Layering Tips From The Runway

Layered clothing has had quite a history. Following the premiere of the movie “Flashdance” in 1983, the amount of clothing one woman wore in the course of the day seemed to multiply exponentially. A simple outfit might consist of a tank top with a shoulder- baring sweatshirt over it, tight pants with leg warmers, belts, headbands and layers of bracelets. There were also super baggy pants, rolled up to feature turned down high-top sneakers with striped socks peeking ours. Madonna layered her leather jackets over her miniskirts, under her famous, “Boy Toy” belt. Bananarama wore famously baggy overalls over their wifebeater tanks.

The 90’s brought its own take on layering with the emergence of grunge. Flannels were worn over shirts or tied around the waist. Leggings peeked out from under ripped jeans. Indeed, to this day, layering doesn’t appear to be going anywhere quickly.

What is behind the longevity of our love affair with layers? Layered clothing has many benefits. It is the best way to keep warm in cold weather and allows people to shed or add layers to adjust to the temperature. It lets us get maximum wear from our clothes, it allows for creativity and self-expression, and it can hide a multitude of sins. If you are contemplating adding a scarf or blazer to your wardrobe, here are a few things you may want to take into consideration.

Bottom Layering
Why not try skirts over pants or leggings? Try wrapping a dress over your trousers. The look can be work appropriate or rock festival ready.


Switch up Your seasons
Break the rules! Part of the layering trend includes combing skimpy clothes with clothes for the chillier weather. Consider putting a floral mini over long sleeves or put a dress shirt on your little black dress. Boho to practical, layering redefines the wardrobe and lets you get your money’s worth from your clothing purchases.

Wear Something Sheer
Have you ever seen something in a store that is absolute to die for, but you can’t imagine how you might wear it appropriately in public? Try wearing something over it. Sheer lace blouses can look great under a strappy dress or blazer, as can a sheer skirt over fitted pants.

Combine Textures
Create an interesting look by throwing a silk evening shirt over a cotton turtleneck. Contrasting fabrics can complement one another and give them a new definition.


Wear Heels
If there are any reasons to avoid layering, one would be that if we over -layer, we run the risk of getting lost in our clothes, especially if we are on the short side. How do we fix this? A pair of heels will lift your body from the bundle of indistinguishable clothing and transform you into a put together fashion statement. Just beware not to trip over some of the lower layers. BTW, the optimal ration for clothing top to bottom is 70:30.

Belt It
Feeling lost in all these clothes? Remind people you have a waist. You can still look svelte and sexy in your layers by cinching them with a belt. Consider belting jackets, shirts and trousers kimono style to show off your hourglass figure.

Experiment with your clothes! It will be a wardrobe overhaul and let us know if you have any interesting ideas about layering and what works and what doesn’t.


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