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Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Vine vera banner presents Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

What? Could it be? It felt like you were taking your last sip of pumpkin latte just yesterday! Is autumn really upon us again? While there is a bit of summer left, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend the last few vacation days planning your new fall look. After all, you’ve got to start early to stock up on the latest trends before any of your friends pick up on them. Here is a quick look at what you can anticipate this autumn in terms of hair, nails, and makeup from the 2017 runway.

After Kendall Jenner debuted her blunt lob, at the Perla, crops have been all the rage. You may have seen models Irina Kravchenko and Cat McNeil sporting their new cuts at Alexander Wang in New York. With a lot more cool short hairstyles hitting runway after runway, you may want to think of going in this direction this season.

Color Blocked Eye Lids
If you’ve got some bright primary or pastel eye shades lurking in your makeup case, this is the time to use them. Makeup artists were striping and blocking lids with bold colors with wild abandon this year. According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, “Now, more than ever, makeup is about enjoying color and making statements.” Although some of the looks were a little offbeat for the office, there were some options that could be used in the every day, such as the two toned liners at Marco di Vincenzo, or the unpredictable shadow pairing at Oscar de la Renta.

Clean Hair
You could say that shampoo was a big commodity on this year’s fall runways. Says hairstylist Guido, “Designers want that model’s hair to look clean. It’s become a recognizable texture, just like beachy waves or a bouncy blowout.” Stock up the next time you’re at Target!

Vine vera Beauty Trends For Fall 2017

Smeared Lipstick
While showing up for a date in this look may not be the best idea, snogged lips have been showing up on the runway. That means, forget the lip liner and long-lasting wear mattes. Makeup artists are smearing the lipstick all around models mouths this year. According to makeup artist Val Garland, “There’s a sexiness to it because it looks like you’ ve been kissing someone. You may have seen Garland’s work on display at Giambattista Valli, where she took three separated brushes to create a cherry red diffused runway look.

Extreme Manis
Looks like you’re all in this year if you like to go all out with your nails. This year showed Swarovski crystals at Philip Plein, oil slicks at Manish Arora, and a very sadistic pierced nail with threaded chain look at Emilio Pucci.

Extreme Dyes
While your getting your extreme mani done, you may be inspired to dye your hair to match. This year’s runways were a veritable display of color, with everything from streaks of red across the part at Jour Ne to neon blue streaks at Versace.

Braids and Dark Lips
Designers are doing a little bit of school girl gone naughty this year. Guido says, “Braids never go away as a trend.” This season, you’ll want to go for skinny plaits with lips in plums and dark berries, like seen at Valentino.

How are you stocking up for the coming season? Let us know what we can expect to see you model this fall. We love to know!

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Fall for Autumn Fashion

vine vera banner presents Fall for Autumn Fashion

“Women must be colorful inside and out.” This is what designer Gudrun Sjoden replied when asked why she chose to use such a brilliant array of colors in her latest fashion line.

It was all about comfort, style, and anything go at this fashion show. Dresses and skirts were worn layered over color coordinated pants. Knee high stocking and socks offered alternatives to the constraints of pantyhose, and there were no such things as unmatching colors or bad print combinations. No season was out of season. Loose fitting clothes freed the body and graphic designs freed the mind. It was a utopia of fashion and an ideal vision of the future. Here’s a look at the Gudrun Sjoden fashion show from the inside.

The Setting
The stage is set at the Swedish Residence on Park Avenue at 64th Street. The temperature, a scorching 92 degrees, and its still morning. The occasion, the unveiling of designer Gudrun Sjoden’s summer ’17 collection. The runway, a multicolored striped rug in the hotel lobby. The clothes, eclectic cutting edge, bohemian. The message: freedom.

The Designer
Gudrun Sjoden has been creating a clothing line for women for over 40 years. But not just any woman. No supermodels grace this runway. Sjoden chooses women who represent the message of her clothing line. Water activist and former Miss Africa Georgie Biel and model turned actress Angel Pai model the brightly colored hand painted designs and eco-friendly fabrics that are the hallmarks of Sjoden’s collection.

vine vera banner presents Fall for Autumn Fashion

The Look
Patterns were in abundance in this display. Sjoden employs a technique called Ikat weave and indigo dying, in addition to her geometrical zigzags, and circles.There was no shortage of rich fabrics and embroidery and the designer’s preference for roses and stripes was clear. However, despite the profusion of show-stopping fashion, most stunning, perhaps, is the fact that 93% of Gudrun’s garments are made from sustainable materials. Says she, “This year, we are celebrating 25 years of organic cotton production in Greece.”

The Influence
Where does Sjoden’s inspiration come from? “While designing this collection, we visited India to explore the traditional crafts techniques for dying, using indigo and rose madder red. This craft combined with an earlier trip to Lisbon with its tiled walls, went on to inspire the autumn collection.” the designer revealed.

The Lowdown
S Joden’s first store opened in Stockholm, Sweden in 1976. Her concept of designing colorful comfortable clothes with Nordic influences in natural materials continue to dominate her collection. Her clothes are available through her catalog and website in markets including Germany, the US, and the UK.

What do you think of the message behind Sjoden’s collection? Let us know! We love to hear from you.

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What to Pack for a Fall Vacation

Couple packing for a holiday

Thought summer was the best and only time to go on vacation? Think again. Summer might be the most popular season for travel, but that doesn’t make it the be-all end-all.

Autumn offers a host of advantages as a vacation season. For one, most people are vacationing in the summer, which means that by being smart and saving you vacation days for the next season after, you can avoid crowds, lines, and traffic jams when heading to especially popular vacation getaway spots. On top of that, you skip the overbearing heat of summer and the biting chill of winter by choosing a milder season to travel in.

The chief downside? The weather. While overall mild, yes, the problem with fall weather is its unpredictability. The temperature can change at the drop of a hat, and a clear sky can cloud over and start storming before you even realize it’s happening. So if you’re being smart and beating the crowds and the heat by traveling in autumn, Vine Vera has some tips for helping you pack for the unpredictable weather you’ll undoubtedly face on your trip.

Dual-Layer Jacket
Considering that fall weather can change from chilly to cool within the day, you want a jacket that can multitask. Look for a jacket comprised of two layers: a soft fabric liner and a sheer, waterproof, hooded outer shell. These layers will generally zip or button together, and you can wear the full 2-layer jacket for chilling cold, the liner alone for a relatively cool afternoon, or the shell alone to fend off a light drizzle.

Woman wearing a sweater.

A Thin Sweater
You’ll want at least one thin, simple sweater for your trip. Layering is the key to success in fall weather, because you can add or subtract layers as necessary to deal with changes in weather. The secret strength to the simple, thin sweater is that it’s discreet enough to be worn as an under-layer for just about anything, but cute enough to be worn on top of a shirt or sweatshirt.

Lightweight, Waterproof Shoes
Heavy boots take up too much space and make your suitcase weigh a ton, but simple tennis shoes easily get soaked in autumnal puddles and rainstorms. The solution is to find a lightweight pair of waterproof shoes; wear them with thick socks for warmth and you’ll never miss the heavy-duty rainboots while you’re away.

Woman wearing a scarf

Packing two or three pretty scarves is a great way to kill two birds with one stone by giving you an optional add-on to any outfit you can add or remove as the weather dictates, and a couple cute accessories to add some charm to any outfit, all while taking up a relatively small amount of suitcase space!

Hardly taking up any space at all, and not weighing much to boot, leggings are a great way to functionally accessorize your fall skirt and sweater combo with something that can be added for warmth or removed for cooling off, as needed. For bonus points, try seasonally appropriate red or orange leggings with an otherwise neutral outfit for fun fall coloration, and consider a matching scarf if you’re really in the mood for autumnal accessories.

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Gardening in the Fall

Woman picking up fall leaves

Eating fresh, ripe, locally grown fruit and vegetables or using them in cooking is a fantastic feeling, and everything tends to taste better when it’s allowed to ripen fully before harvest rather than ripening on a truck in transit.

But you know what’s even better? Growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables, picking them yourself, and enjoying the freshest, crispest taste with the satisfaction of knowing you grew them yourself. On that subject, fall is a fantastic time to garden, and you can reap a bountiful harvest from your own backyard before the bitter cold of winter sets in. If you’re intrigued by now (as you should be), keep reading, for we are going to give you some helpful tips to get your fall garden started, and run you through the best things to plant this season.

So You Want to Plant a Fall Garden?
Before you begin, there are a few things to consider. The first is that only some plants—that is, more cold-hardy ones—are fit for a fall garden, but more on that later. The second is that fall gardens merit special, frost-conscious practices. You need to watch the weather and be aware of when cold fronts are coming, and how low the temperature will dip. A mild frost is generally short-lived, and drops just below 32 degrees F, while a hard frost lasts for at least 4 hours and dips below 20 degrees. We’ll give specifics for each plant we recommend, and for those we recommend covering, you’ll want to use sheets of non-woven polyester to carefully drape over your garden rows when needed.

Herb garden

There’s nothing quite like seasoning your food with homegrown herbs. The herbs best suited for the fall season are parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, lavender, cilantro, and mint. Note that mints—such as peppermint and spearmint—are aggressive and perennial; they practically live forever and they will choke out your other plants if you let them; we recommend planting mint plants in pots for this reason, with one plant per pot. For that matter, herbs, in general, are very friendly to pots, and with the exception of the mints (which, by the way, you can keep around all year and perpetually harvest), the rest can be planted together in the same container, which can make your life much easier. Herbs do not typically need to be covered, but if a hard frost lasting for at least four hours rolls in, cover them or take potted herbs inside.

Onions are relatively easy to grow. You can tell they’re ripe when the tops begin to yellow. Mild frosts are fine, hard frosts should be okay, but cover just in case.

Snap Peas
A delicious addition to any salad or a tasty snack on their own, snap peas can be harvested pretty much whenever. Can generally survive any frost, but cover during a hard frost lasting longer than 4 hours, just in case.

Lettuce garden

Lettuce is an ideal cool-weather crop, and in fact, can only really be grown in cool weather. You can pick leaves for use at any time when they look big enough, just carefully snap them off while leaving the “bud” of the plant intact to unfurl more leaves later. Fine in light frost, cover in hard frost.

You need to harvest broccoli when the head looks mature but before it flowers. If you start to see any of the tiny buds opening up or see tiny yellow petals coming from them, harvest immediately and don’t eat the opened ones. Broccoli can withstand most hard frosts.

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Vine Vera on Autumn Hair Colors – VineVera Reviews

Young woman with autumn leaves and dark hair colorChoosing a new hair color for autumn is always a fun, exciting experience. As it would seem, throughout the year, changing your hair color to accommodate the season only makes sense. As the seasons change, so do the many seasons of our hair. During the summer months, most women love to highlight or lighten their hair and go for a beach wave look. During the winter, most seem to go a bit darker. Spring is sort of in between that dark and light phase, so it’s great to meet somewhere in the middle. As for autumn hair, going back towards a darker color is generally the rule of thumb. Autumn is the time to break out the fun fall accessories, and all of the fantastic gear that goes along with it, like hats, scarves, boots and more. When it comes time to create a new ‘do, opting for any of the below colors is a surefire way to look your absolute best this autumn.

Golden Brown

When coming off of the lightened summer tresses, it’s a good idea to go gradual. Opting for a golden brown look if you had lightened blonde or dark blonde hair doesn’t cause too much of a shock to the system, and will look great without being over the top.

Light Brown

Light brown can be pulled off by virtually any woman, no matter her skin color. It’s very versatile, and subtle.

Chestnut Brown

For those of you who are willing to go all the way brown, a nice chestnut brown offers a warm effect with some subtle golden hues. It’s a gorgeous color and able to be pulled off by almost anyone.

Reddish Brown

Reddish brown colors are perfect for fall. Not everyone can pull this off, though, so be sure to get sound advice from your favorite hairstylist before making the change.


Yet another color in the red spectrum, burgundy is a gorgeous, full bodied color that provides overall coverage, and invites a warm, yet autumn-like, feeling. This color is great to wear all throughout the autumn and winter months.

Au Natural

If you’re not feeling the hair dying trend this fall – no worries! Going au natural is a fantastic option. Ensuring you have shiny, luxurious and soft hair will allow it to look its best as well. Why not opt for a hair straightener to give you the luxury look you desire and the shine that is incomparable to other brands? Whatever option you go for, be sure it’s a color you will want to stick with for at least a little while as to not over process your hair with another color. Also, make sure it’s a good color match and comparable with your skin and eyes. When in doubt, the internet is a great tool and there are many hair color samples available to view on different skin types. Also, asking your stylist for their expert opinion is usually a great idea – they wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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Vine Vera on Autumn Looks for Less – VineVera Reviews

Young woman shopping during autumnShopping for fall doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many ways to be exceptionally frugal without compromising style. Vine Vera details a few of the ways you can save on fashions for fall without breaking the bank.

Shop Sales

Shopping around for fall sales is the best way to get new clothes for less. If you sign up to your favorite stores’ e-mail lists, they will send you weekly (sometimes daily) messages, informing you of their upcoming sales and sales events. Sometimes, if you have a credit card with that particular store, you will be privy to sales that others don’t know about, and aren’t even invited to. Usually, these types of sales happen after hours. Sometimes, these stores will even throw in incentives like extra points on your card to use for rewards at a later time. Talk about a sweet deal!

Shop Thrifty

Thrift stores have a wealth of incredible and rare finds that you can get for bottom dollar. Sometimes, if it’s a small chain thrift store, the owners will even throw in incentives of their own. Thrift store shopping is a hobby for some, where they see how much they can find and buy for such little money. Many of the options available are not owned by anyone else, so it will help you to develop a look all your own and be unique.

Shop for Autumn in Summer

Buying scarves, hats, gloves, and sweaters might not be at the top of your to-do list during the heat of the summer, but summertime can provide you with extreme discounts in terms of buying the things you need for the fall. Many stores begin laying out fall looks at the end of summer, and so shopping for them during this time tends to offer you the best deals, even on brand new merchandise.

Yard Sales

Yard sales tend to offer extreme discount prices on some fantastic finds, if you look around well enough. With a bit of luck, you can find some great autumn looks for less. Many people hosting the yard sales are simply looking to get rid of things they don’t need, and are willing to take next to nothing for clothing. Look in your local newspaper for yard sale ads, as well as Craigslist’s Community section for Yard Sale and Garage Sale listings in your area.

Shop Online

Shopping online on sites such as eBay and Amazon are great ways to get styles you love for far less than department store and boutique prices. Sometimes, you can find brand new items and other times, you will see used but in great condition items. There is so much to choose from on these sites. Don’t get sucked into placing more of a bid than you are realistically willing to spend on used clothing. Just keep things simple and you will have a new autumn look in a pinch without overspending!

It’s so much fun to shop for autumn. What are your favorite frugal shopping tips?

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