Dress Up Those Leggings

woman with leggings
Even if you’re not a dedicated YouTube follower, you may have heard mention of the, “Leggin’s Aint Pants video. In the clip, Jamie Higdon- Randloph unabashedly gives her take on the fashion accessories which have come to play a huge part in most of our wardrobes. While she starts by singing the praises of leggings’ versatility and comfort, Higdon- Randolph’s comments take a sharp turn. “Some of you people,” says the Tennessee native, “like to use leggings as britches – as pants pants. That aint how they’re supposed to be worn. If you can’t wear a shirt that covers your tail, so I can’t tell that you got some Aztec-print thongs on, you don’t need to be wearin’ em.” Needless to say, the video went viral, sparking opinions on both sides of the argument. If you are still conflicted about how leggings are “supposed to be worn” or if you are just looking for some new ideas about how to wear them, read on.

Leggings in Young Hollywood
If images of young up -and -comers are your source of fashion inspiration, you will find no shortage of legging wearing among the young and fabulous… To be sure, it seems like the legging fashion go to for the Hollywood headline makers is the traditional black legging with crop tops and bomber jackets.

  • Atheisure: Gigi Hadid was spotted sporting her Lululemon leggings with a VFiles bomber, Vans sneakers and a Koral pullover, while sister Bella wore her Moto leggings with a Fear of God ruched- sleeve bomber, Nike sneakers, and a Givenchy tote. Hailey Baldwin went for a similarly athleisuresque look wearing her Lululemons with Saint Laurent two tone bomber and Acne Triple Sneakers.
  • Dressy: Kendall Jenner did a slightly less casual legging look by topping her leggings with a sweater and knee length vest accompanied by sleek Black Sandro ankle boot and a Givenchy holdall bag. Selena Gomez also chose to keep things a bit more formal with an Alice and Olivia button down with piping, Barrie Glamour Poncho and Shania pumps.

Other Ideas

  • Weekend cozy: Try some suede legging with a cowl neck sweater and a long cardigan cinched with a wide belt. Bring the look together with some tall Antonio Melani leather boots.
  • Season Bridging: Season bridging is the new way of getting the most wear out of your clothes while expanding your wardrobe. Wear a short summer dress over fall gray leggings with tall boots and a lacy scarf to dabble with this trend.
  • Casual: Layer some American Apparel leggings under a stand-out dress with a scarf and statement necklace. Top with a long cardigan and complete with flats to keep comfy.
  • Elegant: Accessories can take an outfit from day to night. Pin a floral brooch on a simple black vest and cinch with a sparkle belt of instant glamor. Finish with a low heeled flat boot and you’re ready for the clubs.
  • Easy: You can look effortlessly great with jean inspired leggings. Pair with a fun beaded or sequined top, add some brightly colored flats, top with a cotton jacket and throw on a printed scarf for something comfy and fashionable.

If you’re waiting for a decisive answer on the “leggings aint pants” debate, what can be stated without a doubt is that, while none of the A-listers seemed too concerned with “covering their tails,” neither were there any Aztec-print thongs on display and everyone looked great. Let us know how you like to wear your leggings. We love to hear from you!


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