Pink & Blush Colored Accessories

‘Tis the season for pastel everything including sporting blush pink accessories. It’s a fabulous color that can pair well with a whole slew of other shades which means that whatever accessories you buy can be repeatedly used with a variety of outfits all throughout the season (and after!). With that said, let’s get started on discussing some blush pink accessories that you need in your closet.

Pink purse

It’s amazing how one purse can completely transform an entire outfit. If possible, choose one blush pink purse that can go with practically any outfit you have rather than one that would only pair well with just one or two outfits in your closet. It can be your go-to bag of the season which is especially helpful when you’re in a rush and need to quickly get out the door. A personal favorite outfit? Blue jeans, white t-shirt, and the pink blush-colored purse.

Your grandmother was right when she said that you need a set of pearls in your life. What better time than spring to pick up a blush pink strand for yourself? You’ll love how much elegance they bring to an outfit whether you pair it with a little black dress or a white tank top and jeans. They can even be worn for a very formal event such as a wedding (it is almost wedding season, after all). The great part is that they’re a piece of jewelry that’s classic, so they’re never going to go out of style.

Pink scarf

A light scarf in a blush pink hue is a lovely way to dress up a casual outfit, and it’s an even better way to keep your neck warm a bit if you’re in a building where the air conditioning is on full blast. When you want to take it off, they’re also thin enough that you can roll them (so they don’t wrinkle) and put them right in your bag.

Whether you’re wearing blush pink heels, sneakers, or flats, they’re a way to pretty up any ensemble. For example, you can wear a black jumpsuit with heels, jeans and a striped top with flats, black leggings and a tank that you pair with street sneakers, or a floral print dress with heels.

Now obviously revamping your wardrobe with accessories can be expensive, but there is one major way that you can save quite a bit of cash: buying pre-owned. You may want to refrain from doing that with the pearls, however, unless you’re getting a certificate of authenticity or you don’t mind not buying the real deal. Whether you buy via eBay or you hit up one of the many garage sales that are going to start happening soon, it can help you save a huge amount of money. Another option is to hold an accessories swap with your friends. Everyone brings items they don’t want and you basically trade back and forth. Who says you’re going to have to spend a lot to get a lot?


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