Mastering the Bare Faced Make-up Look

Woman with bare-faced makeup look

Things have certainly changed a lot from the 1950’s. Post World War II had chicks with time on their hands and their hands on their makeup, fixed on getting Monroe’s lips and Taylor’s eyes. Nowadays, you can barely look at social media without seeing an au natural celebrity selfie. It seems that everyone from Gwyneth to Gaga to the sisters Hadid cannot strip their faces fast enough to boldly show us what no man has seen before, revealing what lurks under the concealer, foundation, lipstick and mascara that have colored the faces we have grown to know and love during the formative years of our lives. However, one thing hasn’t changed; girls still want to emulate the celebrities and, if they’re stripping down, we’re stripping down. Here are a few ways you can get that no make up look while still managing to conceal those little imperfections.

Prep Your Skin
Wash, tone. moisturize. Let fresh skin be your palette. And, keep in mind, less makeup should not mean less sunscreen. Keep the SPF to at least 30.

Apply a Sheer Base
Go for BB cream or a tinted moisturizer rather than heavy foundation. New York esthetician Mary Schook says, “applying makeup with your fingers of makeup brushes will also create a more natural look.” Follow up with a light dusting of translucent powder around your forehead chin and nose. If you want to touch up a few red or dark areas, a light reflecting concealer pen can hide small imperfections without caking.

Woman with blush
For the best results, try to find a blush that matches your skin tone after you exercise. Your lip tone is also a good guideline. As a rule, powdery pinks are best for fair skin, peachy colors are good for a medium tone and brownish pink is great for darker skin. Just blend dots onto the areas where the sun would hit your face, like the round parts of your cheeks and on your forehead, chin and the bridge of your nose for a sun -kissed natural look.

The Eyes
Curl lashes for a sans makeup eye popper and then coat them with some barely there brown mascara. To shadow or not to shadow? Shook says, “You can still use a shadow and look natural. Just use cream shadows in skin-tone-friendly shades instead of powders that can sit on the skin and make it look like you are wearing make-up.” If you simply can’t resist the bad girl look, you can smudge some liner around the corners of your eyes for a little drama.

The Lips
Swipe on some lip gloss that’s one shade brighter than your lip color sans lipstick and, if you want to up your game, try some of that new color -adjusting gloss with shades that change to suit your skin. Loads of fun and functional as well! Mist skin with weightless setting spray and off you go nature girls!

Let us know how you did with the ‘no makeup’ look. Is it here to stay or do girls love their makeup too much to use it so sparingly? We love to hear your comments!


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