Tips For Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party

Ok, so Valentine’s Day is usually one on one – just you and your significant other, some food, romantic candlelight, you know the rest. But if you think about it, Valentine’s Day could do just as well with a big blow-out party! Okay, a smaller one, if that’s more your thing – the kind of party where you get to invite your friends. Who knows? Your single friends might even get a chance to mingle and meet their special person!

So why not do something a little more inclusive on Valentine’s Day? If you feel like playing host or hostess this February 14th, Vine Vera brings you a few fun ideas.

Guest List
For this party, try to keep it down to family and a few close friends and don’t leave your single friends out. Make it clear that they are welcome to bring dates, or use the opportunity to play matchmaker. However, you may want to give them a little heads up to make sure they’re comfortable with the arrangement to avoid a whole lot of awkward.

Valentine's day dinner party

You always want to keep it classy, but it is a day for love, so don’t be afraid to get a little sensual when it comes to theme. Light a few unscented candles; a few elegant floral arrangements might be just the thing to help set the mood. Set up some intimate sitting areas in the entertaining room and consider place settings and name cards in the dining room. Place sachets, or some miniature bottles of bubble bath on each place for some bonus attraction.

Here’s where the real fun comes in. Emphasize eating as an erotic experience. Include finger food to encourage couples to feed one another. Serve fondue: cheese for the appetizer, chocolate with fruit for dessert. Make some heart shaped cupcakes or brownies. Throw in legendary aphrodisiacs like oysters, caviar, figs, and truffle mushroom. Don’t forget the cocktails. Mix up some Sex on the Beach and serve champagne and wine with dinner and dessert.


Keep your entertainment as sexy as your party. You can create a makeshift dance floor in space allows and crank the music after dessert. Have a couple’s dance contest or play a TV game like Newlywed Game, DVD edition. Try some “Truth or Dare.” or couples karaoke, with a sexy prize for the winning couple. And remember, if you can’t bear the thought of sharing your most intimate day with anyone other than your number one, you can always host your party a few days before or after.

Sounds like fun, huh? If you decide to have a party this Valentine’s Day, let us know how it went!

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