Fashion Week Does Street Style

Fashion Week 2016

Sam Aronov /

“The best fashion show is definitely on the streets. It always has been and it always will be.” Those are the words of the late Bill Cunningham, known street fashion photographer for The New York Times. Although some high-end designers claim that street style is just, “not their focus,” there is no denying the influence of street style on high fashion. The safety pins, studs, and motorcycle jackets of punk rockers now adorn Coach and Prada purses. Runway models sport mohawks, black eyeliner and ripped jeans, and shirts with band logos. Chanel has come up with its own take on tattoos. In fact, it would be hardly a stretch to say that fashion week would not be complete without documenting the latest looks cropping up in backyards across the country.

2016 -2017 Seoul street fashion was dominated by designer face masks, well dressed toddlers, neo -punks, and #Twinning. Photographer’s cameras focused on Pink Lady style varsity bomber jackets, patent leather corsets, full-length pinstriped blazers and shirts bearing the image of Chewbacca. Mismatched thigh high stockings were paired with sneakers and creepers and children were dressed as mini me-s of their high fashion mamas.

Women in street style

Jan Zahradka /

Paris did not disappoint in this year’s Fashion Week. Tilda Swinton brought star power to the scene with a buzz cut and Haiden Ackerman full-length jacket, and Rihanna represented in a precariously placed flowing white Christian Dior embellished with silver. Cropped Miu-miu jackets were all the rage in velvet, plaid, and profusion of fur trim. Women sported raccoon style masks of eyeshadow color coordinated to match their over-sized blazers and men sported floral print baby dolls and Anthony Vacarello vinyl minis.

New York fashion week

Sam Aronov /

New York
Gucci dominated New York fashion week this year with women taking bits of Alessandro Michele’s madcap collection, pairing the designer logo bags and horse-bit slides with button downs, blue jeans, vintage and athletic wear. Improbable mixes popped up midtown, uptown, and downtown. The Big Apple was a show of appliqués embellished Gucci cardigans over vintage dresses, Gucci tortoiseshell glasses, lace dresses worn over classic black work pants, and vintage silk bomber jackets with tropical print dresses.

Of course, London made a splash, looking stylish in everything from sweatshirts with ripped jeans to chartreuse vinyl platform knee highs peeking out from under plaid dress coats. The bomber jacket seems to be a staple this year, worn fearlessly open to reveal an iridescent leather majorette style mini. Slinky fushia lace -trimmed lingerie tops were worn street style with rolled up jeans and loose fitting jackets, and appliqué embroidered pea jackets revealed school girl collard shirts.

Fashion Week Russia

Dmitry Abaza /

Moscow represented in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with an emphasis on athletic wear with elegant wool button down full-length coats. Cold weather fashion trends included bald tattooed heads peeking out of camouflage jackets with magenta fur trimmed hoods and layered looks were created throwing cropped vintage leather jackets over knitted sweaters and full-length skirts over black vinyl boots.

If you’re taking fashion to the street this year-kudos to you for brightening our day! We would love to hear how you do it! Drop a line and let us know!


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