The All White Party- Step Out In Style

Woman wearing a white dress

There have been so many iconic moments in fashion featuring the color white.  In the 1960’s   Jackie Kennedy modeled an all-white Oleg Cassini two piece suit with pillbox hat at her husband’s inauguration, causing women to cue up in stores all over the country to get their version?  And who could forget sex kitten Marilyn Monroe, another of Kennedy’s favorites, with her all-white William Trevilla halter dress shockingly blowing in the wind, in a contrast between the virginal color and Marilyn’s undeniable sexiness.  Or , more recently, Hillary Clinton accepting the democratic nomination in her all-white suit.   No accident there.  It is definitely a shout out to the  suffrage movement, in which women wore white during demonstrations to demonstrate the “purity of  purpose.”

What is it about the all-white outfit?  Why does one always manage to look so timeless and classy when  all in white?  Maybe it is because white is the color of balance,  effortlessly blending all colors of the spectrum.  Maybe it is because white is the color of perfection and completion. Or maybe it is because white is the color of peace and calm.

Wear Off White in Cold Weather
Many of us are familiar with the rule that white clothing is only supposed to be worn after Memorial Day and before Labor Day.  There are different explanations for the origin of this rule. but it is generally agreed that it stemmed from some sort of elitist idea about fashion and manners.  Still, there is a logical association between the color white and the warm weather. After all, it is recommended as the best color for deflecting heat. So even though the rule about when you can wear white has been relaxed, many of us hesitate to wear white in the winter. The solution?    Off – white, cream and beige are all acceptable winter alternatives .

Don’t Wear White to a Wedding
This is a privilege reserved for the bride. You may want to incorporate white into your  wedding outfit, but the all white look is a no no.

Don’t Wear White In the City
Although all white can be a great look for metropolitan areas, white clothing in the city can be a disaster waiting to happen.  White is always a target for stains, but when  subways, taxis and dirty streets enter the picture,  it’s no wonder most city slickers opt for black.  Beware!  Even when innocently crossing the street, you  can be the target of exhaust fumes from  a city bus, ruining your cool ensemble before you even reach your destination.

Wear the Right Shoes
While black and white can be a classic combo, make sure heavy black shoes do not weigh down your all white look.  Try going for white or neutral tones when it comes to footwear.  Beige and light gray are good choices.

Wear the Right Underwear
Perhaps  as or more important than the outfit itself is what you wear under it, so let’s end with our ends, shall we?  What is the best panty to wear under white pants? Let’s start with what not to wear. No white underwear.  Despite the fact that they seem as if they  would coordinate perfectly, white panties under white pants is actually really noticeable. No black underwear either.  Unless you want your underwear to be seen, this is really a no-brainer. And no thick underwear.  This guarantees panty lines. So now that you know what not to wear, let’s talk about what you should be wearing.

  1. Nude underwear.  Go with a skin tone thong or lace trimmed full coverage for minimal panty line visibility.
  2. Light gray underwear.  Good alternative to skin toned.
  3. Commando.  Not for the meek, but a definite option.
  4. Spanx. If you don’t mind not breathing for the whole day.

So now that you’re prepared, go on and make your fashion statement in white. Be it in shorts, skirts, trousers,  or  even sweaters and coats, you’ll be sure to become a classic.


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