Latin Inspired Men’s Fashion

Ladies get most of the credit for their beauty regime and attire, but we’ve found that men are equally dominant in the fashion world. For those of you who are looking for a new sense of fashion, or wish to up your game, read below for some suggestions on Latin fashion.

Man wearing blue jeans and brown shoes

Casual Wear
In the realm of Latin clothing, casual wear is just as chic as smart wear – if not more so. Team some dark blue jeans with suede light brown shoes with laces to instantly transform your bottom half. For the upper body, choose a pearlescent white shirt with a checked tie and team it with a black jacket. If you feel like taking your fashion to the next level, wear a gray flat cap.

The Classy Look
Want to ooze with sophistication and charisma? For this option, it’s all about the different colors. Neutral-colored jeans with a baby pink buttoned shirt exude style and has been a strong shift in Latin men’s fashion. Finishing off the look with a brown blazer and suggestive handkerchief in the top pocket is the perfect trapping to complete the style.

Man wearing pink shirt and neutral pants

The Everyday Look
To others, it won’t look like an everyday look but like you’re going somewhere special. Pull it off with some blue jeans and a brown belt. Opt for a lighter denim shirt and layer with a thin denim body warmer. Some people fear denim on denim but there’s nothing classier than this – when you get it right! Round off your look with a casual blue scarf tucked into your body warmer.

The Modern Latino
Wearing the hottest trends will set you apart from amateurs and enhance your body. Since 2013, accessories have been winning. Everything from a brown leather briefcase, to sunglasses, to an overly-sized watch, to a tight belt. Neutral colors like browns, creams, whites and grays will set you apart from the crowd. So opt for a pair of white jeans with a matching white t-shirt and jacket, and break up the color with a brown leather bag. This look is incredibly fashionable without looking like you’re trying too hard. Another option is a light gray suit with a brown shirt and brown shoes. The idea with this category is to keep each item simple but just one additional accessory or shoes and a shirt the same color looks classy.

Apart from the above, there’s the casual modern Latino. This tends to be jeans which are slightly shorter than normal and show a speck of ankle. What this does is accentuates a classy shoe – usually a brown leather type with a pointed toe. If you’re thinking of trying out this style, play around with new colors. Pink is no longer just for women, but a deep shade, as well as blues and grays work well on males too.

So there you have a breakdown of the different styles of Latino fashion for men and what to wear if you’re thinking of trying something new. The fashion world is constantly evolving so who knows what it’ll be like in another 10 years.


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