Skiing In Style

Couple skiing

If you have seen the classic holiday film, “A Christmas Story,” you may be familiar with the “I Can’t Put My Arms Down” scene. If cold weather fashion reminds you of Ralphie’s brother, you may not be too enthusiastic about hitting the slopes this year. But, take heart, fashion has managed to find its way to the ski slopes saving you from a similar fate. If you really want to look hot in the cold this year, the designers have your back!

If you love fine wool and raised embroidery, just check out the Alp-n-rock collection. The signature piece may well be her tight-fitting appliqued shirts featuring swirled words on the sleeve, one reading “Never for money,” the other; “Always for Love.” Want more? What about some quilted coats with faux fur cuffs and duck down insulation? Cuddle up and look beautiful.

As if elegant and beautifully crafted prints are enough to make you want to sport Newland from Italy on your next skiing adventure, wait ’til you hear about the material. Newland is a revolution is skiwear. Their high-tech fabrics use a propylene microfiber allowing for thermal insulation, thermoregulation, breathability and lightness, and is also bacterial- static and hypoallergenic. Not ones to sacrifice fashion for function, you can trust that they may just be the “Lululemon” of skiiwear; just check out their men’s and women’s hoodies leggings and backpacks!

If you’ve never seen Authier, you may never have seen ski luxury. Owner Lee Keating dresses her model daughter in some of the most well crafted and fun creations of the 2017 ski season in their new campaign and catalogue. Put the two-piece psychedelic print snowsuit on your Christmas list along with the blue knitted snowflake outfit complete with the low-waisted ski pants, guaranteed for some on-the-slope sexy. Top with pompom hat and you’re set.

If you’re not a skier, you may want to be after you’ve seen the Rossignol Ski Fashion collection. Rossignal manages to bring urban chic to the slope featuring fur hooded bombers with racing stripes creating a perfect line down to the ankles of the matching form-fitting skipants. Beautiful knee-length fur vests bring a look of sixties psychedelia with leggings and high collared shirts and jackets.

Colmar of Italy
It’s all about brightly colored fur and ski jackets at Colmar of Italy this year. You won’t be overlooked on the slopes in his striking pieces with colors that fade from bright reds and yellow to subtle whites and grays or in his ultraviolet ski jacket trimmed with black fur.

If you’re planning to ski this year, you may have more fun in the dressing rooms than in the ski lodge! You’ll be the envy of the slopes in what these designers have on offer. Oh, and you’ll probably be able to out your arms down. Please let us know what you’re wearing on the slopes this year. We love to hear from you, as always!!


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