Look Out For These Fall Nail Trends

You look in the mirror. The main parts of your outfit are perfectly coordinated. The hair is neat and complementary. The accessories….the jewelry, hand bag and shoes all carefully considered, the subtle, or not so subtle make up tones. But what about the nails? Fashion writer Tamar Najarian says, “We do not normally consider the nails to be majorly affected by trends, but lately that has been changing drastically.” And this fall, it seems like everything goes.

Of course, before we go into polish trends, it’s important to talk about our palette. So what it the right nail shape to feature these compelling vogue varnishes this season? It seems there is a variety in these looks as well. Popsugar’s Joanna Douglas recommends choices including a longer almond shaped look which she affectionately names The Sharp Stiletto. Also recommended is the Bare Ballerina or squoval shaped (oval nails with a slightly flattened tip). The classic short, straight, closely cropped nails are also still the trend. And now for the fun part…the polish!!

Black is back! Or has it ever really gone away? First seen in the 70’s glam and punk movements, and then popularized in 80’s goth and 90’s grunge, black and darker tones appear to be here to stay. They can be used as a smoky bases for gradient tones. Rodarte experiments with a black lacquer and a dark raisin outline for some extra pop. Also popular are dark plums and grays.

Woman with silver nail polish

Silver is another trend making a resurgence from the 70’s. It can be a gleaming and shiny futuristic look as featured at the Opening Ceremony and Creatures of the Wind fall collections. Designers like Jill Stuart and Roland opt for darker silvers which portray wealth and dignity.

Nail art seems to know no boundaries for the fall. CND’s Design Lab Team probably top the charts as most outrageous with faux fur nails and sculptural eyes made for Libertine’s Niki de Saint Phalle-inspired collection. Other elaborate designs include Swarovski and rhinestone embellishments that give simple manicures gorgeous additions. Graphics like cartoons, flags and drawings are making a really fun comeback from the 90’s. And glitter! It’s everywhere this fall, so why not your nails? Get inspired by Jenny Packham’s golden stars with negative spaces for a fun youthful look.

Other nail art looks can have a simpler, more modern appearance. “Sometimes the simplest detail is the most effective” says nail artist Keri Blair who went minimal in her design for Delpozo, featuring a thin white line extending past the cuticle. Gina Edwards expands on this with her “bold lines for negative spaces” for Maxus Nails.

French manicure

The French manicure has also gotten more edgy over the years and is a fashion trend that is still going strong this season. Black and dark brock have replaced more neutral tones. We are also seeing some glitter edgework. Taking the French manicure one step further is the dual toned look which can feature metallic shades and gradient tones.

So it seems like this fall the sky is the limit as far as nail trends go. With looks ranging from grunge to glamour, it appears as if the problem this season is not trying to stay up on the latest nail fashions but which one to choose! Good luck and happy polishing!

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