Keeping Your Wardrobe In Great Condition

woman in a neatly arranged closet
It may not surprise you that a survey done at the University of Missouri revealed that millennials can’t do laundry or sew clothes as well as their parents and grandparents. According to the study, in generations from the Baby Boomers on, clothing care has been gradually on its way to becoming a lost art. It seems that technology progressed so far that millennials recognize the clothes iron more as a tool to heat up cold pizza rather than get wrinkles out of clothes, or perhaps they are just hoping to authenticate the “distressed” look. The truth is that millennials find it easier to throw out and replace clothing than care for and repair them, and this has resulted a huge increase in textile waste. Here’s how you can keep your wardrobe in great condition.

Pay Attention to Laundering
You know that tag on the neck of your shirt? That’s where you find your clothes laundering instructions. If you hate to hand wash and line dry, don’t buy clothes requiring special care. Make looking at care instructions a part of the shopping process. Remember, even a cheap piece of clothing can end up costing you more in the end if you end up ruining it.

Practice Good Hygiene
Of course, it may seem like a no brainer, but wearing deodorant, showering, and proper underwear can all help to keep clothes in better condition. Also, if you’re going somewhere where you know things are going to get messy, don’t wear an expensive lace dress, and don’t wear white pants if you know you are going to be sitting outside.

woman sewing
Learn How to do Basic Repairs
Even if you’re really careful with your clothes, buttons can pop off and shirt sleeves can fray. You can buy a basic sewing kit for just a few dollars and there are plenty of online videos that can teach you about everything from hemming to zipper repair.

Dress After Doing Your Hair and Makeup
Women’s clothing is often more prone to damage than men’s because of the likelihood of cosmetics to fade and stain garments. Do hair and makeup before dressing and then wear a robe to apply things like bronzer and loose shadow. Hairspray can also fade clothes, so try wrapping a towel around your shoulders before that final spritz.

Develop Good Storage Habits
Of course bleary eyed late night partying is not exactly conducive to good clothing maintenance, but leaving clothes misshapen can lead to damage in a few months. For best results, fold sweaters on a shelf, zip zippers and button buttons before putting clothes away and invest in good hangers. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders on your clothes. Hangars with plush or wooden arms help clothes keep their shape. Also, try not to store clothes too close together, as that can cause wrinkling and fading of fabrics. If you are short on room, you may want to look into storage solutions.

If you’re a millennial and are working on a way to save the environment, you may want to focus on conserving your clothing first. Let us know what you think! Will you be making some changes?

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