Flower Power and Spring Fashion

Flowers… they are so beautiful and so classic… it’s no wonder they’ve stuck around the fashion scene for so long. But not all flowers are created equal. So how should you be sporting your flowers this spring? We consulted fashion experts to find out.

The symbol of the flowers became prevalent in fashion in the 1960’s. Style experts explain that the structure of a flower is emblematic of peace and love, the message conveyed during the hippie movement. Floral patterns were seen on tops, worn on patches, and even worn in the hair.

woman with floral crown

Andy Warhol capitalized on this, taking flower power to a whole new level. Fashion writer Anne Slowey points out his ability to add pop art and psychedelia to the botanical look. She recommends that women who fear looking too childish or suburban while sporting flowers channel their inner Warhol by adding playful bracelets and chunky sandals to the look.

Other designers that added tongue and cheek (or should we say, tongue and chic?) to the flowery look, include Derek Lam who channeled 40’s glamour girls with a dash of disco resulting in big bold prints and Carmen Miranda-esque kitsch. Marc Jacobs opts for tropical prints recalling the dancehall dresses of the swing era. Karl Lagerfield combines poppies with flounce sleeves on baby doll dresses.

A super feminine dress is also great for showing off your florals. This spring, lengths are getting longer and the floral prints are getting darker. Funky Forty Fashions recommends pairing long dresses with a high heel to maintain the look of height.

Shorter lengths and lighter colors are a fun way to go floral too! Team up looks like these with a fun hat. Go barefoot or sport pretty sandals or a chunky heel.

This spring florals can be found anywhere. Skirts, pants, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, scarves, dresses and tees. They are even popping up on makeup packaging and clothes pins. Fendi uses them, not only in his fashions, but even in his spring campaign where giant flowers are the photo backdrop. He uses his florals with leathers and textures.


Flower power fashions really took hold in 2015 and stayed strong in 2016. Fashion trends for 2017 show flowers still holding strong. New York Fashion Week featured spring designs with oversized flower crowns like those in American Fashion Designer Michael Costello’s collection. Costello’s theme was ‘midnight botanical bash’ and he featured models strutting on the runway rocking glittering head pieces “featuring blooming roses dipped in glitter, seas of violets and shimmering orchids,” reports Fox News Magazine.

So it seems like florals might live on in the form of crowns for 2017. Fashion expert Samantha Brown offers, “To take this trend from the runway consider the scale of the flowers and the context of the events. Crowns are relevant when they work the right way, oversized for evening events and music festivals.”

So what about you? Are you a fan of florals? How will you be sporting yours? Are you ready for the floral crown? Let us know about your floral faves in the comments section below.


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