Spring Denim Must Haves

Denim has proven to be a vastly popular choice over the years, so much so that it can now be worn at virtually any place and at any time. Blue jeans themselves will never go out of style and a good pair of denim is able to pull off any accompanying outfit imaginable. Saying that, every now and again some switches are necessary and some vintage inspiration may be in order, or a former seasonal must-have may be ready to be tossed. There is definitely a reason why this versatile blue fabric has been set as a near-permanent fashion trend.  Regardless of how other trends are changing, denim is able to adapt and evolve with the times.

Woman wearing denim shorts

Denim Shorts
Perfect for when the weather becomes warmer, denim shorts are most certainly in this spring. These shorts pair well with crop tops and are perfect for individuals who don’t like to expose too much midriff. Some rise right to below the belly button and somehow manage not to deter from your overall figure. They’re also extremely comfortable too, giving you that extra room to move your legs and thighs.  Low-rise denim shorts are also a great choice and go perfectly with graphic t-shirts or an off-the-shoulder blouse.

Classic high-rise vintage fits seem to be in this spring. Cuts that hail back to the 90s are making a strong comeback and if you think you’re already set in the high-rise department, see if you can find even higher waisted styles. Jeans from designer Vetement are an ideal choice as they manage to make an old classic look timeless.

Raw Hems
Raw hems are stylish. That unfinished look is definitely a denim trend that will be sticking around and is actually far less commonly worn. Either done as a straight-leg or cropped flare this style is perfect for standing out in the crowd as more finished looks seem to be dominating the market.

Ankle crops

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Ankle Crops
Unlike traditional skinny jeans the ankle crop shows off an often ignored part of your leg and additionally allows the wearer to showcase their footwear more prominently. If you choose to wear ankle crops, remember short socks or no socks are preferable as well as of course a stylish pair of shoes that match.

Denim on Denim
The double denim look is a perfect choice for when you don’t want to overthink things. Although you can try wearing tighter fits, a more trendy look for this spring would be looser denim tops and jeans. You could try an over-sized long-line jacket and swap the skinnies over for a cropped, flared-hem pair.

Personalized Denim
One of the biggest must-haves for denim is not just in the style of the fabric but also its personalization. You can try anything from embroidery to patches and pins. Many mainstream brands have adopted this trend as it allows customers to make the clothing truly their own. Themed patches are also fashionable so if you’re looking to give your old pair of jeans a face lift, now is definitely the time.

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