Skin Safety On The Hiking Trail

Girlfriend and boyfriend hiking

You think he might be a keeper.  Your nights of clubbing and endless bars may soon be over.  This guy has his stuff together.  Good job, good looks, no girlfriend (as far as you can see) and he has invited you to go…. camping?  You’re dying to be alone with this guy, but when you open your closet, there are platforms and sequins for as far as the eye can see.  What would Hiker Barbie do?  After checking out some options, you compromise on skintight skinny jeans rolled up to reveal hiking boots, a down jacket,  ski hat- oh, and a really cute backpack with all your nice undies in it for later that night.  All set?  Wrong?  You forgot to shop for your skin products.

Unfortunately, just being in nature does not guarantee, in fact, quite often, the opposite is true.  Mother Nature can be wicked. Make sure your skin is prepared!

Bug Repellent
Maybe the bugs you are used to are more of the cockroach variety, but nature does have quite a few different insects in her apartment and they are hungry for your blood. (Cue horror movie music.) You’re going to need bug repellent.  If the health of your skin is a main concern, you probably want to choose a natural repellent.  Your skin gets enough toxins on a daily basis.  You don’t need more in your bug repellent.

Stay Hydrated by Eating
While drinking water is a great way to keep hydrated, much of that H2O will come out in your sweat.  Fruits and vegetables are cellular structured to hydrate you for longer time periods and provide additional nutrients for your skin,  Remember to pack fruits and veggies if you are concerned about rehydrating your body and keeping your  skin healthy and glowing.

Sunblock and a Hat
Sunblock should be in the picture any time you’re spending an extended time outdoors, and if you are hiking, you are going to be doing just that.  Use water resistant sunblock which will stay on the skin for a longer time and will not be diluted by sweat.  The UV rays of the sun can break down collagen, creation age spots and sun spots.  Make sure you have some form  of sun protection lotion in your back pack and reapply every two hours.  A wide brimmed hat is also recommended.

Wash Your Face After Hiking
After coming back from a long hike, your skin is likely to be a melange of layers of sunblock and bug repellent, mixed with dirt, sweat and air pollution.  Make sure to clean up with a face wash and moisturizer.

If you are a regular hiker, you should be aware of how exposure to the environment can affect your skin.  You may want to check out serums and creams specialized to fight the effects of  radical damage and pollution.

Good luck on your hike and make sure you engage in safe skin practices!


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