Wine on the Rocks?

Woman drinking wine with ice

There are many who consider it fine to add ice cubes into wine while the thought of doing so would make some others grasp their chest in terror. The issue is that the wine – when ice cubes are added – can get watered down regardless of whether you’re indoors or out. One of the main reasons people add ice is due to the changing temperature of the wine. When you’re in a restaurant or in your home, it’s relatively easy for the wine to stay at a consistent temperature, but what about when you’re outside on a hot summer day? Others just like the wine very chilled. If you’re home and you want to keep the chill to your glass of wine, the following are some ideas that can help you do so without tossing in a handful of ice cubes.

Make Ice Cubes With the Wine
Rather than use ice cubes made from water, consider making them from wine instead. If you know you’re going to be having a particular bottle of wine, buy two bottles so you can use one to make ice cubes and another to drink. Just make sure to make the cubes in advance so they’re ready when you want to open the bottle.

Give It an Ice Bath
If the bottle of wine is warm and you really want a glass of wine, there’s a quick way to chill it that doesn’t involve throwing in ice cubes. Fill a bucket halfway with water and mix in some salt. Put the wine bottle in the center and surround it with ice. Within ten minutes it’ll be at a much colder temperature.

Use Reusable Ice Cubes
Before you think of the colorful plastic fun-shaped ones you probably used as a kid, there are more “grown-up” versions (although the ones used as a kid are still pretty great and perfectly acceptable to use) that you could use with your wine. While some are plastic, others are made of stainless steel. Many on the market will keep a glass of wine nice and chilled for quite awhile.

Use Grapes
Wash off a bunch of grapes, put them in the freezer, and once they’re frozen they make for some great “ice cubes” to use in your glass of wine. Make sure to get the seedless variety so you (or one of your guests) don’t bite down on one and accidentally bite into a seed.

Just Throw the Ice In
If your glass of wine is warm and you really can’t stand when it’s not chilled, yet you don’t have any of the aforementioned on hand, just throw the ice in. Forget about what other people say if you’re okay with it. Chances are you’re not going to let the ice completely melt before you finish your glass of wine, and a little dilution is not as bad as not being able to enjoy the glass of wine at all.

If you’re looking to keep your wine chilled without diluting your wine, the previous ideas will certainly help with your quest, especially during hot summer days. Now go forth and get your favorite bottle!


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