Make Them Say,”She’s The Boss”

Woman addressing a meeting
The early to mid 1980’s were a time of role reversal, celebrating the influx of women in the workplace. Pop Princess Donna Summer released the album, ” She Works Hard for the Money,” featuring Summer on the album cover and in the video as a hassled waitress and working class heroine. Mick Jagger released, “She’s the Boss,” in 1985, which showed Mick relaxes on a bed, presumably, the “morning after,” while his significant other straps on her heels in the corner to face the workday. ABC aired the popular sitcom, “Who’s the Boss?” in which the female lead is shown as having an active sexual and social life while her hubby stayed home and took care of the kids. Indeed, some 30 odd years later, women have definitely claimed their right as valuable members in the workplace with many females climbing roles as CEOs and office managers. Jagger may have pictured the lady boss in her undies and sporting high heels, but this may not be everyone’s ideal version of what the leading lady looks like at work. Perhaps we should look at some more advanced concepts.

Grooming is something that takes time. In fact, a study, determined that women spend about one week per year preparing to go out. Of course, if you are a busy CEO, you may not even have the luxury of that much time. So, logically it would follow that you have a license to look like a complete slob. That way everyone will think you are so concerned with work that you have no time to worry about lesser matters like the way you look. Unfortunately, this is not the way the world works, In order to command respect and attention, you must create the right image, and slob is not it. When it comes to grooming for the busy woman, try to choose a hairstyle that falls into place easily and keep your nails clean and simple. Aim for looking clean and neat to signal that you’ve got it together.
 Businesswoman standing in office showing professionalism look

Create A Signature Look
Although one should adhere to certain codes of propriety, breaking rules also show power. Princess Diana was a great example of someone who developed her own fashion identity. Try using a particular color with one signature item, or dresses with belts.

Make Up
When it comes to makeup, less is more. Stick with a natural look, using some neutral tone shadow and light mascara. Avoid false eyelashes and overly Bronzing Bronzers. Light lipstick or gloss is the way to go with your lips and keep it on hand for reapplication. Remember to do last minute makeup retouches before meetings.

Buy One Good Thing
Well, maybe more than one, but perhaps you’ve heard that, when it comes to fashion, quality is more important that quantity. When you buy, pay attention to getting quality material and construction. Well -tailored leather and cashmere are both good bets for the long haul. You will also find that having less clothes means that it is easier to keep them in good condition. Instead of cramming your clothes half- folded in a drawer, you can hang each piece on a single hanger and make sure they stay neatly pressed. Also, try to keep an inventory of your clothing, making sure to inspect them for moths and mildew and make sure to follow any special care instructor.
As a last piece of advice, keep in mind that the most important accessory is confidence. Know how to look your best and keep yourself in optimum health. You’ve got a lot riding on those shoulders!


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