A Day at the Country Club

Country club

photogolfer / Shutterstock.com

“I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”  If you are familiar with the Marx Brothers, you may know this as a quote from Groucho Marx.  According to legend, this is what the mustachioed master of self-deprecation wrote in his letter of resignation to The Beverly Hills Friar’s Club in 1949. What is it about getting something that makes people not want it any more?

In many ways,  the country club represents “the very essence of upper class.”  It  provides a social gathering for those who have the bread to shell out and a name to back it The country club offers amenities such as golf, polo, spas, fine dining, pools and jacuzzis.  In short, if you want to roll like the rich and famous, and maybe spot a Khardashian or two,  a  Country Club is the place to do it.

You arrive at the country club at 8am and walk into the clubhouse.  You wear a double lapel white blazer with a pretty peach wrap top and floral shorts and clogs. You see a few well-dressed men sipping mimosas and observing the beautiful, very green view that overlook the 18th green.  You decide it is too early for the celebs to be around just yet, but you try to get in a casual glance, nonetheless.  A man introduces himself as Robert. He is the maitre ‘d  at the restaurant.  He assures you that he and his team will ensure all of your gastronomical desires will be the main priority. You make your self comfortable and grab a fresh fruit and a cocktail.

You decide that you have  at least a decent chance of catching Khloe working out ( Have you seen her new bod)?  and decide to try the zumba class that are being offered on the lawn.  You are introduced to Stacy and Jody who are there to cheer you on and direct you through your workout.  They are really supportive  and offer constant suggestions on how you can make each move really count. (“Lift those legs, shake that booty!”)  Starvin’ like Marvin, you change into tribal shorts with a baggy white top and throw a white cardiac over it. You recycle the clogs from this morning; they’re so fun!  Walk into the Grill where the waitstaff, consisting of Angie, Gary and Anika, point you toward the omelette bar. You pile up your plate with pasta as  a jazz band plays  softly in the corner.

You decide to go to beach bar.  It’s the black sequined romper with the killer heels tonight.  There is dancing, tiki lights and a raging DJ on the turntables.You walk to the back to the new outdoor biergarten and notice that there is a nighttime brunch being served with classic cocktails.  Making yourself comfortable on a loge chair, you order a margarita from the cute bartender.  You look around for Beyonce and Jay Z, when you see him coming toward you.  The night is about to get 10x better……


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