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Denim Does Business Casual

Woman at business

In 1969, a writer for American Fabrics wrote, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” In the 1950’s, denim it became the outfit of the “juvenile delinquent” or “motorcycle boy” in films and television, banned by school administrators who feared its very presence on the teenage body would lead to rebellion against authority. So, how is it, you may ask, that this Satanic fabric ever became anywhere near what might be considered respectable wear? Well, according to another writer for American Fabrics, “What has happened to denim is really a capsule of what happened to America, it has climbed the ladder of taste.” Has it also climbed the ladder of success?

Tips On Denim In Business Casual

  • Balance
    It’s important that you keep a line between what constitutes business casual and normal casual. Keep your denim classy by pairing it with pieces that are a little more corporate. Instead of a sweater with jeans, try a classy blazer and dress shoes. This will tell your fellow employees that you know where to draw the line.
  • Silhouettes
    Since denim tends to be a more relaxed fabric, the cut is very important. A little styling can go a long way. Look for denim pieces that make a professional looking silhouette, like skirts, blazers, and trouser jeans. This will give a more pulled together appearance than baggy, shapeless comfort pieces.
  • Accessorize
    Accessories always class up an outfit. If you want to polish up your weekend look, try adding a belt, designer clutch, or some dressy shoes. This way you can add a weekday flair to your Saturday pieces.
  • Dark Wash Denim
    Darker denim is a much better workplace wash than faded and distressed. Dark wash denim can be a great comfortable substitute for trousers, provided they don’t feature a lot of contrast stitching to make them look more casual. If your denim must be of a lighter wash, try to balance by dressing up the other elements of your wardrobe.


Business Casual Outfits

  • Dark Wash Denim Blazer
    Blazers have a way of always looking professional, even in denim. You’ll create a professional silhouette, and the dark wash is perfect for the business setting. Pair it with a white knit top and some skinny pants in a contrasting color. Throw on a statement necklace and some brightly colored flats and you’re set.
  • Dark Wash Pencil Skirt
    If you’re lucky enough to find a dark wash pencil skirt that hugs your figure, grab it. Dark wash pencil skirts are ideal for work or play. For work, try combining a quality sweater or top and add a scarf and necklace with some out of the box flats.
  • Dark Wash Jeans
    You can never go wrong with a good pair of dark wash jeans. Keep the stitching low key for the office. Top with a blazer layered over a scoop neck top. Accessorize with a belt and necklace. You’re good to go!

How are you classing up the world’s oldest fabric? Let us know how you’re denim does business casual. We love to hear from you!


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Summer Fashion That Keeps You Looking Sophisticated and Put Together

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “hot mess” is “when one’s thoughts and appearance are in a state of disarray, but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness and beauty.” Summertime conditions the likes of heat and humidity may make “hot mess” the best look you can hope for. However, there are some situations in which hot mess is simply not cutting it.

So what can you do when you absolutely need to look sophisticated, even though the weather conditions seem determined to defeat you? Here are a few ideas for looking put together even in the deadliest of the summer heat.

The Shirtdress
The shirtdress is a lightweight choice that epitomizes summer office fashion. Go for a neutral color and play around with accessories. A colorful scarf or brightly colored purse will help you to own the look.

white blazer

The White Blazer
A summer office atmosphere demands the accessibility to a light blazer for quick removal or cover. White is the perfect choice for summer weather with a touch of class. Pair it with skirts, dresses, trousers, or layer it over the hottest colors of the season.

Tribal Prints
Not just for rock festivals, tribal prints can be perfect for the workplace, as long as they are done right. Style your prints with neutral colors in coordinated tones to keep it office appropriate.

Light Colored Accessories
Even if your committed to wearing black, you can lighten the look with the right choice of accessories. Try some gold tone jewelry or a beige leather handbag to subtract from the heaviness of dark colors.

colorful outfits

Tropical Colors
Why not add a splash of the tropics to your office? Your enthusiasm will be contagious. Be bold in bright greens and turquoise blues, just keep a navy blazer handy in case you’re feeling too conspicuous.

The Linen Dress
Linen is a great breathable fabric that works well for professionals. A classic linen summer dress can be an easy office choice. Accessorize with sunglasses, belts, and even funky sandals.

Colorful Accessories
If you want to keep things lively, think about accessorizing with some bold colors and styles. Consider bright green pumps with tailored trousers and an electric blue purse. Add a bright yellow lightweight scarf and you’re set!

floral prints

Floral Prints
What office couldn’t use a few flowers? Keep your florals from looking too girly by pairing with solid colors in a refined palette. Stick with simple structures over frills.

Pastel Dress
What about a solid pastel colored dress? If you go for a structured design, you can keep it professional, especially if you incorporate some darker or neutral colored accessories, like a nude belt or pumps.

Straight Leg Trousers
Straight leg trousers look professional in every weather, and the light weight and loose fit is an added bonus in the sticky summer heat. Top with a tapered blouse and keep the sunhat handy if you’re planning to venture outdoors.

What are you wearing to the office this summer? Let us know how you keep it sophisticated when the thermometer says “hot mess.”

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The Perfect Accent Pieces for Any Woman’s Wardrobe

A flash of a silver chain, the elegance of a well-placed belt, the glimpse of lace from under a flowing skirt. So fleeting, yet so effective. Why is it we still talk about the pearls Sienna Miller wore on the red carpet months after the event? The Henry Mendel necklace draped down the back of Thandie Newton’s gown at the Golden Globe Awards? Natalie Portman’s 1910 vintage earrings or Michelle William’s velvet choker?

Fashionistas know that it’s sometimes the small things that make the biggest statements. If you want to say so much by adding so little, here are some fashion accents you won’t want your wardrobe to be without.


Snazzy Loafers
If you’re looking to jazz up an outfit without compromising comfort, try adding some snazzy loafers. Think silver and gold metallics or flashy bold colors. If heels are more your speed, go for a pair with a little elevation. Isaac Mizrahi’s New York Kimmie loafers lend the perfect amount of height to complete a well tailored look.

Big Blowsy Scarf
If you want to make a statement, a big flowing scarf can be just the thing. Try something with a mixed pattern. The Loft Brocade Print Scarf features a combination of solids stripes and graphics in warm bold colors that will make any outfit memorable.

Woman carrying clutch

The Clutch
While shoulder bags and cross bodies can be fun and easy, when it comes to fashion, you can’t beat the clutch. The bold and most classic of all purses and handbags, the clutch completes an outfit without interfering with sleek lines and tailored cuts. When it comes to clutches, its all about color and detail. Olivia and Joy’s green Gallery Clutch brings on the edge with gold studding and elegant closure.

The Silk Scarf
One of the most versatile pieces, the silk scarf offers a host of fashion possibilites. Tie it in a bow around the collar of a button front for some mod appeal, tie it to your purse, or wear it as a turban to channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor.

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless Gloves
They sure worked for Madonna in the eighties! Fingerless gloves add just the right amount of bad girl to any outfit, plus you can still text! Leather, lace, or wool, wrist length or sleeve, fingerless gloves can capture any style from punk to sporty to glam.

Drop Earrings
A glimpse of a strategically placed shining stone can never go wrong, especially if its near your face. Baroque earrings, costume or real, will make any woman sparkle. Pick up some beautiful Bon Voyage stunners in vintage blue and green to make your eyes pop.

What accents do you think no wardrobe should be without? Let us know how you make your fashion statements!


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Accessories That Work For Winter Nights

Fashionistas paging through their favorite issues of Vogue and Elle may have noticed the emergence of a new fashion phenomena; ‘the drape coat’. It seems to be more and more apparent in the fashion world that there is a distinct reluctance to put one’s arms through the sleeves of one’s jacket. Otherwise know as “shoulder robing” or “coat slinging” the new fashion may limit mobility, but it surely gives the jacket wearer a little more of an opportunity to model what’s underneath while also lending a sort of “I couldn’t be bothered” quality to the look. (See Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid for examples.)

Whether or not you have declared yourself an official coat slinger, the dilemma of how to remain stylish while keeping comfortable on those mild winter nights is real. How can you keep warm and still remain on the cusp of fashion? Here are a few ideas.

The Beanie
From the skateboarder to hipster to the runway, the beanie is a great mild winter fashion accessory. Pair it boots, shorts, and a light leather jacket for something a little off the beat and path . Remember to push it back on your head slightly for optimum coolness.

Over the Knee Socks
How is this for staying warm while looking hot? You can do this naughty schoolgirl look with pumps, knee high boots, or even workbooks for some urban chic.

woman with brightly colored jacket
Brightly Colored Coat
You can never go wrong with a well-cut black coat, but sometimes, it is nice to take the route less traveled. According to designer Victoria Tornegran, pink is currently trending, but violet is also a popular option.

If you’ve had enough of the “Miami Vice” look, and its still warm enough for some bare leg, why not try some ankle socks? Perfect for some added preppy warmth under your favorite pair of saddle shoes.

The Lace Slip
There’s nothing like a slip of black lace emerging from under a chunky turtleneck or jersey to bring the mind right back to the bedroom. If you’re channeling a little sex kitten on date night, work some lace trim into your look.

Over the Knee Boots
Want to wear that mini in the winter? Irina Lakicevic of a Portable Package offers her sexy take on the look with black skin tight over the knee boots. Lace- ups and suedes in neutrals and jewel tones also make a great balance for a little sweater dress.

Woman winter scarf
The Statement Scarf
From rock star chic to cowl neck, you can never go wrong with a signature scarf in the cooler weather. Extra points for prints patterns and textures.

If you’re looking to bring some preppy chic this summers , See Jane suggests the fail safe combo of sweater over a button-down shirt topped with a light jacket. If your tastes range to a bit tougher stuff, swap out the sweater for a moto jacket

Note that the draped coat can be incorporated into any of the above. So let us know how you stay looking good on those mild winter nights and feel free to weigh in on the coat slinging!

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Pink & Blush Colored Accessories

‘Tis the season for pastel everything including sporting blush pink accessories. It’s a fabulous color that can pair well with a whole slew of other shades which means that whatever accessories you buy can be repeatedly used with a variety of outfits all throughout the season (and after!). With that said, let’s get started on discussing some blush pink accessories that you need in your closet.

Pink purse

It’s amazing how one purse can completely transform an entire outfit. If possible, choose one blush pink purse that can go with practically any outfit you have rather than one that would only pair well with just one or two outfits in your closet. It can be your go-to bag of the season which is especially helpful when you’re in a rush and need to quickly get out the door. A personal favorite outfit? Blue jeans, white t-shirt, and the pink blush-colored purse.

Your grandmother was right when she said that you need a set of pearls in your life. What better time than spring to pick up a blush pink strand for yourself? You’ll love how much elegance they bring to an outfit whether you pair it with a little black dress or a white tank top and jeans. They can even be worn for a very formal event such as a wedding (it is almost wedding season, after all). The great part is that they’re a piece of jewelry that’s classic, so they’re never going to go out of style.

Pink scarf

A light scarf in a blush pink hue is a lovely way to dress up a casual outfit, and it’s an even better way to keep your neck warm a bit if you’re in a building where the air conditioning is on full blast. When you want to take it off, they’re also thin enough that you can roll them (so they don’t wrinkle) and put them right in your bag.

Whether you’re wearing blush pink heels, sneakers, or flats, they’re a way to pretty up any ensemble. For example, you can wear a black jumpsuit with heels, jeans and a striped top with flats, black leggings and a tank that you pair with street sneakers, or a floral print dress with heels.

Now obviously revamping your wardrobe with accessories can be expensive, but there is one major way that you can save quite a bit of cash: buying pre-owned. You may want to refrain from doing that with the pearls, however, unless you’re getting a certificate of authenticity or you don’t mind not buying the real deal. Whether you buy via eBay or you hit up one of the many garage sales that are going to start happening soon, it can help you save a huge amount of money. Another option is to hold an accessories swap with your friends. Everyone brings items they don’t want and you basically trade back and forth. Who says you’re going to have to spend a lot to get a lot?

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Showing Off Your Cleavage

Some women have no qualms about wearing impossibly low-cut tops and baring it all for everyone to see, but many are more reserved when it comes to cleavage. Showing off cleavage can make you feel incredibly feminine and sexy, but if you expose too much, you may also feel a bit uncomfortable. Below, find out some tricks to tastefully showing off your cleavage.

Lace dress

Try Lace
For those who want to be very modest, a lace top can be the perfect fit. Looking for a lace-yoked shirt or a top with a sheer panel is one of the most conservative ways you can show off your cleavage. Wearing clothing such as this is less about blatantly baring your breasts and more about hinting at the cleavage underneath these thin fabrics.

Use Some Accessories
Adding a few accessories to your upper half can be a great way to call attention to your cleavage without having to show too much off. You can wear any type of jewelry that you like from dainty and delicate to chunky statement pieces. Experts recommend that if you want to show off your cleavage, try a necklace that reaches the very top of your cleavage (or as close as you can get) and to find a necklace that sparkles. Anytime your necklace catches the light, your cleavage will get the attention you want.

Button up blouse

Wear a Button Up Blouse
Button ups are an easy and customizable way for your to show off your cleavage. These tops can take you easily from the office to the evening by adjusting a few buttons here and there. Pair your button up with a lacy silk camisole for added femininity or just choose a bra with great support to help you display your cleavage in a tasteful manner.

Balance Your Skin With Fabric
If you are wearing a shirt that is low-cut, it’s important to balance out the amount of skin you show with fabric. For instance, if you are wearing a top that has a very low scoop or square neckline, be sure to pair with more fabric elsewhere. You want to draw attention to your cleavage, while keeping the rest of your look subtle and covered. Low-cut tops with sleeves are perfect for achieving this look, but you can also pair a short-sleeved top with more conservative bottoms like a midi or maxi skirt.

Plunging neckline

Try a Plunging Neckline
This is for the most daring and adventurous ladies that want to show off their cleavage. Plunging necklines are a staple on the red carpet, but you can definitely work the look yourself by following a few rules. First, this look is very dramatic, so pick the right occasion to rock a plunging neckline. New Year’s Eve parties or a glam girls’ night out are perfect occasions for this dress. Work? Not so much. Also, be sure to remember the earlier rule about balancing out your neckline with fabric. Some celebrities wear dresses with plunging necklines that are floor-length and have long sleeves.

No matter what size you are working with, there are ways for your to tastefully show off your cleavage. Remember that when showing off your cleavage, you want to focus on that area of your body only, so keep the rest of your clothing simple and modest for the most modern look.

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6 Must-Have Spring Accessories

Your clothes aren’t the only items in your wardrobe that change when winter turns to spring. Updating your accessories is a fun way to play and experiment with your look. The must-have accessories for spring range from demure and feminine to bold, chunky and in-your-face designs. Check out six of the most prominently featured accessories on the runways for inspiration when creating your spring looks.

Bold earrings

Big Statement Earrings
Statement earrings have been popular for some time, but this spring, they get a major makeover. The designers that sent statement earrings down the runway did so in a huge way with the earrings resting just above or dusting the shoulders. Shows that featured these long adornments include Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana.

Graphic bag

andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

Bold Graphic Bags
One of the most eye-grabbing spring trends is the bold, graphic bag. Designers used textures, prints, colors and hardware that really make your bag a statement piece of its own. Fringe, chunky chains, vivid colors and interesting patterns are just some of the ways that designers decided to liven up their bags. Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney all included colorful and interesting handbags in their spring collections.

Woman wearing gladiator sandals

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Chunky Sandals
Sandals, as always, made quite the appearance on spring runways, but this year they are definitely not for those who shy away from making statements. The hottest sandals for this spring mix chain, platforms, athleisure to result in the seriously chunky sandal. The majority of the sandals showed featured either black or white, but they are definitely bold enough without the use of color. Salvatore Ferragamo featured lace-up sandal that had soles similar to your favorite workout shoes, while Chanel featured brightly lit black and white tweed sandals with a bit of a platform.

Woman wearing embellished shoes

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Luxuriously Embellished Shoes
On the opposite side of footwear, luxuriously feminine shoes are a must-have accessory for spring. Crystals, beading, gems and lace are just some of the embellishments designers used to create shoes that are fit for a fairytale. Emilio Pucci showed a sandal with a stacked heel adorned with large pearls and Lanvin debuted a heeled shoe that hits somewhere between pump and ankle bootie that was decked out in bright blue sequins.

Choker necklace

Choker Necklaces
While the earrings featured on the runways were big and dangling, necklaces this season are definitely not. Spring 2016 is all about wearing chokers, and the designs ranged widely from large and structured chokers to small, delicate chokers. Louis Vuitton featured a more delicate, yet modern-looking choker, Versace dressed models in moderately thick chokers with vibrant colors and Nina Ricci’s chokers were the epitome of feminine.

Woman holding a white bag

Emmanuele Contini / Shutterstock.com

White Bags
Going in the opposite direction of spring’s big, bold handbags, another super hot spring bag is the white handbag. Whether it’s structured or slouchy, optic white bags were one of spring’s most coveted accessories. Louis Vuitton had an effortlessly cool white bag with the perfect amount of slouch, Marc Jacobs showed a demure and structured white bag and Celine featured a highly structured and statement-making white handbag.

No matter what your personal style aesthetic is, there is a spring accessory perfect for you. The playfulness and whimsy of many of these accessories echo the light, refreshing feel that spring brings with it. Have fun playing with different spring accessories to complete your look.

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