The Dangers Of Zit Picking

Woman squeezing pimples in her cheek
Ah, the popping of the zit.  When the head of the pimple has come to that perfect fullness and you squeeze, the pus squirting in a perfect arc on the mirror, the pimple a collapsed soldier on the field of your face. We have all been warned about the adverse effects of zit popping.  Popping pimples can cause scarring or infection.  When you pop, your skin tears and bacteria transfers from your hands into what is essentially now an open wound on your face.  The result is a possibly permanent scar or infection. Not a pretty picture, but the short term satisfaction of the pope is often more powerful than any long term admonition.

How To Properly Pop A Zit
Few loyal viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Show will forget Dr. Oz demonstrating the correct way to pop a zit. First, the Great Oz explains that squeezing a zit “will macerate it.” He goes on to explain, “You’re destroying all the healthy tissue with the pressure you are putting on there by squeezing.” Then Oz pulls out an enlarged model of a zit and a needle about the size of a chopstick, both of which resemble castoffs from a horror movie set, and proceeds to show the audience “the correct way to pop a zit.” Oz advises the pimple inflicted person to take a sterilized needle and insert in through the zit parallel to the surface of our skin so that it passes through the middle of the pimple and comes out the other side, in other words, almost as if we are sewing a thread through the pimple only instead of drawing the needle all the way through, Oz advises that we stop in the middle and pull the needle up, tearing the skin. Oz says that, in this way, you only hit the white or dead part of the pimple, and do no damage to the healthy skin. Not nearly as satisfying as squeezing, but it kind of made sense. Stay tuned because the plot is about to thicken! Now, it turns out that researchers, Oz included, have reason to believe that popping zits can kill you. “What?,” you cry, “Dr. Oz an advocate of mass suicide?” Before you vilify the good doctor, keep in mind that Oz’s advice still perfectly sounds, as long as the zit is not located in The Triangle of Death!!

What Is The Triangle Of Death?
The Triangle of Death is the area form the corner of your mouth to the bridge of your nose. Blood vessels in this area drain at the bottom of your brain and also lead to the opening the sinuses.Infections in the sinus cavity can lead to loss of vision, paralysis and even death.Bacteria entering the veins around the mouth, nose, and eyes are close enough to the brain to do serious damage. Popping a zit is one way in which the bacteria can enter, making it a potentially deadly behavior.

Other Things To Avoid

  • Tweezing Nose Hair
    Your nose is included in the deathly triangle and when hair is plucked, staph bacteria, if present, can enter the area and eventually travel to the brain.
  • Face Piercing
    So fashionable these days, but worth the danger? Don’t worry about a simple nose ring, but the more exotic dimple ring and septum piercing, as well as the “Medusa” in the middle of the lip or the “Monroe”, on the upper side are all possible death sentences.
  • Nose Picking
    One of the greatest, and most perverse pleasures of life, digging for that green gold can be very dangerous! Try blowing your nose into a tissue for a gentler alternative and avoid bursting blood vessels in the process.
  • Takeaway
    Never pop zits in the Triangle of Death! It is simply too risky. If you must pop in other locations, try the Oz recommended process, no squeezing! Trim nose hair, be careful where you pierce and blow, don’t pick!

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