New in Ladies Golf Style

The first women’s golf tournament was held in Scotland in the early 19th century. As women have grown into the game and showcased their talent, the kind of clothing they wear has become increasingly important, not just from a comfortability point of view but also a stylistic one. From golf-skirts to skorts and shorts, the women’s golf apparel industry is continually evolving and becoming increasingly more customizable for women themselves. Female golf professionals such as Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie have shown that looking good on the golf course is not reserved just for the pros but is for every woman on the course and in the clubhouse.

Woman wearing a golf top

The Golf Top
It used to be so that women generally only wore polo tops on the golf course. Today, a trip to your local golf shop will reveal a vast variety of different styles and colors. There are short sleeves, no sleeves, cap sleeves, or long sleeves. We’re even seeing deep and wide v-necks available from some designers. Women can now also coordinate their coloring and choose from patterned and plain to solid bold colors.

The Skort
The skort is essentially a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts – it works as a short skirt with a pair of shorts concealed beneath. It’s seen as one of the most functional and comfortable pieces of clothing ever made. Although it made its first appearance in the 1960s – at that time it was more of a practical choice rather than a stylistic one, but today it has been remolded into one of the most attractive and fashionable items of women’s golf apparel. Choose from a variety of colors, lengths and patterns, this one is certainly going to stay in style for a long while to come.

Woman wearing golf cap

The Golf Cap
This is a must-have accessory of today as the golf hat or cap serves more than one function. True, it keeps the sun out of your face, but it also works neatly to help keep hair tied back in place. Some women even use their visors as a way of storing spare tees.

Many designers today have successfully combined performance with fashion to create entire ranges of women’s golf shoes that can accommodate all tastes. Some shoes are even designed to be worn both on and off the course. When selecting shoes that are right for you, you should first think about comfort, durability and traction, and only then should you see what style and coloring tickle your fancy best.

Woman wearing sunglasses

The classic look of sunglasses clipped above a woman’s cap or visor is still in and is an excellent way of ensuring you have your sunglasses when you need them. Today women in golf are sporting all kinds of glasses from different brands in a variety of different styles. There is a vast range of female sunglasses of numerous different colors and lens types that can be coordinated with the rest of your clothing to give you that cool and tidy look.


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