The Perfect Gift For Your Favorite Guy

Woman giving a gift
Its your first Christmas with your new guy and you’re stressing over what to give him. You’re Venus, he’s Mars, how are you going to know what he’ll like? You think about what your mom used to get your dad and all you come up with is an image of a multi-purpose tool kit and a power drill with changeable attachments. What does that say? I love you, go fix the garage the door? How about a sweater? No, there has to be something better. But what?

Video Drone
You probably can’t go wrong getting your tech savvy guy one of these neat toys. They’ll let him shoot some great footage and even come with remote control. You can even get fancy models that let him choose from autopilot modes, from pre -mapped to lock on and follow. Starting at under $100 for more basic drones, he’s bound to love it!

Portable Draft Beer System
If your guy enjoys the occasional brew ski, this is a great gift for him. Its engineered with fluid and gas technology to enhance the taste of all beers including brown ales, porters, stouts, pilsners, and lagers so he can enjoy fresh from the tap taste from any can or bottle and it guarantees a perfect pour with a bar-like head,

Man with smart watch
Fitness Watch
Fun, fashionable, and says you care, a fitness watch is bound to be a real pleaser for a groovy guy. This gadget will monitor his workout, measure his heart rate, calories burned, speed, and steps taken and many feature a Bluetooth interface that will let him sync his results with a phone or tablet.

Game of Thrones The Complete Fifth Season
If you don’t mind spending the twelve days of Christmas curled up on the couch watching “Game of Thrones” with your guy, this could be the ways to go! Also includes background information about locations, characters, and relevant history and features, plus a surprise narration by cast members from past seasons.

Blue Ray Disc Player
Your man can enjoy high def media streaming with a blue-ray disk player. Many allow you to use a mobile device for remote control and come with a side bar app for program info. Just connect to your internet to listen to music or stream movies. Many brands are available from $50-$100.

Beats By Dr. Dre
You can help him take his workout to the next level with these wireless earphones with secure fitting ear hooks for maximum stability and comfort. They ‘re sweat resistant for the tough training and they allow him to take calls, control his music, and activate Siri.

So what do you think? Will you be buying your guy something from this list? Let us know if he liked it. Or let us know what you got your favorite guy this year! We want to hear it all!!


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