Makeup That’s Natural and Romantic

Woman looking at herself in a mirror

Makeup can let us express so many different facets of our personalities. A vamped up vixen look is great for nights on the town, but a soft, romantic look works well for those spring or summer days, a first date, or it can even make a great everyday look. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to make that natural, romantic look work for you.

The first step is to start with a clean palette. You want to start with foundation and cover up. Start off with a light coverage foundation to even out skin tone and cover up pesky blemishes. Beauty writer Lori Conte recommends skipping heavy foundations. Opt instead for a sheer liquid foundation. Dab with a concealer only where necessary and set with translucent powder. Blot with a facial tissue to remove excess product.

To get a soft, dewy look for the skin, apply moisturizer before and after applying makeup. This will set your look and add a little glow. For maximum effect, pat a drop of moisturizer on your cheekbones, T-zone and chin.

Next, you want to go to the eye. The beauty experts at Every Girl recommends a smoky eye, adding drama but not going overboard with dark hues. They recommend starting with a neutral palette of golds, light browns and nudes. Even out lid color with a light shade and then add some intensity with some metallics. Blend with a Q-tip or your finger. Beauty vlogger Zang Autumn recommends blushed nude tones complemented by a softer brown liquid liner.

Woman applying lip liner

When applying liner, keep it simple and clean. Apply a thin layer in short strokes at the base of the lashes until you achieve the desired look. You can even extend a bit for a cat eye. Finish off with a few layers of mascara.

Next comes blush, and for that soft, romantic look, it’s all about a rosy flush. Beauty vlogger Melisa Beleli goes for a ginger blush, while Every Girl recommends a rosy pink. Either way, it’s all about adding just a hint of color in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks. Apply with a brush or fingertips, depending on the type of blush you’re using.

Finally, it’s time for the lips. Autumn uses a lip concealer to cover the lips, then adds a bright raspberry tone that she simply dabs on the inside of her lips to keep that bright tone in moderation. A bit of spreading with her fingertips, and viola! Every Girl recommends subtlety with their smoky eyed look, opting for a paler pink lipstick with just a hint of gloss.

To complement your look, style your hair in loose bohemian waves. Work volumizing mousse into hair and blow dry. Then wrap small sections of your hair in a curling iron, work towards the middle of the hair avoiding the roots. Then brush out and set with hairspray.

What do you do to get the soft, romantic look? Let us know in the comments section blow.


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