Barely There Summer Makeup

Natural makeup look

With summer upon us, every woman strives to look natural and fresh, which means a look that is minimal in approach and a ‘natural face’ that leaves it as bare as possible but retains your beauty aesthetic. Armed with the necessary information and the right tools, women can now forego all of the extras when it comes to makeup and still have a healthy, beautiful glow that resonates.

Preparing Your Skin for Minimal Look
In order to achieve that great look, your skin will have to be properly prepped to optimize the final result. Exfoliation is an absolute must, and it is imperative to choose a great cleanser that leaves skin glowing. In addition, a weekly face mask can also remove any of the additional toxins that are on your face.

Woman applying mascara

The Eyes Have It
Now that your face has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped, the eyes are the next features that need attention. For the barely there look, only a bit of makeup is necessary to put your best face forward. For your eye makeup to last and leave an impression, apply a bit of mascara as well as primer under your eyes. That, in addition to a bit on the brow line and your lids, should be sufficient enough for a minimal yet glam look!

86 the Foundation
Going for the ‘almost natural, barely there’ look for summer means going without certain aspects of makeup and that means foregoing foundation. In order to keep a face that is lighter and free of extras, skipping the foundation is probably the best way to maintain a light, refined look.

Concealer Is Your Friend
Looking flawless is all about enhancing your best attributes and minimizing the rest. For many women, learning how to best achieve this dynamic takes some time and research, but in the end is worth it. Using concealer for any pimples or small imperfections is the best way to help you feel confident even while wearing the bare minimum of makeup during the summer months.

Woman moisturizing her skin

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!
The best skin care involves maintaining a consistently moisturized base and when your skin is at its healthiest, it feels hydrated, which should come immediately after a clean and exfoliation regimen. Once you find the right moisturizer for your skin type, you are well on your way towards a great summer look.

May The Force Be With You
No one will know your skin better than you and it is important to follow the path to beauty that specifically works for you instead of what someone else you know may be using. Since your skin is a canvas, it is up to you to take into consideration how you paint it and present it to the world. The most important thing to remember for summer makeup is to keep it light and breezy, but always with enough to keep you feeling as beautiful as ever.


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