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What To Wear For Easter

Where will this Easter find you? Will it be a parade with a stop at the cathedral for midday services? Or, maybe a sunrise service followed by champagne brunch aboard a cruise ship with the setting sun as a backdrop? Or maybe it’s a family day Eggstravaganza featuring face painting, egg hunts, and bouncy castles. Wherever Easter finds you, two things are for sure: there’s going to be elaborate headwear, and there will be incredibly well-dressed pets.

If you’re wondering where exactly you will fit in fashion wise this Easter, here are a number of  stylish ideas.

church suit

The Church Suit
If you want to look elegant and dazzling this Easter, the Church suit is ideal, and guaranteed, when you see how great you look in it, you’re going to want to wear this to hit quite a few destinations, besides church. Here are some great options for worship and beyond.

The Caped Crusader
You’ll feel an absolute princess in your turquoise blue silk church dress decorated with silver studs and rhinestone buttons with the attached cape. Be sure to crown with a matching embellished bonnet and some rhinestone drop earrings and shiny necklace.

The Color Block
Be the talk of the church in a color blocking knit two-piece with gold trim and rhinestone buttons. Keep your hat high and you earrings sparkling.

maxi skirt

The Maxi Dress
Of course, the maxi dress! What a perfect choice this Easter. You’ll look lovely in an earthy floral or an ethereal lavender with a colorful clutch and studded sandals.

The Trophy
You’ll be a vision in gold with a three-piece satin designer Sunday suit with lace detail on the skirt. Top off with gold turban or fascinator and prepare to steal the show.

The Lacy Dress
Easter and lace are always a no brainer. Try a little pastel dress with lacy cutouts, in a springy turquoise or traditional, summery white. Accessorize with pearls for a vintage look or leather bracelets for an earthy take.

blouse and skirt

Blouse and Skirt
You can go a number of ways with this combination. You can try a bright mint tee with a hot pink floral skirt, or maybe it’s a tulle skirt. Polka dot blouses cam be very Easter chic with brightly colored skirt in a primary color, like yellow, or red.

Easter can be the perfect opportunity to show off your spring slacks. Pastel skinny jeans with a patterned tee can make a great Easter look with a showy necklace, sandals and a clutch. The jumpsuit is also an option, or try some high-waisted loose legs with a fitted top.

What are you doing this Easter, and more importantly, what will you be wearing while you do it? Let us know and Happy Easter!

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Choosing Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

Let’s hear it for the bridesmaids. They’re your besties. They’ve been with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen your bad hair days and your bad hair years. They know how your first boyfriend looked and they knew you before the nose job. That’s why you need to treat them well. Make sure they have sexy dresses, throw the bouquet in their general direction, and get them some really nice gifts to show how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

Bridesmaid kissing bride

Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect gifts for bridesmaids.

Play on Their Tastes
Are your girls total fitness buffs? How about some workout gear or a session with a personal trainer (make sure he’s cute)? Send them to an introductory ballroom or hip-hop dance class to show off their strong calf muscles. If they cook, get them the latest cookbook or a first edition classic by Julia Child. Include a subscription to a cooking magazine, or, if  they’re into horticulture, offer them a blossoming flower plant or a couple of useful gardening tools.

Entertain Them
Show them a good time! You can buy them tickets to a musical, film, dinner theater, or movie venue for a little night on the town.

Girls' night out

If they’re more the stay-at-home type, give them a movie-themed gift basket or a set of movies themed around their favorite actors. If reading is their thing, consider a magazine subscription or an e-reader. Include a bottle of bubbly and they’ll be set for the evening.

Make Them Something
If you’re the artsy-craftsy type and have the time to invest, a homemade gift can be more precious than anything you can buy at a store. Make a necklace with their favorite gems, or knit a scarf in their favorite colors. Brighten their homes with a platter or vase, and accompany that with a scented candle. Let them explore their earthy side with all natural soaps or holistic beauty treatments or brighten their kitchen with some homemade jams and scones.

Pamper Them
Give your bridesmaids a taste of the good life. Dress them in silk pajamas or a Morrocan-inspired robe.

Spa friends

Give them the monogrammed set of bath towels they’ve always wanted for some upscale lavatory luxury. Treat them to designer wallets so they have somewhere to put their gift certificates for hair and makeover sessions at a salon. Offer them a luxury boudoir photo session.

Food and Drink
You can’t go wrong by giving your bridesmaids chocolate! Give them a decadent assortment or gift basket. Of course, they will need to complement that with some good wine or gourmet coffee. You can also leave the choosing to them by giving them gift certificates to a gourmet grocer. Help them set the table with some luxe table linens, napkin rings, and card holders and buy them some caviar to help break them in.

If you’re getting married, congratulations! Don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing to celebrate your bridesmaids!

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2017 Prom Styles Teens Will Love

Girl sitting on steps

Anyone who has ever been to prom night knows that it is not about what you do at the prom, it’s about what goes on after. In fact, from the way proms are portrayed in American culture, it might be disappointing if your prom night turned out anything less than a version of “American Graffiti,” complete with cruising, drinking, crashing, and fumbling around in the backseat. Of course, we all know that, however we end up spending this right of passage, it will end up memorialized in selfies and Instagrams, so what you wear will be just as important as what you do while you are wearing it. Here are some 2017 prom styles that will ensure your dress, as well as your night, will go down in history.

The High Halter Neck Line
If you want to steal the show at the prom this year, try a high halter neckline, low cut down the bustline to the navel. Not for the faint of heart, try a long Jovani fitted ensemble in a creamy white or midnight blue with strategically placed see-through lace and glittering beads.

Short and Flirty
Just because its formal doesn’t mean it can’t be short. Why not be bold in a short taffeta dress? Try a Sherri Hill with high halter neck and beaded bodice flaring into a pleated skater skirt.

Woman in short dress

If you want to be very on trend this year, go for a two-piece gown with midriff exposing top and fitted skirt. You can pull off a Primavera Couture dress with a bead embellished crop showcasing a high neckline and hip hugging jersey skirt with a matching belt or an A- line skirt for a classic silhouette.

Mermaid dress with tulle skirt
For something sexy and classy, don a dreamy Morilee strapless mermaid dress. Complete with a floral embroidered dotted bodice, this figure hugger flares daintily into a tulle skirt above the knee.

Long and slinky
You can never of wrong with something long, slinky, and shiny. A classic version by Sherri Hill features a v-neckline and thin straps with a long train to make a stunning entrance. The iridescent sequins in alternating linear patterns will guarantee a glittering evening.

Teen couple

Ball Gown
Of course, there is no girl who has not wanted to dress up like a princess at one point in her life, and why not use prom night to take advantage? Go ultra feminine in a jewel embellished bodice with a multi- tiered organza full-length skirt. Try a pretty pastel for a true Cinderella look.

A line
Channel your inner Scarlet O’Hara with a traditional Tiffany prom dress with a plunging v- neckline. Dainty straps complement a lavishly embroidered bodice and the satin A- line even features side pockets for quick cell phone access.

How was your prom night? Or, more importantly, what did you wear? Let us know1

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Tips For Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party

Ok, so Valentine’s Day is usually one on one – just you and your significant other, some food, romantic candlelight, you know the rest. But if you think about it, Valentine’s Day could do just as well with a big blow-out party! Okay, a smaller one, if that’s more your thing – the kind of party where you get to invite your friends. Who knows? Your single friends might even get a chance to mingle and meet their special person!

So why not do something a little more inclusive on Valentine’s Day? If you feel like playing host or hostess this February 14th, Vine Vera brings you a few fun ideas.

Guest List
For this party, try to keep it down to family and a few close friends and don’t leave your single friends out. Make it clear that they are welcome to bring dates, or use the opportunity to play matchmaker. However, you may want to give them a little heads up to make sure they’re comfortable with the arrangement to avoid a whole lot of awkward.

Valentine's day dinner party

You always want to keep it classy, but it is a day for love, so don’t be afraid to get a little sensual when it comes to theme. Light a few unscented candles; a few elegant floral arrangements might be just the thing to help set the mood. Set up some intimate sitting areas in the entertaining room and consider place settings and name cards in the dining room. Place sachets, or some miniature bottles of bubble bath on each place for some bonus attraction.

Here’s where the real fun comes in. Emphasize eating as an erotic experience. Include finger food to encourage couples to feed one another. Serve fondue: cheese for the appetizer, chocolate with fruit for dessert. Make some heart shaped cupcakes or brownies. Throw in legendary aphrodisiacs like oysters, caviar, figs, and truffle mushroom. Don’t forget the cocktails. Mix up some Sex on the Beach and serve champagne and wine with dinner and dessert.


Keep your entertainment as sexy as your party. You can create a makeshift dance floor in space allows and crank the music after dessert. Have a couple’s dance contest or play a TV game like Newlywed Game, DVD edition. Try some “Truth or Dare.” or couples karaoke, with a sexy prize for the winning couple. And remember, if you can’t bear the thought of sharing your most intimate day with anyone other than your number one, you can always host your party a few days before or after.

Sounds like fun, huh? If you decide to have a party this Valentine’s Day, let us know how it went!

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Planning An Outdoor Wedding

So, you came downstairs on Christmas morning and there he was holding the box with the cutest little smile on his face. You rip off the wrapping and open the little velvet case and there it is! 2 karat emerald cut. You’re ecstatic. After you post pics on every form of social media you can think of, you realize that this means you have a wedding to start planning for. And not just a wedding, this wedding is going to make William and Kate’s look like Vegas. You know you want the traditional outdoor setting, sometime in May or June…..

Beach wedding
The Beach. Beaches are beautiful and symbolic places for a wedding. If you want to have it on a public beach, be sure to look into the required paperwork for a beach wedding ceremony. There is also the option of choosing a restaurant near the beach that will accommodate your guests. A Backyard. If you know someone with a big backyard and you’re prepared to procure a large tent for the occasion, this can be a lovely option.

Winery or Vineyard. Marriage receptions at wineries can be extremely romantic. Wineries usually have a canopy tent, gazebo or an indoor dining room in the case of inclement weather.

The Decor
Of course, one of the great advantages of an outdoor wedding is natural landscape. Visit the site a week before to make sure it is in good order. Some decorating ideas to help you capitalize on the outdoor theme include string lights, white paper lanterns hung from the ceiling of a tent, floating candles in a clear vase or pond or a chandelier hung from a tree. Consider using a trellis as a focal point covered with flowers and foliage.

Blankets for wedding guests
Keeping Guest Comfortable
Water. While spirits are usually flowing at a wedding, don’t forget to keep guests hydrated. A bowl of punch is a classic outdoor entertainment feature or you can greet your guests with a drink dispenser full of iced tea or lemonade when they arrive. Water bottles personalized with the names of the bride and groom are also likely to be a big hit. Cooldowns. Another great idea is to offer guests parasols and fans. They are useful, decorative and can add a thematic element to the festivities.

Sunscreen. Your guests might also appreciate it if you make sunscreen available. Let them know you are concerned about their skin health and comfort by providing bottles of sunscreen at the tables or throwing a few in a basket for your guests to have at their disposal. Warmups. If the night turns chilly, have some blankets on hand to add a little coziness to the atmosphere.

The Cake
You definitely don’t want anything to happen to the cake. Keep the outdoor temperature and placement of the cake in mind, or you may find that your butter cream icing puddling at the tiers of your newly exposed cake. If you intend to display your cake in the sun, fondant will hold up longer than butter cream and the shelter of a shady tree is sure to come in handy.

Woman in wedding dress
The Dress

You may want to go light on your wedding gown, but if a multi-layer crinoline is all that will do, at least make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable.

Other Things to Consider

  • Weather. Remember the hottest part of the day is between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. Try to schedule your ceremony for some time after that time frame.
  • Insects. Make sure to protect food stations with proper cover. You may want to place some citronella candles throughout the area.
  • Rentals. If your space is not equipped with restrooms, you will probably want to rent portable bathrooms. Also consider renting heating lamps and tents for late night cooldowns.
  • Rain. Always have a backup plan or alternate location if Mother Nature is not acting in accordance to your wishes.

The most beautiful part of your wedding is you, so we want to make sure your day is perfect and has everything you could wish for. Let us know what you’re planning. We love to hear from you!

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Vine Vera Reviews the Resolutions You Should Never Make

2014-2015 change represents the new year 2014, three-dimensional renderingIt is said that anything that you do for 21 days at a stretch ends up becoming a habit. But, if you end up dropping the habit after a few months, it simply means that the habit wasn’t for you. Nutritionists always recommend their patients to take things one at a time and space them out gradually to ensure that they are a transition instead of a sudden commitment and to make sure that they actually stick. In this article, Vine Vera examines some of the resolutions that you shouldn’t be making for the New Year. Following these tips from Vine Vera can help you save yourself from that feeling of failure when you end up breaking resolutions that were impossible to keep in the first place.

Eliminating a food group from your diet

Unless you have a serious allergy to a particular food item or a food group, chances are that you’re trying to get rid of things like dairy products, red meat or gluten. While this might be an excellent thing to do, you more often than not cannot sustain this habit. In fact, the moment you inhale the smell of something you’re trying to quit, all those resolutions go down the drain. You need to understand that dramatic measures most often end up in failure when it comes to your habits. The ideal thing to do is to reduce on things you want to quit slowly and substituting them with healthier options.

Finding true love

It is great to hope to find true love, but irrespective of how you feel, there is no way of ensuring that you will find true love in a given year. So, instead of making a resolution of finding love, you might be better off making a resolution to meet more people, breaking existing patterns and going out with people you have never gone out with.

Quit Smoking

This might be the best New Year’s resolution to have, but you really cannot assign a particular date after which you can simply drop off the habit. In order to stop smoking, you really need to be convinced that you just have to stop and that can happen at any time. Just doing so because you need to make a resolution, won’t make it last. Remember, you need to find a bigger reason to stop smoking. Once you do, it should be easy enough to quit. 

Becoming spiritual

You cannot become spiritual overnight. Spirituality needs to make sense with who you are as a person. If you really feel like becoming spiritual, that’s great. But, you need to understand that you cannot force yourself into something like this. An ideal way would be to get to know religion and learn more about yourself. This might end up taking more than a year, so don’t rush into it. 

Breaking up with a partner

Why do you feel the need to end a relationship on January 1? When you’re in a relationship, there is always a reason to go on and try to work things out. Moreover, if you have been involved with the person for quite some time, you or your partner might even have made some plans. They say that you don’t hurt someone by breaking up on Christmas. Well, you don’t do that on New Year’s either. So, don’t wait until the New Year’s to make a resolution to break up. If you must break up, do it today!

Setting a goal in terms of your weight

While it might great to think about going back to the weight that you enjoyed during your teens, it also seems to be very unrealistic. Keeping such resolutions might just end up in frustration. Remember; don’t compare yourself to that celebrity in her twenties or the 18-year-old-you. Think about what seems real and set realistic targets.

Joining a Gym

Joining a gym might be a great thing to do, but just because you paid money for the membership doesn’t mean that you will automatically start exercising. And even if you do, you might end up dropping it within a couple of months. The ideal way to go about things is to find classes where you can pay for each visit. This helps you to grow into the role and ensure that you only take a membership once you’re ready to commit.

Starting off afresh with a friend

If things have been falling apart with a friend for quite some time, chances are that it won’t change after the New Year’s either. It makes sense to be realistic and refrain from making such resolutions. If things work out, great! But if they don’t, you should simply move on and cherish the moments you spent together.

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Celebrate National Cat Day

Man holding cat

National Cat Day is here, and Vine Vera believes it deserves to be celebrated by all those who love and admire their special feline friends. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to show your whiskered friend just how much you love them, as well as a history of how National Cat Day came about.


National Cat Day: A History

Founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige, celebrity pet expert and author, October 29th was dubbed National Cat Day. This holiday was created to inspire others to recognize the fact that far too many cats need adoption. Since its inception, National Cat Day has gained aThere are lots of ways to celebrate National Cat Day with your feline friend. Here are some of our favorite ideas here at Vine Vera Skincare:

  1. Celebrate by throwing a party for you and your cat. Buy some of your cat’s favorite treats, or favorite gourmet cat food. Order some takeout from your favorite Sushi restaurant for yourself, and eat together at the table. This is an adorable way to spend some quality time with your special friend.
  1. Buy your kitty cat a gift from the heart. Perhaps a new mouse toy, or one with bells and dangly strings. Whatever you choose, your cat will love it – not only because they are getting a new toy, but because it’s from their favorite human.
  1. Have a special spa day for you and your fluff ball. There are many pet friendly spas that not only offer the royal treatment for you, but for pets as well. Being pampered never felt so purrrfect!
  1. Take a mini vacation with your cat. Research pet friendly hotels in the area in which you live, and spend a day away with your cat, where you can play, cuddle, and nap together. Cat’s love nothing more than curling up on your lap, or snuggling with you in bed where they can drift away with their best friend to dreamland.
  1. Create a special slideshow of all your favorite pictures of you and your cat from the time they came into your life up until now. Add some of your favorite music, and you have yourself a special tribute to your special pet. To make it even more fun: watch the video with your cat, and get the family involved in this sweet tribute project. It’s a heartwarming, fun experience everyone in your home will enjoy.


Show Your Cat How Much they mean to You

 No matter what you choose to do for your furry friend, or how you choose to spend the day, National Cat Day is all about showing love to your loyal cat, and show them how much they mean to you. Even if you’re pressed for time, any action, big or small, is meaningful and will be a memory made.

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