Menswear Inspired Fashion For Women

We live in an age where people are becoming freer with their bodies and style. In all ways, we’re letting go more and not conforming to stereotypes. With the likes of fashion icons such as Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent owning the runways, we’ve seen women’s fashion be inspired by menswear for the past 10 years now. Whether you’re just curious or want to have a try at a new style, here are a few ways menswear has influenced the current fashion for women.

Woman wearing a suit

It’s not uncommon to see a female wear a suit which isn’t skin tight. Pinstripes, blazers, tailored trousers and ties are no longer a rare sight in the modern-day office. Teamed with elegant heels and loose curls, it’s chic with a feminine twist.

The boyfriend jacket is definitely an item which springs to mind for this article. Cleverly created from a time where males would pass their date their jacket when they got cold, it’s still got that essence of character that we all remember our first love’s jacket having.

Flowing past the hips, it’s not fitting so it gives it a casual feel, but with rolled up sleeves, it looks elegant and stylish. The blazer, a sister of this clothing was also once deemed only for men.

Rewind many years ago to London, where you’d often see a male wearing a vest, sporting a moustache and smoking from a pipe. Here, the vest is demonstrated class and sophistication, but in today’s age, it’s not rare for a woman to wear one. It gives that rock-chick edge to an outfit and shows off a strong woman.

Kendall Jenner wearing a Bomber jacket /

If you haven’t seen people wearing a Bomber jacket, then you must have been living in a cave. This jacket is all the rage right now by men and women, and what was once a male-dominant attire, is now switching to the other gender.  It gives personality and an edge to an otherwise ‘girly’ appearance. Females tend to make their look appear less aggressive with leggings and a thin t-shirt showing their midriff.

Accessories such as a long tie, bow tie and top hat are inspired by menswear too and can be worn by both men and women. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to fashion, so it’s each to their own.

Woman wearing a shirt and jeans

A shirt, blazer and a top hat create a chilled look and supermodels in magazines are often spotted wearing these trappings. Things like a strong color and turned up sleeves are similar traits to male fashion, but are made girly with a bright lipstick, long flowing hair and high heels.

This indie and retro look is very popular right now as the gap between gender rights is reducing. Females being accepted – and even complimented – for a fashion sense inspired my men is a step in the right direction for our culture.

The world’s catalog is forever evolving and although it may be a revolution for fashion, during World War 2 many women dressed similar to men – with a tie and shirt whilst working. But at least now it’s for all the right reasons.

Let’s allow fashion to be an expression of ourselves.


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