Trends In Fall Eye Make Up

Let it never be said that women do not suffer for their beauty. In 1770, a law passed by British Parliament declared the wearing of makeup to be a form of witchcraft. The law reasoned that men who fell for a woman in makeup were being lured by a “false face” and were entitled to an annulment when they realized how their wives really looked. Imagine what they would have done if plastic surgery were around then!

Well, if makeup is responsible for the persecution of women, then maybe it is time we start taking the power back! As fall approaches, embrace your inner beauty and start casting some autumn spells of your own with the latest, most sinful runway trends in eye makeup.

Woman with black eye liner

You can hardly get witchier than some down and dirty black eyeliner. What could be more intense than rimming your eyes in inky black lines? Extend them out Khardashian style for a cat eye effect, or, play it a little safer with a soft smudge. From the Baby Boomers to the GenXers to the Milennials, no girl should be without her black liner this season.

All That Glitters….
Belongs on your eyes this fall. What girl can resist a little sparkle? You may have seen it catching the light on Tommy Hilfiger runways where taupe shadow was topped with a dusting of gold or at Anthony Vaccarllo where broken pieces of jewelry appeared carefully affixed to the face. Experiment with sprinkling glitter below the eye or just below the brows for some extra holiday glam.

Psychedelic Swirls
Well, if you’ve got some extra time on your hands or access to a very talented makeup artist, you may want to go pop art this season. You may have seen the Chanel signature quilted handbag pattern painted on the eyes of runway models or trippy florals on the Fendi runway for the rock festival look.

Woman with peach eyeshadow
Smoky Peach

Peach for the fall? Believe it. You may have noticed hints of the traditionally spring- like color for a romantic look at Nina Ricci in her runway interpretations of a secret nocturnal rendezvous or in the Prabal Gurung runway reference to Lord Byron. Seductive, classic and also appropriate for the workplace, peach will be a must have this fall.

Clumpy Lashes
You may have seen this edgy look on the Jason Wu runway. Admittedly an acquired taste, you can get the clumpy look by adding an extra coat to your everyday mascara, rubbing the wand back and forth across the lashes. And, speaking of lash looks, you also may want to arm yourself with some day- glo mascara, in the style of the models on the Emporio Armani runway. Just cover lashes with extra black mascara, allow it to dry and apply the colored product to the outer corners.

Let us know if you’ve experimented with any of these looks and how it worked for you (or didn’t) or maybe you’ve got some great ideas of your own you want to share. If you’re all eyes, we’re all ears!


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