Accessories That Work For Winter Nights

Fashionistas paging through their favorite issues of Vogue and Elle may have noticed the emergence of a new fashion phenomena; ‘the drape coat’. It seems to be more and more apparent in the fashion world that there is a distinct reluctance to put one’s arms through the sleeves of one’s jacket. Otherwise know as “shoulder robing” or “coat slinging” the new fashion may limit mobility, but it surely gives the jacket wearer a little more of an opportunity to model what’s underneath while also lending a sort of “I couldn’t be bothered” quality to the look. (See Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid for examples.)

Whether or not you have declared yourself an official coat slinger, the dilemma of how to remain stylish while keeping comfortable on those mild winter nights is real. How can you keep warm and still remain on the cusp of fashion? Here are a few ideas.

The Beanie
From the skateboarder to hipster to the runway, the beanie is a great mild winter fashion accessory. Pair it boots, shorts, and a light leather jacket for something a little off the beat and path . Remember to push it back on your head slightly for optimum coolness.

Over the Knee Socks
How is this for staying warm while looking hot? You can do this naughty schoolgirl look with pumps, knee high boots, or even workbooks for some urban chic.

woman with brightly colored jacket
Brightly Colored Coat
You can never go wrong with a well-cut black coat, but sometimes, it is nice to take the route less traveled. According to designer Victoria Tornegran, pink is currently trending, but violet is also a popular option.

If you’ve had enough of the “Miami Vice” look, and its still warm enough for some bare leg, why not try some ankle socks? Perfect for some added preppy warmth under your favorite pair of saddle shoes.

The Lace Slip
There’s nothing like a slip of black lace emerging from under a chunky turtleneck or jersey to bring the mind right back to the bedroom. If you’re channeling a little sex kitten on date night, work some lace trim into your look.

Over the Knee Boots
Want to wear that mini in the winter? Irina Lakicevic of a Portable Package offers her sexy take on the look with black skin tight over the knee boots. Lace- ups and suedes in neutrals and jewel tones also make a great balance for a little sweater dress.

Woman winter scarf
The Statement Scarf
From rock star chic to cowl neck, you can never go wrong with a signature scarf in the cooler weather. Extra points for prints patterns and textures.

If you’re looking to bring some preppy chic this summers , See Jane suggests the fail safe combo of sweater over a button-down shirt topped with a light jacket. If your tastes range to a bit tougher stuff, swap out the sweater for a moto jacket

Note that the draped coat can be incorporated into any of the above. So let us know how you stay looking good on those mild winter nights and feel free to weigh in on the coat slinging!


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