Creating A Timeless Summer Wardrobe

Sometimes it seems as if the phrase “summer fashion” is a contradiction in terms. After all, it seems that to most of us, summer is more about what you’re not wearing than what you are wearing or paying the largest amount of money for the smallest amount of material. However, a good fashionista knows that style knows no seasons and no amount of heat is a good excuse for looking shabby. So, with that in mind, here is a look at making the most out of the least.

Woman in yellow dress

The Canary Yellow Dress
Sure, we’ve all heard of the LBD, but what about the LYD. Sundresses are an absolute summer staple, and yellow is bound to look fabulous in any cut. So inch up those hems and buckle up those sandals and go yellow!

The Shorts Suit
The shorts suit is a summer favorite. The sleek coordination says “fashion” while the shorts say summer “fun.” Try it on for a study in contrasts and a break from the traditional evening or sundress.

Woman in crop top

Crop Tops
Firm abs are all the rage these days, and if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em. Remember, though, balance is the key here. Keep it classy by saving the bareness for above the belly button and go for a little more material below the waistline.

The Head Scarf
Go for some instant boho with the head scarf. You can wear this in a multitude of ways: leave hair down and wrap all the way around, rock star style, or use it to hold back hair for a more classic look. It will jazz up any outfit, no matter how small.

Woman with shades and red lips

Bright Shades, Bright Lips
We all know the importance of UV protection on sunny days, we can’t help it if looking great comes with the territory! Spice up your shady lady look with some bright lips for a little summer fun.

Embroidery and appliqué have made their mark on winter fashion, and it looks like their going to be just as popular this summer. Try some floral patches on your denim cutoffs for some casual rock fest hippie style.

Woman in lace top

Lace is a great way for making a fashion statement while wearing the least amount of clothing. Layer it over a slip or under a button-down shirt, or pair a lace skirt with a graphic tee for an out of the box look.

Mixed Prints
Have some fun experimenting with light checks and pastels, or stripes with florals. Think of one print as a solid, and take it from there. The possibilities are endless,

How are you dressing (or undressing) this summer? Let us know how you’re looking hot and keeping cool!


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