Wine Inspired Spring Hues

Pantone’s Color of the Year has been such a runaway success that they now pick multiple colors for different seasons. Spring 2016 features colors that range from brights like snorkel blue and green flash to more mild hues like iced coffee and lilac gray. Looking at this spring’s colors, there are some that seem to be a bit inspired by the various hues and varieties of wine. Below, discover our three favorite wine-inspired spring hues.

Buttercup yellow colored dress

Buttercup Yellow
Just the name of this wine brings to mind a rich, buttery Chardonnay. Chardonnay is the world’s most planted and diverse white wine grape. The Chardonnay grape is used to produce wines that are intensely rich and buttery, but also wines that are light and zesty in flavor. Buttery Chardonnay wines that inspired the Buttercup Yellow color are rich, full-bodied oaked Chardonnays. These wines may also feature flavor profiles including butter (of course), vanilla and even caramel. Chardonnay grapes grown in a cool climate will produce buttery Chardonnays that have a more citrus taste than Chardonnay grapes grown in warmer climates, which feature tropical fruit flavors.

Peach dress

Peach Echo
Peach Echo is a color that feels very friendly, accessible and warm; it’s like your zen best friend. Rose wine bridges the gap between red and white, and is a wine that is really a state of mind. Rose wine is made when the skin of red grapes touch wine for a short period of time, and the exact color of the wine is dependent on how long red grape skins are in the wine. The winemaker has complete control over Rose wines. The Bandol region in Southern France is well known for the Mourvedre Rose wines, which are a peachy color that are rounder and fuller than other Rose wines. Nose notes of roses and violets are customary of Mourvedre Rose wines, and they feature a flavor profile that consists of red plums, cherries and dried herbs. This playful, yet refined wine, is the perfect inspiration for Peach Echo.

Red dress

Fiesta Red
Far from a run-of-the-mill red, fiesta red is a fiery, vibrant and free-spirited color for spring 2016. This color takes inspiration from an uncommon wine that is both complex and spicy. The Counoise grape is thought to have its origins in the Rhone valley, and it still is grown there. California and Washington are both states that have wineries that feature the Counoise grape. While this grape is most commonly used for blending there are wines that are 100 percent Counoise. Wines produced from Counoise grapes are bright with flavors of strawberry, light plum, anise and pepper. A lively Counoise wine serves as an incredible inspiration for spring’s Fiesta Red.

Spring is finally here and this year’s color palette has something to suit every taste. Wear Fiesta Red and enjoy a Counoise on a lively girls’ night, sip a buttery Chardonnay in your yellow sundress or kick back and relax with a Mourvedre Rose and a breezy Echo Peach top to surround yourself in the colors, and tastes, of spring.


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