Couple’s Pamper Day In

Couple at a spa

If you’ve about given up on getting your other half to telepathically receive the message that what you really want is a pamper day in this Valentine’s Day, why don’t your try suggesting it as a joint venture? A day of pampering is sure to be on your wish list, and there are plenty of options for including your favorite partner. A couple’s pamper day might be a great way to have fun while turning on the sparks.

Tub for Two
If you’re looking for sexy, cozy way to “relax muscle tension” fill up the tub. If you’re envisioning your partner and yourself surrounded by bubbles, a bubble bath formula may be in order, but if you’re looking for something more opaque, try a milky bath oil for increased lubrication. Recreate the “spa feeling” with spa-tinis for two: hot green tea spiked with sake.

Prep your towels by rolling them together to keep the heat from the dryer in and they’ll be all set for snuggling. End by slathering one another in a yummy moisturizer that you’ve heated in the microwave.

If you’re not really the bath type, you can get cozy in the shower stall. Set the stage by turning on the shower to get things steamy. Steam softens your skin, which makes the task of exfoliation easier. Then get ready for a dry scrub. Choose a self heating scrub and rub it on while you wait for the shower to heat. After you’re both soaped up, use a moisturizing cleanser to help each other soap away the exfoliants.

Woman getting a massage

Recreate the warmth of the heated massage table with an electric blanket and plush towel. You may want to experiment with candles that melt into massage oil. Light the candle, let it liquify, blow out the flame, oil up, and start rubbing. For a great rub, spend at least 15 minutes on the upper back because that is where you usually hold the most tension. Be sure to massage your partner’s upper shoulders and use your thumbs to knead out the tight spots. Then you can move to pressing down on the vertebrae and running your fingers under the shoulder blades.

Foot Massage
No matter what your take on feet is, there is no doubt about the fact that a foot massage is a great way to boost pleasure. There are specific points in your feet which are connected to the rest of your body. Wrap feet separately in damp hot towels. Unwrap the left foot after two minutes and work in some pre-heated glycolic acid moisturizer. Make sure to use circular motions, especially on the balls of the feet.

The rest is up to you. Let us know how it turned out.


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