Dress The Part

The weather can often seem like an unpredictable and temperamental beast.   It’s hard remembering what the weather at different times of the year feels like and how to dress appropriately.   Wanting to look sharp while being appropriately shielded from the worst the weather has to offer can be a tall order, particularly when the outside world can throw anything at you from sweltering, sweat-making heat to bitter chill-causing cold to wind that never fails to mess up your hair unless you take proper precautions, and everything in between or even worse. All that said, it is entirely possible to be well-dressed and avoid suffering overmuch at the hands of an unpredictable forecast.

One thing that must be stressed heavily when it comes to preparing cute outfits that fulfill both form and function in any given weather type is to reuse items as appropriate in different ways. Versatile items like a button up long-sleeve blouse with rollable sleeves (especially if it has button clasps farther up the sleeve to keep it rolled up) can serve well in both warm and cool weather, for example. Further, a sturdy, stylish shirt made of medium-heavy fabric can help keep your legs cool in the summer or complement a nice pair of toasty-warm leggings in the winter. The more versatile items you can include in your wardrobe, the better prepared you’ll be. With that said, let’s take a look at a variety of forecasts and some ideas for stylishly functional outfits that would work on such days. Note that all temperatures are in Fahrenheit first, then translated to Celsius. Do also note that you should be using SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum sunscreen EVERY day, even if it’s overcast.

street style for winters

50s and lower (10 C and under)
Bundle up tight! It’s quite cold outside, and you’ll want a warm jacket (and don’t forget to moisturize!). Try not to leave any part of your body uncovered except the face, and consider a scarf to put over your mouth and nose if it gets chilly enough. Combinations that look great and keep you warm include the classic Pea coat with coordinated shoes and scarf over a nice blouse, or perhaps a leather biker jacket with chain jewelry, with an undershirt and tee underneath for lots of layering.

Street style

Low 60s to 70s (10 to 23 C)
Cool, but not quite chilly, you definitely want to cover up in this temperature range, but don’t overdo the layers. A nice sleeveless leather or vinyl jacket over a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans for a casual look, or a slim, long dress with a light jacket over the top and a coordinated purse and heels or flats to match is also a solid plan. Basically, cover yourself to avoid chills, but don’t bundle up or you’ll start sweating. If it’s sunny, throw on some broad-spectrum shades. If not, throw the shades in your purse in case the sun peeks out of the clouds at any point, or tuck them on your shirt for a nice casual look that also makes sure they’re close at hand when you need them.

Stylish woman wearing a skirt

Mid to High 70s (23 to 27 C)
This temperature is getting to where you’ll want sleeveless or short-sleeved tops for sure, but pants or long skirts should be okay. Avoid jackets or vests at this temperature unless they’re very light. A classy sleeveless dress or even the ubiquitous short-sleeved tee and distressed jeans could be nice in this weather. Always keep sunglasses with you whether the sun’s out or not, because if it does peek out in the middle of the day, it’ll be pretty bright at these temperatures.

Woman wearing sunglasses

80s and Higher (27 C and up)
Forget long sleeves and pants. It’s time to break out the tank tops, short sleeved blouses, open-toed shoes shorts and short skirts, and consider using SPF 50 sunscreen today, and maybe donning a broad-rimmed sun hat. Sunglasses are a MUST on days like this.

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