Instagram #Shelfies Are All The Craze

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With the plethora of social media, we now have instant access to what everyone’s up to and what they possess. This means that instead of turning to an expert in a shop, we’d rather reach out to beauty bloggers who are triumphing the internet by the minute. As an image-obsessed society, we put our trust into reviews and what we see other people using on Instagram. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite #Shelfies for you to get inspired, because it turns out, it’s not just how the product appears on your body that’s important, but how it translates in images too. If it makes the top shelf in your house, it must be worthwhile.

What Are Shelfies?
As the name insinuates, there’s a focus on selfie to this new craze. But it’s not your typical selfie where one poses in the mirror in their best attire, sporting a pout. Shelfies are taking pictures of your best beauty products, and no offence, but keep your face out of the shot.

How To Become A Shelfie Pro
To pass the first test, your bathroom cupboards need to be crammed with the latest miracle serums and lip glosses, face powder and everything else to cover reverse blemishes. You need to live and breathe cosmetics. Next, you need to have skills and a care for how things are displayed. Much like how you determine your purchase on the labeling and presentation of a product on a shelf, you need to do the same when photographing your goodies. Take pride in your makeup and lotion stashes, so they’re shelfie ready at all times. If you’re messy and simply don’t care about how they sit around the house, you don’t qualify.

Hints For The Best Shelfie

  • It’s all about the background. Use a white backdrop or at least make it clutter-free. Empty bottles and piles of detritus on the other side of the room don’t look picture worthy.
  • Use products you’ve used and can vouch for. Compliment your image with a personal description of what it is and include a short review.
  • Feel free to add accent pieces to create a feel to your picture. A decorative flower, ornament or cute accessories go a long way.

#Shelfie Examples

  • @vcashe has teamed her shampoo and conditioners with chic makeup brushes. Marble tiles in the background give a professional effect to the photo, and with water droplets still on the products, it’s clear she’s using and loving it.
  • It was nearly impossible to not include @babyslicenyc, as not every #Shelfie comes with a cheeky cat. There’s a surplus of products in this one, but by Instagramming her pet too, we love the extra personality this picture has. (Don’t miss that alligator product holder too!).

So there you have our favorite Instagram shots – using the perfect angle and the latest beauty invention to lure you in. Looking for a new accompaniment in your makeup bag or bathroom shelf? Use #itgtopshelfie to narrow your search and bring up a surfeit of all things beauty.


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