What To Wear For A Video Conference


Business womens having video conferencing
Video conferencing humor: The caption says, “My friend had a video interview for college, she dressed appropriately.” The accompanying picture shows an attractive young girl dressed in a work shirt and blazer with nothing covering her from the waist down. In recent years, video conferencing has grown in popularity and little wonder. A video conference saves time and travel expenses. In fact, in the last two years the number of people who use video conferencing has grown by 87%. And, although it may be tempting to skip the pants, what you wear to a video conference should take careful consideration. Here are some tips.

What to Avoid

If you wear colors that are too close to your skin tone or blend into the background, you may end up looking like a detached head. Unless this is the effect you are going for, avoid these colors. Also, Very dark or very bright colors may look blurry on the screen and cause poor image quality. Blues, pastels, and neutrals are good bets and it is always a good idea to wear colors that flatter you.

Have you ever seen chunky black and white checks on camera? Not the best idea. Busy patterns, like plaids and prints are distracting and dizzying and don’t work well on camera.

Part of the attraction of jewelry is its ability to sparkle and catch the light. However, this may not work that well in a video conference. Overly shiny accessories can split the light, creating an effect much like that of a disco ball. Leave the sparklers on the night table. Also, be aware of jewelry with sound effects such as stacked bracelets and dangling earrings. They can be very distracting.

What to Aim For

Proper Fit and Comfort
You don’t want to spend the interview adjusting your clothing and you should make sure everything you wear has been tested for the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. You wouldn’t want a button popping off while you were explaining what an asset you would be to the company. Also, avoid anything that might make you sweat. You don’t want them to see you literally lose your cool!

Unless you are doing an interview for an escort service, you may be best advised to avoid crop tops, low cut tops or anything vaguely sees through.

Look Professional
If the meeting is business formal, wear dress, a skirt, dress clothes, button down shirt or blazer and even a tie. For a more casual meeting, cardigans and pullover are both good options and you can swap the dress pants for some nice jeans or khakis. Also, Remember to check for stains and wrinkles. You don’t want to make the conference with last night’s dinner on your shirt.

And last but not least:
Keep covered from the waist down. You never know what might happen.


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