What’s New in Espadrille Fashion



The hottest shoes of the summer are definitely espadrilles. They can go with everything whether you’re heading to the beach, you’re going out to lunch with the girls, or you’re dining in the evening under the stars. Espadrilles, which are comprised of fabric on top and jute rope on the bottom, are super comfortable and stylish, a great alternative for those of us who love heels but desire the comfort of flats more often than not. If you love them as much as we do, without further ado, let’s discuss some of the espadrille trends that have been making more of an appearance.

Ankle Straps
One of the biggest benefits of ankle straps is that they can help you feel like your shoes have a little more stability, like maybe they’re not going to just slide off your feet any second. They’re also usually comfortable so they’re not likely going to cause any blisters on your skin. As comfortable as espadrilles are, ankle straps can take them to a whole new level of comfort and security while walking.

Ankle Wraps 
Ankle wraps add a lovely extra feminine and flirty touch to espadrilles; they can be quite the attention grabber. Whether the ties are rope or fabric, make sure you tie them tightly in a bow and that the ends aren’t going to hang low enough that you can get them caught up in your heel or in something else. You’ll also want to check periodically that you’re not stepping all over the ends and getting them frayed or dirty.

While you may be used to the flat espadrilles, you might have noticed ones that were given a lift whether it’s a slight lift or taken to new heights. Some espadrilles can have a slight heel but you’ll also find quite a few that have a very chunky heel. If you’re not too sure about how high you should go, start off small. There are some gorgeous espadrilles with low heels, and the more comfortable you get walking around in them, the higher your heels can go.

Fun Prints
Cats? Pineapples? Leopard print? Those are just some of the patterns that you can find on espadrilles. These are ideal options for those who want a little fun touch to their outfit without necessarily sporting a patterned outfit. Whether you want to wear black pants and a tank, a pink dress, jeans and a white t-shirt, or something else entirely, patterned espadrilles will certainly add a special touch.

If you’ve never really worn espadrilles before, you’ll fall in love with how versatile they can be. Depending on the pair you choose, you could easily take them from day-to-night. You’ll be able to have the style you want while also having the comfort and functionality. Additionally, flat espadrilles are typically easy to throw right into a medium-to-large sized bag and take them with you on the go if you need a quick shoe change. You can’t ask for much more from shoes.


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