Choosing Your Golf Shoes

Woman playing golf

Choosing the right set of golf shoes can have a noticeable effect on your game. Ensuring you are comfortable and pain-free means you are in a much better position to focus on how you play which will allow you to follow through with a better final score. Additionally, you should pay attention to the material used and look for shoes that are sturdy yet flexible and so will last much longer.

Finding the Correct Size
When looking for the ‘perfect-fit’ you should first measure both your feet and choose the size that fits the larger foot. Remember to take your golf socks with you as you will need to take into account the thickness of the sock when testing for size and comfort. Just like with regular shoes, they should bend where your foot bends. One of the key differences between regular shoes and golf shoes is that the middle portion of the shoe should fit slightly tighter. This area offers additional support while swinging and will also give way and stretch over time. Remember to ensure that there is at least ½ inch between your big toe and the tip of the shoe.

Good Traction
Golf shoes are designed with spikes or molded grips that give players traction when walking on short grass that can sometimes be slippery, especially on wet days. The spikes are also designed to keep a golfer in place while swinging and are intended to not damage the grass you are walking on. Plastic spikes are preferable to metal as they are lighter and as they have improved in design offer the same amount of traction as metal ones formerly did. Many plastic spikes are also easily replaceable if they get damaged which is far more convenient than buying new shoes altogether.

Different materials are used in many golf shoes and it is important to know the benefits of each one as this is reflected in the price and quality of the shoe.

  • Leather has dominated as the most popular choice for golf shoes. It is extremely comfortable and moulds to your feet quickly. It is also waterproof and a good choice for warmer summer months as the material is very breathable. The downside is that leather shoes cost more. For those looking for a balance between price and quality, synthetic leather is also available – however these shoes are not waterproof and do not breathe as easily.
  • Gore-Tex is another material that is used and is excellent for golfers in colder weather as it is waterproof, sturdy and thick. It is also still very breathable and will stay comfortable throughout the day. Gore-Tex should be avoided during hot weather as your feet may overheat due to its design.
  • Polyester is generally the cheapest material used for golf shoes. It is used in the lining and spread across the outside part of the shoe for protection. Polyester linings are not as durable as leather or Gore-Tex and is also much lighter and thinner than other materials.

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