Choosing Your Autumn Make-up Palette

woman with fall makeup

Let’s face it, it’s time to break up with summer makeup. You’ve had some good times together, running along the beach, eating ice cream while the sunset, driving in the convertible, but it’s time to move on. You need makeup for your more serious side, makeup ready to commit. You need to move from careless pastels to deep jewel tones. From fleeting powder pinks to long term rich mocha browns. From pale, light, and shallow to dark, strong, and sexy. It’s been fun, but you’re done. Good-bye, summer makeup, hello autumn! If you’re focused on putting together a fierce makeup palette for autumn, here are some trends you may want to consider incorporating into your fall weather look.

Violet Eye Shadow
What girl doesn’t need a good purple in her make up collections? Says Renato Almeida, Shiseido makeup artist, ” The trick is to avoid going too light – find one that pops.” Just prep your lids with some concealer to give the shadow a base and brush a sweep of violet from your crease to your lash line. Define with gray eyeliner and serious mascara and -voila perfect fall beauty.

woman with natural makeup
Natural lips
While almost colorless lips were last years drama, this autumn, bring a hint of color. Petra Strand, creator of Pixi Beauty suggests, “A blend of pink and brown, so its subtle but not too flat.” Line your lips with some light pink pencil and then add color. Finish with some clear gloss at the bow of your mouth and the center of your bottom lip to create a fuller look.

Flushed Cheeks
What better to go with those natural lips than some flushed cheeks? Stila make up artist Sarah Lucero advises, “You want to match pink cheeks to your natural flush so you don’t look too doll-like.” A good way to get the hue for you is to pinch your cheek and find a blush that matches the color your skin turns.” How do you get the right look? Use one of your fingers to draw a line down from the center of the eye and another one to draw a line out from the tip of your nose. Apply blush in an X-shaped motion where your fingers meet.

woman with fall makeup
Autumnal Glow
Brett Freedman, founder of Vanitymark Cosmetic says that this year, “Instead of the usual fall-inspired powdery matte look, we’re seeing satin foundation finishes that are somewhat dewy. Just place dots of product on your chin, nose, and cheekbones and use a damp makeup sponge to blend. Add a high shine gloss not the lips and a little mascara and you’ve got your look.

Two-toned shadow
The mix is in! For this year try combining color on top with smoky black shadow on your lower lash line. Or try a sunset look by combining orange, hello and red shadow. What else is hot? Metallics with mattes, we all love the glitter, but it can be overwhelming. Tone it down by doing your upper lid matte and save the shimmer for your bottom lash line.

What does your fall palette look like? Do you go for the glow or the glam? Let us know. We love to dish.


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