Is Anti-Aging Medicine Safe?

For those tired of searching for the fountain of youth, there’s an appealing alternative that seems to be gaining momentum. Anti-aging medication seems to hold all the answers, even though it’s surrounded by questions as well. These treatments require minimal effort, typically cause no discomfort and provide impressive results. Or do they? Here are the facts surrounding anti-aging medication and what the future might hold for such treatment.

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What Qualifies as Anti-Aging Medication?
While many people know the basic health recommendations for staying young, like eating well, not smoking and drinking in moderation, these lifestyle factors don’t qualify as anti-aging medications. Instead, hormonal therapies, injections and supplements are just some examples of anti-aging medication that can come recommended when searching for a more youthful glow. A mixture of hormones injected into the body are said to lower body fat percentages, help with muscle development and increase overall energy. Injections like Botox have become household names and promise to prevent wrinkles and soften existing skin creases.

The list of supplements that promise to turn back the hands of time is almost endless. With the sudden wave of anti-aging medicines infiltrating the market, it can be nearly impossible to know which to try and whether or not associated risks outweigh the anticipated outcome.

Why Consider Medication
The most obvious and intriguing reason for considering anti-aging medication is the possible outcome. If a simple procedure or addition to someone’s daily routine can change their outer appearance in an appealing manner, then certainly it’s worth a try. Some procedures even have additional benefits. For example, studies have shown that Botox injections can help to increase collagen production, which can help with more than just wrinkles. Botox has also been shown to relieve migraine headaches and prevent excessive sweating. Many medications and supplements that are considered anti-aging medications today had different origins and therefore, can aid in other certain conditions. For example, studies in animals have shown that Metformin, a generic drug for diabetes, could be the pill version of the fountain of youth.

Overall, anti-aging medications, as long as they are provided by a reputable physician, can help someone achieve their goal of a more youthful appearance. With reviews, before and after photos and clinical studies, confidence in these medications is growing by the day.

Why Holding Off Doesn’t Hurt
But it’s not all smooth skin and happy reviews for everyone. In some cases, the dangers associated with certain anti-aging medications are serious. For some medications, possible side effects include joint pain, internal swelling, carpel tunnel, infertility and kidney problems. While not scientifically proven, hormone treatments have been associated with the development of certain types of cancers. Many supplements are developed by physicians and are not required to be regulated by the FDA. This comes with its own list of serious risks and without proper documentation of specific side effects, it becomes that much more difficult to treat the dangerous ones. While there is no way to know if anti-aging medication will help someone release their inner youth or cause serious damage, many feel that the pros significantly outweigh possible cons.

Only time will tell if these medications are more of a coincidence or scientific turning point but one thing is for certain. Anti-aging medications are not disappearing anytime soon, especially if the wrinkles do keep disappearing.


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