Are You Ready For WorkLeisure?

woman looking at wardrobe
The movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is a veritable cornucopia of high- end fashion in the workplace. From the moment Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) steps out of her car, the viewer can see her foot ensconced in the later Prada red suede pumps, and it doesn’t end there. The camera works its way up to reveal a deep, purple Temperley cashmere and statement jewelry. Assistant Emily Blunt is not to be outdone in a Helmut Lang Tux jacket. If you’re working in the offices of a high end fashion designer with an Anna Winteresque boss, you may not have much opportunity to wear relaxing clothing, but the rest of us may be able to cut corners. With the rise of athleisure, there is a temptation to wear yoga pants to work, but, it should be clear that you know the difference between the workplace and the gym. Welcome to work leisure.

What is WorkLeisure?
In a nutshell, work leisure refers to athleisure that is business casual and can be worn all day, so you don’t really have to change in between coming home from work and vegging out in front of the t.v. WorkLeisure uses sweat-wicking, comfortable material and works them into business appropriate pieces that can also work for weekend activities. Companies jumping on the work leisure bandwagon include Lululemon, UnderArmour (UAS line), Bandier, Carbon38 and Kit and Ace.

What does WorkLeisure Look Like?
If you’re ready to cash in your formal business wear at a consignment shop and replace them with workleisure pieces, here’s an idea of what your new wardrobe may contain:

  1. UAS Women’s Varsity Blazer: This black “scuba woven jacket” is form fitting with accented pockets, a closed breast and high color. It is part of the new Underarmour work leisure line, UAS, and looks fabulous over leggings or tight skirts.
  2. Kit and Ace Laidback Brushed Dress: Advertised with the slogan, “Dressed in Ten Minutes of Less,” this piece is the definition of a no brainer. The doublestack turtleneck dress is made from modal, viscose and cashmere, and features a loose “boyfriend” fit.
  3. Olympia Siren Neo Pencil Skirt: If you’re looking for a sleek silhouette that’s easy to pair, this Olympia pencil skirt is a great piece for your wardrobe. No slouch on quality either, the skirt features detailing like a support band and moisture wicking fabric, guaranteed to look fabulous from all angles.
  4. A Day Made It T-shirt: This light and breathable shirt is a new take on the old silk tee. It drapes well and can make a great topper for anything from shorts to tailored pants. With its laser cut hem, this shirt is quick drying, wrinkle free, moisture wicked, and even UV resistant. How’s that for all in one?
  5. Tory Sport Merino Casual Graphic Sweater: From the Tory Sport Line by Tory Burch, this sweater’s boxy graphics are made with a blend of merino wool and COOLMAX yarn, designed to regulate your body temperature while keeping moisture away from the skin. Its unique triangular pattern is created with the use of a special punch needle to give dimension and texture to your everyday work apparel.

If the work leisure lines inspire you, let us know how you got creative with it. What do you think of the work leisure line? Passing trend or the look of tomorrow’s workplace? Let us know!


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