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum, before the days of Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr, back to when Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were mere sparks in the eyes of their parents, there was Twiggy.

In the 1960’s, Twiggy was the Princess of All That Was Mod, the epitome of fashion in knee-high platform boots, psychedelic stockings, velvet miniskirts, and fur Nehru jackets. Girls risked life and limb to emulate her signature look in clothes as well as makeup. Twiggy set a new standard for eyewear, taking thick black liquid eyeliner and never-ending black lashes to new levels. And to make sure the eyes were the focus, lips were designated a less prevalent role. In keeping with the fashion, some women applied foundation to their lips to make them blend in with the skin on their face, while the modest of the mod daringly employed white lipstick for a similar effect. A makeup tip advised women to, “Embrace the beauty of the subtle 1960’s with a warm, nude lipstick. For a little more pizzazz, chose a metallic finish. Skip lip liner for a less defined lip shape.”

Times may have changed, but when something’s not broken, why fix it? Now, in 2016, the nude lipstick look is still serving us well. Here are some more modern ways to achieve it.

Slight exfoliation is the key to prepping lips for the nude look. Follow that by dabbing on a rich balm and letting it soak in while you do the rest of your make-up, blotting off the excess before you continue. If you are going to use a creamy, opaque lipstick, apply a little foundation around the outside of the lips and over the lipline using a damp sponge. This will give you a canvas that will ensure your lipstick will last. If you prefer a sheer look, skip the foundation.

Woman applying lip linerLiner
Some things never change. Cosmeticians are still advising us to skip the lipliner. Celebrity cosmetician Deborah Nasrat says, “When I am creating a sheer, nude lip, I try to avoid using lip liner.” If you are worried about keeping the color from leaking, she advises a reverse liner outside the hipline

Look for a palette with some beiges, browns, and pinks. Nasrat says, “People always ask me what nudes my clients are wearing, but honestly, its always more than one.” If you have a fair to medium skin tone, look for light pinks and golds, while brown based and caramel neutrals will favor a medium or deep complexion.

Skin Tones

  • Pale to Fair (think Gwyneth Paltrow or Sophie Turner): If your complexion is fair, you will probably find rosy shades of pink to be most flattering, but you may want to experiment with some creamy beige tones, providing they have a pink undertone that is just slightly darker than your complexion. Keep the undertone cool to neutral.
  • Medium (think Jessica Alba and Lea Michelle): If your skin has a medium or olive tone, consider yourself a swinger. Nasrat says, “Those with medium or olive skin tones can really go either way.” Medium toned skin can sport both cool and warm tones, so play the field!
  • Dark to Deep (think Samira Wiley or Lupita Nyong’o): Nasrat goes for warm golden browns for her darker skinned celebrity clients, steering away from anything too beige or cool. “Golden browns look rich and luscious on darker skin tones,” she says.

If you are thinking of going nude this season, we would love to hear of your bold adventures. Please chime in with your comments and suggestions!

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Miss USA Makeup and Hair

Miss America Pageant

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Miss USA contestants are beautiful: luscious hair, pearlescent teeth to match their bright eyes and round lips. Surgery is expensive, so we’ve devised makeup and hair tutorials inspired by the pageant queens to help with your look.

Miss USA Inspired Makeup
Release your inner beauty and emphasize your facial features by starting with your eyes. When choosing an eyeshadow, opt for a shade which matches your outfit. You can’t afford to blend into the background either, so choose deep colors: blues, blacks, grays and browns, all are great options.

Don’t just stick to one block color though. Contour your eye shape by blending a color palette – creating a shadow effect on the outer corner of the eye. A touch of white on the inner corner will brighten up your eyes and make them appear bigger. Don’t be afraid to take your makeup to the next level by adding some glitter too.

Complement your eyeshadow with liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes. It’s okay if your eyelashes are blatant. In fact, the bigger the better. Choose a shape which is thick, long and curved.

Once you’ve perfected the ear area, it’s time to cover up any blemishes and red patches you may have with a foundation and concealer. Although most Miss USA participants look like they’ve just come back from holiday, a foundation that’s obviously two shades too dark won’t do you any favours.

Stick to your natural color and pick a matte one (you don’t see Miss USA’s with shiny foreheads on stage). A quality primer beforehand will work wonders with those oily areas. Finish up with a concealer, powder and touch of bronzer to give you that sun-kissed look all year round.

Miss USA contestants

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Miss USA Inspired Hair
Long, thick hair, recently dyed roots and stage lights mirroring off of their heads, you never see a Miss USA will flat, lackluster hair. Put down the hair straighteners, and reach for the curlers. Curls will instantly make your hair appear thicker and give you the confidence to work that stage.

Big, loose curls will make a statement, whereas tight curls are more suitable for an everyday look. For brunettes, go a few shades darker and add in some highlights to go all out. The last thing you’ll want to do is cover up your pretty makeup with a thick side fringe, so opt for a long sweeping one or a classic middle parting.

So there’s the style sorted. Now it’s time to work on the length. Extensions are your new best friend if you have short hair as they can frame any face perfectly. There’s no length requirement, but longer locks that reach past your shoulders to your ribcage has been a traditional look which almost every Miss USA in the competitions have sported for years.

Vanity isn’t what makes the contestants so great, but using makeup and hair tricks will help you exude confidence and be a strong contestant in the running.

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Instagram #Shelfies Are All The Craze

Skin care products

With the plethora of social media, we now have instant access to what everyone’s up to and what they possess. This means that instead of turning to an expert in a shop, we’d rather reach out to beauty bloggers who are triumphing the internet by the minute. As an image-obsessed society, we put our trust into reviews and what we see other people using on Instagram. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite #Shelfies for you to get inspired, because it turns out, it’s not just how the product appears on your body that’s important, but how it translates in images too. If it makes the top shelf in your house, it must be worthwhile.

What Are Shelfies?
As the name insinuates, there’s a focus on selfie to this new craze. But it’s not your typical selfie where one poses in the mirror in their best attire, sporting a pout. Shelfies are taking pictures of your best beauty products, and no offence, but keep your face out of the shot.

How To Become A Shelfie Pro
To pass the first test, your bathroom cupboards need to be crammed with the latest miracle serums and lip glosses, face powder and everything else to cover reverse blemishes. You need to live and breathe cosmetics. Next, you need to have skills and a care for how things are displayed. Much like how you determine your purchase on the labeling and presentation of a product on a shelf, you need to do the same when photographing your goodies. Take pride in your makeup and lotion stashes, so they’re shelfie ready at all times. If you’re messy and simply don’t care about how they sit around the house, you don’t qualify.

Hints For The Best Shelfie

  • It’s all about the background. Use a white backdrop or at least make it clutter-free. Empty bottles and piles of detritus on the other side of the room don’t look picture worthy.
  • Use products you’ve used and can vouch for. Compliment your image with a personal description of what it is and include a short review.
  • Feel free to add accent pieces to create a feel to your picture. A decorative flower, ornament or cute accessories go a long way.

#Shelfie Examples

  • @vcashe has teamed her shampoo and conditioners with chic makeup brushes. Marble tiles in the background give a professional effect to the photo, and with water droplets still on the products, it’s clear she’s using and loving it.
  • It was nearly impossible to not include @babyslicenyc, as not every #Shelfie comes with a cheeky cat. There’s a surplus of products in this one, but by Instagramming her pet too, we love the extra personality this picture has. (Don’t miss that alligator product holder too!).

So there you have our favorite Instagram shots – using the perfect angle and the latest beauty invention to lure you in. Looking for a new accompaniment in your makeup bag or bathroom shelf? Use #itgtopshelfie to narrow your search and bring up a surfeit of all things beauty.

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New Makeup Trend: Strobing – Vine Vera Reviews

Contouring is a widely used and fantastic way to get the defined, elegant, radiant look you want by carefully accenting specific areas of the face to draw attention to the features you’re proud of, hide or alter the features you’d prefer the world didn’t see, and just create an overall sharper and fiercer look.

However, the one big problem with contouring is that it’s difficult and time-consuming. Contouring is an art, and a tricky one to learn, easy to mess up, and can take a frustratingly long time to finish with.

So, what’s a girl to do if you don’t want to or can’t afford to put the requisite time and effort into learning how to contour, or if you don’t want to be stuck in front of the mirror for ages longer than you already spend before every night out? Vine Vera introduces the new makeup trend – strobing – as one of the top solutions.

Woman contouring her face.

Enter Strobing
While the name of this trending makeup technique may sound a bit odd and call to mind images of disco balls or flashing lights at raves, strobing is simply a shortened version of contouring which allows you to achieve a look of natural radiance. It’s called strobing because of the way light plays off your skin when you’re all done, and because the set of techniques involved in strobing aims to accomplish more or less the same thing as contouring—elegant, defined features—using light alone, thanks to careful, specific placement of highlighting products that play with light in different ways.

Woman cleansing her face.

Start with Good, Clean Skin
For strobing to work its wonders in the most effective way, you need to start with clean, moisturized skin. Make sure you’re using a good cleanser, and really massage it in when you wash your face before makeup application. Don’t be too rough, but carefully massage all over your face while you wash it to plump up the skin.

Woman applying foundation on her cheeks.

Advanced Layering Techniques
The essence of strobing is carefully layering specifically chosen products in a specifically chosen order. There are a few ways you can go about this, but Vine Vera will outline the basic strategy below.

  1. If we have said it once, we will say it a million times: great looks start with great skin. So to start your strobing technique we recommend combining your skincare with your makeup. Mix your moisturizer with your foundation, or use a product that combines the two, this gives you a base layer of healthy looking skin to work with.
  2. When selecting a foundation, look for one with a dewy or luminous finish like Yves Saint Laurent’s LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation. Since strobing is all about illumination, starting with a luminous foundation is the perfect first step for this look. 
  3. Apply some type of highlighter to the high points of the face – think brow bone, tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, down the bridge of the nose, or any other place you want to enhance. You can use different types of products for this, whether they are made specifically as highlighters or a opalescent eye shadow appropriated for this use or even some lip gloss, as long as you choose a color that is right for your skin tone. We recommend using a product with cream or liquid consistency for best results. Try a Nars The Multiple stick in a lighter shade or Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Illuminzer. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder are also very popular options. Don’t worry overmuch about it being too shiny, as you’ll be putting a bit of matte powder in the next step to even things out and create the perfect combination of matte and shine.
  4. Finish with a finely milled, luminescent setting powder, this type of powder won’t ruin all the hard work you have put into illumination your skin but rather will enhance it while also helping give your look staying power. Lightly dust over the top, and enjoy your new simple but radiant look.

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