Summer Fashion Expressions

Woman sunbathing

Every generation has brought a new summer fashion icon.  Grace Kelly brought us the iconic 1950’s cat eye sunglasses  and scarf doubling as headband, while Sophia Loren modeled the sweetheart neckline.  The 60’s brought us sex kitten Brigitte Bardot looking so very hippy chic in her wide brimmed sunhat  and floral sarong.  In the Studio 54 Days of disco, Bianca Jagger let loose in her gold spandex with  plunging neckline and Bo Derek emerged from the ocean in  the movie “Ten”, shocking the world  with their first taste of cornrows and a  naked look one piece swimsuit.  The eighties saw the off the shoulder style of Madonna and Flashdance, while in the 90’s we discovered Pamela Anderson and the babes of Baywatch with their high cut one pieces.  Carrie Bradshaw sported the naked slip. And what style on this list have we not revisited?  Have we not seen Taylor Swift going high style in her own vintage swimsuit  in Hyannis Port or Lindsay Lohan peering coyly  from under her  modern sunhat?

Summer fashions have surely come a long way, but one thing seems to never have changed.  It is a time to go minimal.  It is a time for less makeup, less hair, and less clothes.  So Let’s talk about how we can make the most of the very least.

Woman in a bikini with a topknot hairstyle

What do you do when you’ve just come from a dip in the ocean and need to get your hair in some kind of semblance of normalcy?  If you wait until your hair is half dry, it will have the perfect texture for a sexy twist.  Easier to do than braids; just remember to bring bobby pins. And then there’s the topknot.  How’s that for a no brainer in the summer?  Hair up and away and very flattering to the cheekbones.  You may want to secure it with your fave hairspray.  Want one more no sweat solution for messy hair?  The hairband hides a multitude of sins.  From perspiration at the hairline to frizz, you’ll want to have one of these on hand at all times in the heat.

Sweat Control
Apply deodorant before going to bed.  Compounds that block sweat glands have time to be absorbed by your skin and no white streaks on your clothes! And how about investing in some bust dust?  Gotta love this!  Great for keeping embarrassing sweat from your cleavage.  It’s about time someone did something about this! Some absorbent soles for your shoes and for set to go!  So go out and shine, or go out and don’t shine!  Either way, you’ll be a star!

Woman sitting by the pool

Whether it be from perspiration or a quick dip in the pool,  moisture factor is to be taken into consideration in the summer.  The key word when it comes to makeup is waterproof.  You may want to consider abandoning blended loose powdery shadows in favor of a waterproof shadow crayon.  Available in bright colors, easy to apply and won’t smudge or smear after a run on the beach.  Just the thing, don’tcha think?   Or how about eyebrows?  Often not given the attention they deserve, eyebrows are a very important facial component and no one wants  to worry about  out of control brow pencil making a mad dash down your face.  Quell your worries with a clear wax pencil.  It will seal your brows and keep them shapely and lovely.  Last, but in no way least, is primer.  An alternative to regular face powder, primer works like a blotting pad on your face, keeping your makeup in place and avoiding shine.  The A listers swear by it!


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