Reevaluating Anti-Aging: The Age Fix by Anthony Youn

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There’s a lot of information out there about the idea of cosmetic anti-aging; that is, preventing your body from showing visible signs of aging too early. Put another way, keeping yourself looking younger longer. But where there’s a bounty of information, there’s a bounty of misinformation too, and cosmetic anti-aging is no exception to this rule. For every certifiable fact or legitimately useful tidbit, there are a hundred misleading, false, or unsubstantiated claims.

The Age Fix, by Anthony Youn, proposes a solution to this predicament by providing an allegedly comprehensive and accurate guide to the do’s, don’t’s, how-to’s, myths and facts of cosmetic anti-aging.

Proceed with Caution
Of course, while the promise of such an extensive and endlessly useful guide to prolonging youthfulness might be incredibly tempting, a word of caution and advice to proceed with some hopeful skepticism. In other words, there is often much good that can be gleaned from resources such as this, even advice from experts is not flawless, especially if there is not a consensus of expert opinion, so go into a book like this with an open mind, but also a critical one.

Myths and Facts
One of the prime promises of The Age Fix is that the text will help you separate the myths from the facts when it comes to cosmetic anti-aging. Ever wanted a comprehensive guide that tells you what “facts” are actually true, and what are just bogus pseudoscience not worth a second look? The Age Fix promises this and more, and while it may not cover every myth in need of busting, from the looks of it, it would be an excellent place to start getting an idea of what’s true and what’s pure fiction.

How to Age Gracefully
The best way to think about The Age Fix is as a guide to aging gracefully. Before explaining this concept, it might be best to ensure understanding of what aging gracefully isn’t. With the current level of medicine and technology our society is limited to, no matter how closely you follow even the best advice about aging will not prevent you from growing older and someday dying. The sooner you accept that fact, the easier the time you’ll have with cosmetic anti-aging attempts. What aging gracefully is, however, is making sure that you retain confidence and feel good about yourself and your body all your life, and that you keep age signs like wrinkles from happening for awhile, and when you do get them (it’s inevitable), you accept them in stride, own them, and look beautiful in spite of them.

Anthony Youn’s The Age Fix is an excellent guide to graceful aging. Staying cognizant of the above warning, you’re likely to find a lot to love in its pages.


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