Step Up Your Footwear For Summer

Woman without shoes

Why does it seem like the most functional parts of our wardrobes are often the least practical? While scientists contrive to make organic fabrics and safe skin products, shoe designers seem determined to make footwear designed to cause twisted ankles, bunions, blisters and ingrown toenails. If history is anything to go by, it would seem that most women like their food products safe, but their heels dangerous and summer 2017 is no exception. Here are some of the latest trends in keeping it real and high at the heel for this coming season.


When it comes to looking sexy and keeping funky, nothing does it quite like some outrageous platforms. This year’s Salavatore Ferragmo’s open toed boots in monochromatic hues brightened the 2017 runways, while Erdem showed off a snakeskin combo with lacing at the ankles. Hats off to Miu Miu and Proenza Scouler of their artful takes on the vintage shoe style.

They may be flatter than their platformed cousins, but make no mistake about the heel height. Flatforms simply refer to the soles. A sort of a one piece version of the classic platform, in which the heel and toe are both elevated, the flatform is all the rage this summer. Gucci brought a taste of the east with Oriental detail while Balmain couldn’t resist keeping things glittery with his multi-toned contributions.

Kitten Heels
The name alone is enticing enough. As their handle suggests, kitten heels are the tamer gentler version of their bigger sisters and are always a lovely addition to a spring or summer wardrobe. Celine’s used her kitten heels to support her strappy yellow sandals and the Dior logo got its fair share of play on these low heeled steppers.

Thin stilettos

Thin Stilettos
Keep off the escalator when wearing these. As long as there are fashionable women, there will be a place for thin stilettos. Altazurra brought his version of chic with open toe sandals and stockings while Gucci went sky high and thigh high in leg-hugging boots.

Sandals With Socks
While we’re busy pairing our summer shorts with sweaters, why not put wool socks on our tiny sandals? Sandals with socks were all over the runway, including Givenchy yellow lace up sandals with thick brown socks, creating a boot-like look with practically invisible stiletto sandals. Celine had a slightly different take with her funky slider and latex socks, giving new meaning to the term “sock boots”, and Off-White paired sequined socks with black leather tie-ups for some to die for disco glamour,

Branded Footwear
Talk about creative advertising! Dior’s kitten heels with J’ADIOR labels bandage taped on the back strap were reminders that the Dior name is still making a fashion statement while Yves Saint Laurent simply turned the heel of his pumps into a three-dimensional YSL logo.

Boots and socks

Socks and Boots
This is a great look with minis and shorts this summer. This year’s runway saw some interesting combinations of the two. Anna Sui displayed her Western boots with Nightmare Before Christmas socks while DKNY footwear showed off a lover like a shoe mixed with over the knee additions. Versace’s athletic stripes peered out from funky platforms and Saint Laurent paired his black booties with anklets.

What will be on your feet this summer? Let us know what your investing in when it comes to summer footwear. Keep it hot, keep it cool!


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