Celebrating 60!

Who says getting older has to be a bad thing? Every decade is like another chapter in your life, the beginning of a new era of you, a…you get the idea. The point is, aging is natural and it happens to everyone, so why not celebrate it along with everything you’ve survived and accomplished so far? Cherish it, fondly remember all the years past, and toast to the ones to come. Reward yourself for sixty years well-lived, relax, and maybe treat yourself a little… or a lot! You only turn sixty once, after all! So let’s talk about some fun ways you can make your 60th a blast, and a day you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

Couple on a holiday

Take a Mini-Vacation
One fun way to commemorate the milestone that 60 represents is to travel for a few days or a week. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never got around to it or head to a favorite spot you’ve visited dozens of times, and bask in the nostalgia.

Some more specific ideas? Consider a romantic few nights in Paris alone or with a loved one. It’s cliché, but for a good reason? If you love wine, consider traveling to Venice and going on an evening tour of little cafes that serve tiny “shots” of wine so you can try a lot of varietals without getting terribly intoxicated. Or, head to Hawaii and find a topless beach to sunbathe on; who says older means less attractive? If you’ve got it, you’re entitled to flaunt it, and trust us, you’ve still got it; try not to second-guess yourself. You could also head to southern Florida, New York City, San Francisco, or another great shopping destination and treat yourself to an indulgent shopping spree. Alternately, maybe you’d like to help out people in need in a developing country for a week or two; that’s the kind of thing that’s both a gift to others and yourself. Consider it self-care of the soul combined with an exercise of compassion, a sadly undervalued trait these days that deserves vastly more consideration than it gets.

Family lunch

Stay in with Loved Ones
Another fantastic idea is to simply stay in! Sound boring? It’s not. Think of it this way. Think about what’s really important in life, what makes it worth living. Family, friends, lover(s)…the people we’re close to, the people we share our lives with, the people we share time and laughs and tears with, the people we tell our secrets, the people we want to be around in our best moments and darkest hours alike; they are what matters. Gather them close. Cherish them. Quietly celebrate all the time you’ve shared with them, toast to their heath, thank them for being in your life.


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